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Ok so far I'm super exited and scared at the same...

Ok so far I'm super exited and scared at the same time! I'm trying to confirm my date with Yily have not heard from her yet! Need to confirm my date so I can request my time off from work!

How long did it take u ladies to return to work? And did u come home with the drain?! HELP! So far I've bought all my vitamins and stopped smoking. I've been wanting this for almost 2yrs and I finally decided to do it !! Has anyone had any bad expeierence with dr yily?

Ok so yily assistant finally emailed me! ...

Ok so yily assistant finally emailed me! Yayyyyy!! She gave me a date for April 2, 2013 and I am excited, scared, nervous!! Uugghhhhh!! I just want to be safe and happy with my results with no complications!
Do you have a buddy your traveling with? If not I emailed & talked to Vita today about locking in my date for April 2nd & she explained that western union hasn't been processing payments & their setting up a pay pal that should be up & ready by Thursday, so I would luv to buddy up.
Can you PM me I'm willing to change it... My date is for 5/13 but I haven't sent my deposit because of the western union situation
Anyone going April 2, 2013???

Ok well I'm waiting for this western union thing...

Ok well I'm waiting for this western union thing to get situated. I've been having all these different feelings about my sx. I feel like I shouldn't do it I'm soooo afraid of sooo many things. But other days I'm like I can't WAIT! To get this done!!! Has anyone felt any of these crazy emotions??? I'm so confused. I just pray to GOD that everything goes smoothly. I'm waiting for my passport I requested my vacation at work just waiting for the approval. Anyone have these mixed feelings regarding sx?
I am also thinking of going with dr Yily but I haven't seen many pictures of her work on here. Besides the pics on her website I've only found 3 post op pics of girls who went with Yily so I'm not too sure of how good she is with BBLs. I've seen dozens of girls pics whose been worked on by Salama and I'm convinced he's amazing but I still want to see more of yily's work. Does anyone know of any girls on here whose had work done with Yily? Any links to their pics?
neversaynever I thought the same thing, but Dr Yily is doing her thing in January so hopefully we'll get to see what she's working with before we go. Dr. Salama did a great job on my bbl but I need a minor touch-up... "plus" a tummy tuck & breastlift. Unfortunately he doesn't do combo surgery.
I hope all goes well with you. I went to the Western Union to send my deposit yesterday ard 2pm, I called to verify and it says it was picked up at 7:48pm. I emailed Yily to make sure she received it but no response yet. I need to know if I'm locked in for April 1, 2013. Ugh!
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