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Hi everyone!!! im considering going to Agustina...

hi everyone!!! im considering going to Agustina Hilario Duran for a BBL!! i just wanted to know your experience with her, and the process of payments etc.. Also i plan on getting the surgery some time next year! if anyone wants to partner up with me let me know!!

Before pictures!

Emailed Duran

just emailed Duran! i wonder how long its takes her to email back!! any ideas?


still no response from dr.Duran. i know it may take time or her to get back to me. hopefully get a response before OCT!!! any ideas on the wait time for her response?. also i dont know how true this is, but i saw on another RS profile that she isnt emailng back any quotes until september...does anyone know of this?


what does the nurse you hire do for you? if she's only passing meds then i guess i wont be needing a nurse! hell im one myself! lol! i know for sure i would need a CNA or somethng..

considering Dra Australia Fragoso Baez!

i emailed Dra Baez last night and received my quote this morning! idk about her tho! I told her that i wanted a bbl with breast implants and a lift! she said that would be 4,000$ which includes: Airport pick up
-evaluation by plastic surgeon
-Chest X-ray
-Cardiovascular evaluation
- Laboratory exams
-Overnight stay in the clinic
-First compressive garment
-Free of charge follow ups
-Medication post-surgery (antibiotics and analgesics)
- Lymphatic drain massages and ultrasound massages are not included , cost is 300 dollars extra. this seems like a great deal i just havent saw much of her work. i have a small frame. i;m only 120lbs so any transfer o my butt will make a difference no matter who does it really! i guess i'll lock in my date with baez for now until Duran emails me back... what do you all think? have you seen any RS post op pics from her?


so i have a date booked with dr. baez for april 23 2014!! anyone going around tthat time? also i saw a few post op pcs of dr.baez's work and it looks great!!! she's almost on Duran's level!! i know by next year when i get my sx she'll be a pro!! lbs

dr campos

ok so even tho i already have y quote for dr.Baez m stll looking for another doctor. i love how nice and informative she is, but just dont really care for her results.... most of her pts are full fgured and she doesnt give them a flat stomach at all... there is no way they should leave outof her office with rolls still....so i'm kind of leaning back to Duran, or DR.Campos in mexico.. i hope none of her pts dont feel offended because im not talkng about anyone in particular

sticking with Baez

ok so i emailed another doctor and i received my quote but she told me i would need a tummy tuck! she's completely out of her mind! like really i have a pudge (clearly i just had a baby a few months ago) but its most def not that bad to need a tummy tuck! i've saw ppl on here bigger then me, and didnt need a tummy tuck! FUCK THAT!! lbvs!!

Butt shots????

Ok so i saw about three users on here say that yilly and duran uses sillicon butt injections injunction with their bbl!!! I dont know how true this is but it kind of explains how their butts are so perfect! Lol
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Wow Silicone??? I've never heard or saw that but I hope not...Geesh I will not flee into that because I have a lot of sista's on here going to the D.R and we need positive thoughts to surround us! Good Luck on your journey with Baez love..Muah xoxo
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Yea i dont know how true it is. I really don't believe it though! Im pretty sure the dr would mention using injections...
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I am in the facebook group the original baez beauties and it shows alot of her work
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Whats the name anf how did you get added?
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Add baez on fb and ask. Its alot of fake groups going around. I enjoy this group bc baez actually comment and post on it, she is very caring. 3 girls got surgery yesterday and and baez came on the group and told us how they surgery went well and stuff.
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Is that true? Im not wanting silicone injections. uuugghhh! Am I going to have to reconsider the bbl?! Pleeeeaaassseee no!!!!!!!
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Hmmm I highly doubt (and hope) they use silicone shots.. I think the butts look so perfect due to their amazing talented liposculpturing skills .. N may also be due to the liquid that many docs use (including here in states) used to make the fat cells swell or fluff to its Max ..
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phew!!!! I so glad to hear that!!! One of the reasons I want a bl without implants is bcuz i dont want anything foreign in the body if I can help it. So thats good news! thanks bklynbeauty! They are some flawless booties, and Im glad its all because of talent!! lol!
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what liquid bklynbeauty, I have not heard of that
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@girl2 yea me either
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Hi Everyone, not sure if anyone on this blog has heard yet, however, I am followiing duran on twitter and received a tweet last night. I will copy and paste it here and if you all are commenting on other pages, please feel free to pass the info on. Thanks and have a blessed Saturday! I'm here for say Hi to all my Dolls and future Dolls! I feel thankful about you and I think i'm blessed every day with people like you around me and whose are in love with my work. Now I need to say something important: it is necessary from now be sure that your hemoglobins level is over 12 for get surgery with me, it is too much important have a IMC under 35 because if you are over weight maybe you waste time and money. If you have some condition health you need be in control because here a lot of doctor do evaluation before surgery and if one of the group found something not ok they will cancel your surgery even I say ok, my other Doctor of staf can say NO. I just dont want my girl lose money, time and have bad time in my country and about me. Rememer health first of all. Kisses and have a great week end!!
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Yea im following her too! I saw this also thanks!!
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ur welcome! Now I know, that I can't slack up and get lazy on losing the weight and maintaining it!!! lol!
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Yes!! Lol when are you having surgery
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dec. 6, 2013
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I think baez tell everyone they need a TT i got a email from her saying I need one too smh i think the lipo can work!!!
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Yea i heard she does.. i was refering to another DR doctor named dra dilsa.. i know im no where near needing a tummy tuck lol
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Hey ladies, we have to remember, these PS have been doing this for a while & they make suggestions to make their results better. If we choose not to follow, the results differ then we complain about the doctor & how the surgery left us. I have seen it a few times on RS where the tummy still looks bigger or should I say not as flat when the patient didn't have a TT. I had 2 kids & I KNOW I need one! lol. Just sayin!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yes this is so true! I guess i should send her a up to date picture of myself because my stomach is much more flatter now ...
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After alot of research and talking to a few doctors I decided to get a TT i have 3 kids so my I think for lipo my stomach will not be extremely flat plus dont want my skin to be loose.
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Will follow ur journey n best of luck :)
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ThanK you!!
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Hey doll so who r u going to baez or duran?
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hey! with Baez most likely since i already have my quote and surgery date... if duran ever emails me back with a cheaper quote (which i doubt) then ill go to her.. until then im set with beaz....
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Wow!!! When I got my quote from Baez , she included 10 messages for free . It just goes to show how the money is starting to get to her head as well . 
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