I Think I'm Going to Become a Duran Doll - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi I'm new to this site a friend of mines told me...

Hi I'm new to this site a friend of mines told me about this site. So I will love for people to share there ideas and knowledge with me . I have been thinking about get the BLL for 2 years and final got the nerve to do it . Today I requested info from Doctor Duran Office . I can wait to get my quote . Here are some of my wish pic and of me now


Any luck with the quote? I been trying to get mine forever
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No I still didn't get one yet . I'm going to call on Friday
Yes good luck CocoaBaby
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Still Waiting

I'm still waiting for my quote !!!!! I'll give till Monday for me to call


If you email her in Spanish she responds faster. I used the google translate app to help type my email in Spanish. I sent one to her hotmail and gmail last night and early today and she responded today soon after.
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i will do it thank you
Try to hit her up on fb :) u may get a quicker response.. Best of luck to you! I c Duran in 11 days for my bbl and ba!!!! :) can't wait
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