Lets get this started..all help wanted

I'm looking for are Texas girls to fly out with.....

I'm looking for are Texas girls to fly out with...it doesn't have to be immediate, would like to "make friends" or get to know each other first...Soooo if you ladies are interested feel free to message me.. I'm 5'1 157 lbs and wanting bbl and maybe a tt and my arms done. I'm in the dfw area..........


Ok, ladies since we're all in DFW were going to have to get together after our sx and have a bbl reunion.....all that ASS in one room turning heads. Lol
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Turning heads and breaking necks..lol
Lol....yes, ma'am. 2 of my surgery buddies are from tx too. Maybe theycan join us. When are your sx dates again?

finally did it

Sent photos now just waiting...I'm so excited


Best of luck to you! :)
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What doc are u deciding on ! And are u going this year or next year
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Dr.yily and I haven't decided, I'm saving vaca time like crazy at work

How to get time off work

This is killing me...I need to find a way to get time off work...since this is not medically necessary I am having a hard time getting all the time I need...any suggestions ladies?


I just told them I have a med emergency n need 3 weeks off
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I would have to have a doctor take me off fit fmla

how to get a Duran quote??

I have looked everywhere but everything is in spanish...please help


I called my HR dept and I was told wheather It's medically nescessary, or elective, at the end of the day, your still having surgery and need the time off to recoup. When I was going to Dr Perry, Norma, the person in the office told me that It was up to me how long that I wanted to be out, and she would write a Dr's note stating that I should be out for a month. Now that I'm going with Duran, This was a major concern for me. 1. I'm going out of the country. 2. Would my Co. accept her note? Like the lady from HR said b4, no matter what ur having surgery. So I'm going to call my HR rep to tell her what's going, and see what she say's. I'll keep u posted doll.
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I'm glad you're asking...I have been to scared to all the question directly
Yes grl, I'm not going untill Feb, but I wanted to make sure that I dotted all of my i's and crossed my t's before I started dishing out all of this $$$$. I've been also working with Jazmine, she's been helping me out as well with this concern of mine. I'm about to give them a call. When I hear something back, I'll be sure to let you know what the out come is. Good Luck Doll!


So, I now have a buddy, we are planning for April and im very excited. I gave up on Duran she is impossible to get in contact with..


hi sweetie...are you still going with Duran in April, my date is June 17 :)
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Hey girl I'm from dallas! Looking to go to DR in feb or march! Just working for the money right now. Your going in feb?
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