I had to change my date from January 28 to August 5

Hello beautiful ladies. This is my first post to...

Hello beautiful ladies. This is my first post to real self. I am generally a very private person however I wanted to share and document my journey. Also I may be able to help future women seeking to go through with this life changing process and I may need some feedback from my readers in return. This is the way life works, my story may help another because you someone's story helped me. So here I go. I've been researching Brazilian butt lifts for some time now and I've read many of you ladies stories. After countless reviews and pictures I've decided that Dr Duran is the surgeon for me. My only fear is that she is not here in the US incase of complications. I've seen sooo many pictures of her work both before and after and I am truly amazed. So I set out a plan of how I will contact her since she is so hard to reach. I wrote an email stating my age, weight, height and health and attached pictures of my body so she could have a visual of me and my request. I also downloaded a language app that could translate my English email into a Spanish email. There are lots of free ones available. I didn't want to leave anything out and I wanted to have a better chance of her responding to my message faster. I emailed her two weeks ago on a Sunday night. I literally said a wish prayer and pressed send. Before I went to bed that night something was telling me to check my email and I did. I was so happy and surprised when I saw a response email from Dr Duran in my inbox. I read of other women waiting weeks for a response and here it is that I got one in a couple of hours. I felt like this process got started on a good note. I think I smiled all night that night. Dr. Duran quoted me $4000 for a Brazilian butt lift (bbl) and liposculpture. She also sent what I would need to do before surgery to prepare my health and info on how to send the deposit that she requires to save the date that you request for surgery.

Preparing for surgery

Hey Dolls! So I scheduled to have a physical with my medical doctor here just to make sure that I'm healthy and good to go. I also started taking iron, b12, folic acid and vitamin c, to help build my blood and immune system. I also sent Dr Duran my deposit for secure January 27. I did a wire transfer from my bank to Dr Duran's account. As soon as that was finalized I call Elizabeth, Dr Duran's assistant to secure my date. I had to call a few times but finally got through. Elizabeth speaks good English and was very nice over the phone. I also booked my flight and decided on Angela's Recovery House. I called and spoke to Angela but she said that it is to early to book with her for next year. She told me to try back in December. I just wanted to make sure that I'm in her book before all her available slots are taken for the dates that I want. Angela also speaks some English and sounded very sweet. Over all I've make great progress. I'm trying to take better care of my body before surgery so that I can heal faster.

Buying supplies

Hey Dolls! So from reading other dolls entries I to have begun to buy supplies that I need for pre and post surgery. I ordered 5 maxi dresses because I don't even own those believe it or not. Nothing expensive but I just want to have easy access when it's time to use the rest room. I also want to order a faja. I read to get one with an open crotch again for easy access. I could imagine it being painful to have to keep taking it out every time I need to pee. Any suggestions ladies are greatly welcomed.

Try to gain 10-15 pounds

Happy Sunday all. Sorry about the few mistakes that I wrote in my last entry I was at work and I was rushing. I want to gain 10-15 pounds so the Dra Duran can give me the butt projection and hips that I'm looking for. I am 5'7" and I weight is 160 pounds. I know that it doesn't sound bad but I still look slim because I am tall. I want to make sure to get the best results so I'm trying to gain weight. I've read that protein shakes are good and a heathy way to gain weight. I'm really trying to do this the healthy way. I'm going to add an extra 1000 calories to my diet each day in order to see results. So I have three months to gain 10 -15 pounds. That seems reachable. Even though I do not have the best appetite and gain weight is not easy for me. I am determined to get the body I dreamed of. I found a very talented surgeon that specializes in sculpting but realistically she can only work with what I have. So I will gain more weight.

Looking for a SX buddy!

Ladies I'm looking for a surgery buddy to share a room at Angela's recovery house. I will be there for 10 days. From January 27 -February 7. Please leave my a comment or private message. I posted a picture that I've seen from other Dolls that have stayed there. Her food looks great and she gives great care.

