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Hey Ladies, I'm having a procedure with Dra. Yily...

Hey Ladies, I'm having a procedure with Dra. Yily de los Santos in August and I'm looking for a travel/ surgery buddy. I've been wanting this procedure for YEARS and finally there's a way to enhance them cakes :-) after researching and quotes she's the one for me!! My quote was $2,900 for BBL w/ lipo which is a steal! I'll be traveling from NYC to Santo Domingo and staying at the Jacqueline Spa so I'm in search for a buddy now... ladies inbox me if you would like to go at that time!

Febuary 2013

About Me:

I'm 24
5'0 Petite
( gaining more as we speak) I plan to be 135 in the next few months before surgery. I'm trying the CB-1 weight gainer pills for those who can't gain a lot of weight easily, like me.. I ordered some from https://www.cb1weightgainer.com so I should receive them soon then I'll post some before pics! This journey is beginning for me right now in 5 months I'll be "Bootylicious" and loving it!

The reason I want this surgery is for my own personal reasons, I feel that it would be great for my career in the entertainment industry ( image wise) self-esteem, boosting my confidence even more and my clothes will look so much better...ladies we all have a pair of skinny jeans, dresses or leggings that don't fit or hug you in all the right places, well that's me! I absolutely love having curves and believe women should embrace them. Having this surgery will do just that for me and I cannot wait for the new me to emerge!

I'm extremely scared, nervous, anxious, excited and happy to go through with this surgery after years of contemplating. After reading the stories of other women I feel like I'm not alone and that others feel the same way I do! so that puts my mind at ease. Right now I started taking these vitamins each day so I can be healthy.

Women's One a day Multi-vitamins
Chewable Calcium from GNC

There's a few more I'll begin to take a few weeks right before the surgery which is...

Folic Acid

I also work out 3 times a week to stay in shape, there's no use in getting your body done if your not going to maintain it, so work out now and after surgery ladies!!!!

I'll continue to keep you all posted each month until my big day!


Well It's April and Ive gained about 5Ibs so far,...

Well It's April and Ive gained about 5Ibs so far, it's extremely hard to gain weight! I started taking my CB-1 weight gainer pills once a day because it makes me feel funny when I take 2 as recommend. Hopefully I can get my ideal weight before August. I'm looking at other doctors as well because Yily has become so busy I'm concerned for my safety and recovery. I think she is being overwhelmed with surgeries so she may not take her time on each patient but my heart is set on her so ill see within the next few months if anything changes!

Reschedule surgery, 8 Months Prego..mommy makeover after the baby!

Hey ladies! The past few months have been busy..Unfortunetly right before my surgery I found out I was pregnant. I'm excited to be a mom and I know my body will be better than ever after the baby, So I will be rescheduling my surgery and will just turn it into a mommy make over with BBL,LIPO. I have gained 35ibs so far and hopefully I can keep some of the baby weight. I'll keep you updated on my delivery and surgery at a later date.

DURAN DOLL!! 2015..... Let's start planning Buddies :-)

So I am 100% completely hooked on Duran, I love the way her BBl look, Her projection and definition are really great she has done an awesome job with most of her patients and they have been very pleased. Yily is good also BUT she doesn't make them look fat or plump she's better at sculpting the body and not added that extra jelly!! I plan on a 2015 surgery and will continue my research and contact Duran in a few months to set up everything. I was looking forward to my surgery with Yily but it is good to shop around before spending your money and not being happy with the results..I will not be changing my doctor her work is what I'm looking for after my pregnancy I will have that bangin body I've always wanted. It is recommended that I wait 6-8 months after pregnancy to have any plastic surgery so that's why I have to wait so long, my body needs to heal from everything before going under. I have gained 35 pounds since pregnancy and now I'm 154 which is great the extra baby fat has done me good, I hope I can keep it after baby and gain 10 more pounds for my procedure. I stopped taking CB-1 pills but ladies they do work if you are consistent with them, I choose to stop while pregnant. So I'm looking forward to this surgery next year if you want to start planning things or need a buddy I will definitely assist you. Can't wait for my makeover I'M TIRED OF WAITING!~!!!!!!


