found out yily isnt available due to maternity leave so im leaning toward Duran. Any suggestions??

Hello everyone!! I, like so many other women, have...

Hello everyone!! I, like so many other women, have been stalking this site since forever!! I have finally made up my mind and i'm ready to get the show started! I'm interested in Dr. Yily and I have some questions for the ladies who've traveled there before. First off, how can I come into contact? Secondly, what all would I need to get into place for this trip?? Please feel free to comment ladies, I need your help!!
Thanks everyone for your responses! Darn, I don't want to wait until Jan!! I think I will look into others and see would I like their work.. I wanted to have a Dec date to give myself time to lose weight. I'm currently in the gym heavily ...I'm trying to lose at least 20 lbs so that's why I wanted a date in dec.
Welcome doll! Good luck on journey and I hope all goes well with your procedure. I will be going to Dr Yily on November 5th and I'm happy as Her last day doing surgeries will be on November 18 She'll be back on January 18 from maternity leave. I was originally schedule on November 29th but because I will not change my PS for nothing in the world I decide to up my date. I believe we all choose our PS for a reason so if you can wait I 'd say wait, If you can up your date do it but if you can't Go for the next best thing...Good Luck again love...Muah xoxo
Thanks hun and good luck to you!!! Please post and keep us updated!

Duran dolls, I need you!!

So, anyone looking to set a date for Dec with Duran? I was going with Yily but she's not available the time I want to go. I like Duran work also so hopefully he respond to emails quickly so I can pay in full before I spend it lol!!
I heard about what happen to haz love but every doctors has something happen right? And I see dr Baez work is different from dr Durans work. Duran makes huge butts.
I agree Bigass :)
Welcome and congratulations! Research research! Haz_love look her up then if i were u i would email dr. Baez who is really good!

made a decision

So, I had uneasy feelings with Duran and told myself I wanted Yily but after long consideration I want Duran! I really want to lose 20 lbs bf surgery so I'm looking for a date toward April. Duran emailed me back on facebook but nothing really since then. I want to secure a date with a deposit but I can't get through at all! It's really frustrating when you try so hard and still get nothing. Anyone else having trouble getting in touch with Duran? Anyone looking to go in April? Please help :(
I've been corresponding with someone but the ending of the emails was @hotmail.vom
Is this correct? I saw the email address on her website and I've sent pics and everything to this email..we're discussing payments now...should I
I heard that she still uses that one too .. I have personally never spoke to her thru that one ..

Finally got a legit response back!!! May date anyone??

Anyone going for Duran in May?? I am proud to say I will be going in May, yay!!! I'm going on a crash diet btw, I want to lose 30 lbs bf surgery. I'm looking into jucing so hopefully that work out for me! Wish me luck ..any good ideas to help me lose the amount I'm trying to lose?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I've read great things about Dr. Yily and I love her work from pictures i've seen. I would love to get her contact information so I can indeed set up a payment and get my date set. I am totally ready for this!!! I am in the trying to lose 20 lbs before Dec so my results can be epic!! What all will I need? Please feel free to comment!!

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