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Hi dolls!! My name is Ashly.. 5'7, 205 pounds....

Hi dolls!!

My name is Ashly.. 5'7, 205 pounds. I'm from Alabama. I've done research for over a year now. I'm ready to be transformed by no other than Dr. Yily. All of you look amazing and I just want to be on the team too!! Lol! The doctors here are so expensive and some of them have bad reviews. The procedure I want done is Brazilian butt lift (liposuction on entire back, flanks and abdominal area) plus I'm thinking about putting arms in there as well.I gained a lot of weight from my pregnancy and I'm hoping I won't need a tummy tuck.. I'm currently waiting on a response for a quote and date so when I get that info I'll update more. But, in between time please let me know what to expect and what all I'll need.. talk to you later dolls!!

Thanks for sharing.  As you know, there are lots of Yily veterans on RealSelf who will help guide you through the pre-op process.  Keep us posted on your progress!


Got my quote today! Yay!!

Hello dolls!!!

I got my quote today!! For liposuction on the entire back, abdomen and flanks with BBL.. $3,350!! Excited about that!! The only thing I have to do is lose about 20 pounds before surgery. I want to have surgery in February 2013 so my diet has started. Anyone going in February? I don't know if I'll travel alone or bring a friend. My husband won't be able to come because he's in Oman with the USAF. When he gets back I'll be transformed.

Me now.. Ughhh!!!

Am I exaggerating?... Do you think I can get this from that?.. Lol

Hi congrats! The last wish picis a girl that went to dr Pelayo
Hi Ashley! My name is Antoinette and Congratulations on your journey! I'm going to Yily on Nov. 13th and I'm so excited. I was scheduled back in April of this year but had some things come up, so now I'm back on track. I was in between doctors with Almonte and Hily but Yily win because if the earlier date - anxious! Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you and introduce myself. I'm actually quite close, 45 minutes outside of Columbus. Good luck! Peace and blessings!
OMG how did you get a quote so quickly? What contact did you use? Please share lol...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I heard great things!! I'm excited about getting my transformation done by no other than Dra Yily

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