So in love with Kim Kardashian's body!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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hey doll! ill be seeing duran march 2nd =] im very addicted to her as well
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How do I post wish pics?
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Edit on your profile and it will give you an option to add pictures. Its Really easy
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Thank you and good luck on your journey. Ill be following our results
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I'm so new to all this...any tips? Where can I get a quote? Thanks
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I meant when are you due and when are you planning to go to Yily?
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Congrats! How far along are you? I'm expecting as well but will be having sx after having baby.
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Congrats I'm 8 months. Due Feb 23 maybe we can buddy for surgery...I have to change all my plans smh...
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did you do it?
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No I found out I was pregnant right before my surgery!!! I have to change the date
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I really need a buddy for DR I am leaving August 15th if you know anyone leaving around this time please let me know. I am really scared to go by myself but I will if I have to :(
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I'll be flying in on the 14th hope you have a speedy and safe recovery
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Hey I'm going to Yily on the 5th too , hope to see u there .. :)
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Thank God I only paid my $500 deposit didn't book flight yet
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Making a CHIC WANNA EAT. Lol, I pray for you a wonderful and safe trip with a Speedily Recovery ♥ SB30 ;-)
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Thanks SexyJiggle for bringing me back to balance, hell I went Haywire I guess when they said JM SPA WAS CLOSED on the dates that I was going to be there. I Love Your Review all that Dam Food be m
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Also, I was wondering if I really have to have the ab board and epi foam? Are there any Vet Yily Dolls that didn't use all of these Post surgery appliances? Please give me your inputs on these topics. THANKS YILY DOLLS!!
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LMAO Calm that down SB30 ok heres the 411 yes you most definitely need the foam the epi form is like the high tec version so that's not nessisary but it would not hurt now follow me on this.... if you sent your deposit already don't worry YES you can change your date if you booked your flight already that will suck because you will have to pay extra to change your flight if you did not make flight and hotel accomodations than you are all good now whoosaaa lol you got this!!! as far as flight I am taken Jet blue I swear by them im a horrible flyer but they put me at ease so check um out.... as far as I can tell most of us stay a minimum of 7 days from my research it seems like drains are removed around day 5 but all patients are different some actually fly home with them and have their primary care physician remove them it all depends on how much fluid is being retained ok next I will be posting my supply list it may be helpful as a guide now on to Recovery houses yea I freakin know JM is not available I planed on stayin there for a day myself. Research Virginias RH that would have been my next move or you can recover at CIPLA 100 bucks daily or some of the girls get a hotel room and hire a private nurse that was a bit to complicated for me lol so I opted to stay at CIPLA for 2days than my husbands gonna take over my care at a resort if a family member can accompany you that would be an option as well.. ummm what other questions did you have,,,,,, I think I gave my two cents on them all lol holla at ya gurl if theres anything I can do to help
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If I wait until September will my deposit go to waist?
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Has anyone stayed for only 8 days and was everything okay? As far as your drains and healing. The reason why I ask is because...I recently found out that I would be moving to the south and I have a four year old. Schools down south start in August during the time I booked my surgery date. I think I will be missing my son's first day of school.I feel bad if I do because he's my baby. What can I do. Already send money months ago for this specific date for surgery?
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you would be fine by the 5th day you would be ready to come home well that how i felt but i am going back yily needs to fix what she missed lol
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team Yily Baby im scheduled for aug 5th too are you still all in for the 5th?
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How was your surgery sexyjiggle..my surgery date has changed...IM EXPEPCTING!!! hopefully I can use the baby weight as fillers
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Ok I forgot I gained 22 pounds now 162 and now I can't stop eating lol.. Ill start working out Tuesday BC I feel huge but I was told to gain 140 to 160 and since I have no problem eating I Gained more lol,. Gym time ... Ain't trying to hit 170 maybe should the more the more she can add to my ass and hips being I don't really see the fat Well let me know what you decide
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