Just sharing some great info

So as usual I can't stop researching about liposculpture and Brazilian butt lifts. I want to know everything about this procedure so that I can get the best results possible. I came across a great website by the name of lipocentral.com and if you click on the tab that says surgery preparation you will find very helpful tips from do's and don'ts to pre and post op information. I thought that this info can be helpful to future dolls wanting to know how to prepare. I also got some great info on fajas/compression garments that gives great compression without digging into the skin. Check it out I'm really leaning towards this brand. Marena is the brand, google and decide for yourself. Thanks mariposa86 for reading my blog and sharing.

More wish pics

Hey Dolls just updating

I had my appointment with my primary care provider this week. I did extensive blood work and I'm praying that my results are 12 and higher. I also saw my GYN but my results for that is not so great. I have fibroids. My doctor recommended that I have a MRI test done to take a closer look. So I did have the test done and yes I have a big fibroid. I'm not sure how big it is and I'm waiting for my doctor to review the test so that we can discuss my options. The sooner the better. I've done my research about fibroids too and there are some great non invasive surgeries that can help me. My plan is to make sure that I am well for my surgery with Dra Duran. Wish me luck ladies. Other then that I've been gathering my supplies little by little. Putting them away in my suitcase. It feels great to finally make a decision to go forward with something that you've always wanted to do and actually see it coming to life. It's thrilling and exciting.

I received my pre and post recovery kit

Sharing info

So yes... I hope all you you ladies are doing well and preparing like I am for this transition. I did receive my VitaMedica recovery support program kit. I ordered it from makemeheal.com. It contains vitiams and nutrients that our body needs in order to boost and prepare the body for surgery and help heal and recovery from surgery. Check out the website and determine for yourself. I haven't started taking it yet because the directions say to start to weeks before surgery and then you continue a week or two after surgery. What I have started to take is a vitamin called Blood Builder by Mega Food. It has great reviews so check that our as well and see if it is something that would be good for you. I have added a photo so that you can see what both products look like. I'm still waiting to hear from my doctor about my fibroid and I hope to have everything taken care of a heal before my surgery with Dr Duran.

Blood builder pic

Just booked a recovery house

So I finally decided on a recovery house and let me tell you why. Everyone looks for different things when it comes down to recovery. I took for great care, great healing food and fresh juices, cleanliness and a good personality. My focus is not decor. I enjoy luxury equal if not more then the next person however great care is everything to me. And after reading great reviews to decided to book with Angela's Recovery House. I don't speak much Spanish so I was pleased when I contacted her for further information that she speaks English and it was enough for me to tell her what I need and for her to tell me what she offers. She was extremely pleasant and she asked me if I started to take my vitamins already. She stressed how important it is to take your vitamins before surgery. I also heard great things about her food and she mentioned that she is a good cook lol! I felt safe with our conversation and almost know I'm in good hands. I just got that warm feeling from her. She look down my flight info and asked me to confirm 10 days before and the night before. Her rates are $65 a day and $150 for all transportation.. Which includes to and from airport and to and from Dr Duran's office for all appointments. I'm soooo excited. Everything is coming together... A plan in progress.

More wish pics

I love the waist to hip ratio. That is what I'm looking for.... Curves!

Hey dolls!

So it's been a little while since I've updated my review. I had surgery on my fibroid yesterday. It's a surgical procedure called UFE which standing for uterine fibroid embolization. It's non invasive and it help shrink the fibroid and reliefs heavy periods which is what I was having. My heavy periods caused me to have anemia and a low blood count. So I'm happy that I had this procedure done and I'm home recovering. Now I have to work on raising my blood levels. I did get my result from my primary care doctor and I expected it to be low because of my heavy periods. My hemo is a 10.5 so I have over a month to raise it to a 12. I'm really working on it. I also having been trying to gain 10-15 pounds and I'm happy to say that Ive gained 10lbs already. I am now 170lbs. Only 5 more pounds to go. Yay! So things are coming together smoothly. Shout out to all my rs sistas recovering my prayers are with you.

New post from Dra Duran

Hey Dolls! I just checked my Instagram an Dra Duran posted one of her newest dolls. She looks amazing! I love the curve of the hips. That's what I'm dying for. I've been reading many of my rs sisters journeys and I can't wait for my turn. I think I have 51 days left. I'm scared and excited, but I know without a doubt that I choose the best doctor for me hands down.

Thinking about getting a BA done too

Hi ladies! My date is approaching so quickly. I've been buying my supplies slowly and packing them into my suitcase as I get them. So I've been seriously thinking about also including a BA to my surgery. I emailed Dra Duran and she responded two hours later with a new quote. She said that it would be $2,500 more so I'm trying to get my money up for that. I'm trying to think of creative ways to sit and sleep without putting pressure on my butt. Suggestions are welcomed. Over all I'm healing great from my fibroid surgery and preparing for the new me. I don't miss a day without taking my vitamins. I'm still trying to put on more weight but it isn't easy for me I actually lost 5lbs so I'm back to 165. I'm not happy about that. I've got to eat more..MORE!

Happy New Year Dolls

My surgery date is definitely around the corner and I'm soo happy. I made a promise to myself this year that I would do more things that I enjoy and defiantly do me. So my surgery it the first goal. My prayers with NJexcitedd and her crew they have surgery tomorrow and are in DR now. Best of luck ladies! Im almost finished with my supply list amazon is the best. I had a package almost everyday over the Christmas holiday. All I need now is another faja besides the one Dra. Duran provides, compression stockings, and some ensures. I'm not sure if Duran provides that so I will bring some incase. I'm still trying to gain 5 more pounds but I'm soo tired of eating so much lol and it's expensive but no pain no gain.

Two weeks away!

Hi beautiful ladies. I am only two weeks away from my life transformation with Dra Duran. I keep checking my supply list to make sure that I haven't forgotten anything. I'm waiting for my faja and compression stockings to arrive. I'm very happy this surgery and keeping my thoughts super positive. I plan on calling Elizabeth tomorrow to confirm my surgery date and call Angela from the recovery house to make sure that we are all set. I almost have all the money together because like I stated in a previous post I also want to add a BA to my surgery as long as Dr Duran gives me the go ahead. I can't wait for spring and summer this year! OMG they better watch out!

Dra. Duran is very very busy

Hi Dolls! Dra. Duran posted these pictures this morning on her Instagram page to let future dolls know that she receives all requests but it takes time to get a response. So please be patient she will get to you the best way she can. She does at most five surgeries a day and that's a lot and then she is also seeing pre op patients that will be having surgery the next day. Then she is seeing post op patients as well. So in other words she is very busy and she is also more popular then ever. For serious future dolls in the very beginning of my blog I posted one of the best ways to get through it has worked for me on a few occasions when I need different quotes for different things. I also called Elizabeth to confirm my surgery date and I am confirmed. YES! Oh, when I spoke to Elizabeth she said that we future dolls will need to purchase our second stage faja there the same day we pay for surgery. She said a lot of Dolls order the wrong size or the wrong garment before they come and they can't it because the sizing is wrong. I just ordered one to so I hope that I did a good job with the sizing. I called Angela at Angela recovery house and we are all set too. She told me to call her one more time the day of my flight just so that she knows that everything is still on schedule. Dolls when you call Dra. Duran's office to confirm your surgery date two weeks before please be patient because it took me three days to get through. I got through this final time when I called at 9am. So good luck!

I'm soooo disappointed

Hi ladies it's been a while and I don't even know where to start. My spirits are so down right now so maybe writing about it will help me to feel better. So a lot has been happening with me but God always knows best. I have been in tremendous pain since last Wednesday. I called the doctor that did my fibroid procedure and he said that my fibroid is shrinking which can cause pain in most people. He prescribed me pain medication and said I should be ok. So I took the medication for two days and no relief. I called the doctor back and told him everything that I was feeling. I was nauseous and throwing up, I had a fever, the chills, constipation, I couldn't keep food in my body to save my life. I had cramps that felt like contractions and bleeding. I'm sorry dolls but I need to share this. He called in a prescription to my pharmacy for a stronger pain medication and an antibiotic. I started taking the new medication and still no relief. However keep in mind that my surgery date is in a week and I need to be clear from all medications except for the vitamins. At this point I'm just trying to get well fast with hopes of still being a Duran Doll in a week. Sadly to say the medication did not work and the pain began to worsen. I couldn't keep food down so everyday when I stepped on my scale to see the truth and to gain motivation to try harder I was heart broken. All the weight that I worked so hard to gain was just disappearing like magic. In one week I lost 15pounds. I was so devastated. I finally made it into an emergency room and sat there literally all day but I needed help I was in pain that I never felt before, ever. After 10 hours of being in emergency the doctor said that I have a kidney infection and prescribed me medication to take for 10 days. With that being said I knew that I wasn't going to be a Duran Doll next Tuesday. I collected my thoughts and let it all process. I don't know if any of you ladies ever had a kidney infection but the shit is no joke. I also went through this on my birthday and that was the worst. I called Elizabeth and told her and I had to reschedule. Not so bad huh? It gets worst. Dra Duran is booked till late July. I wanted to cry. I waited for this so long and to have this happen to me. Anyway I rescheduled for August 5th. So that's my new date. I also called Angela's Recovery House to let her know and she was so sweet and she told me some kind and wise words. She said we all have our plan but Gods plan is always first. She also said don't worry I will have my turn when it's right for me. She told me to take care of myself and drink mucho water and she would see me soon. So best regards to the next Duran Dolls I will continue to follow your stories and I'm right behind you.


Hey dolls, I haven't posted in a while and I just wanted to update. I'm getting better slowly. I have to admit that I was in the worst pain of my life. I literally prayed my way through it and begged God to help me. I have just been focusing on getting better so that I can get back on my weight gain plan again because I lost all my weight that I worked so hard to get. Honestly I haven't gotten back on a scale because I'm afraid to see my current weight. This up coming Sunday I will start back on my vitamins and face that number on that scale. Good look to all you beautiful dolls and thanks for the well wishes xoxo
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Hi I'm going second time to see Duran in mid August. I'm dominican speak Spanish fluently. Need a buddy to share my suite. Done this before so super experienced and know exactly what we will need. Contact me if your serious. Ps will post post pics soon :))
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Hi I'm going second time to see Duran in mid August. I'm dominican speak Spanish fluently. Need a buddy to share my suite. Done this before so super experienced and know exactly what we will need. Contact me if your serious.
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Does anyone know If Duran's Office is Open on Saturday
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I don't think so. In her email it says call Monday thru Friday
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Yes it does I see that now thanks
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What is meant to be will be. You may have been set back but it will happen. Take this time to just save money so after this surgery you can go on a shopping spree with no worries
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Absolutely I agree and thank you.
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hey doll sorry hear that but if u want i was schedule with duran for july 8 i can give you my date :-* message me i hope you get better love
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Awww that is so kind of you to offer. My little daughter will be turning 5 years old a few day from that date so I won't be able to accept your date but you made me smile from your kindness. God bless you.
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aww you welcome doll xoxo get weell soon
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Awww this story has touched my heart. When you want something so bad the way us girls want this it sucks when something gets in your way. I'm sure I speak for all of the future Duran Dolls when I say I feel your pain. Take care and God bless.
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Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm getting better slowly. I guess it wasn't my time yet but my time is coming. Good luck to you on your journey.
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Sorry for you but well first doll xoxo
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I'm so sorry to hear, just know that you will have your surgery. Your health comes first and now you have time to get your weight back to where you want it. I will be following your journey doll, just keep your head up.
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Thanks so much BronxBella for your kind words. Best of luck to you on your journey.
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good luck ;)
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Good luck!!!!! We have surgery the same day except mines is with Yily!!! :-)
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Best wishes to you too! She is also a great doctor!
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I'm so excited for u girl!!!! Sending positive energy your way;)
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Thank you so much! I'm so ready!
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Good luck girl! Your time is almost here!
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Hey I'm having surgery the 27th also God willing. I'll see you there :)
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Hi Rubi8! Yes I'm flying in on the 27 and having surgery the 28th. I'm very excited as well. Best wishes to you girl. See you in DR.
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Goodluck hun you're gonna look great! See you in DR :)
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so I want to be a Duran Doll I haven't gotten in contact with her yet but thanks for the suggestion of sending all your info ahead of time I'm going to try that I will continue to read your journey I hope you get the best results
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