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Okay so I've been thinking about the BBL for...

Okay so I've been thinking about the BBL for sometime now and I can not wait to go through with it. It's something I've been wanting to do for me for a while like a gift to myself . I haven't chose a doctor yet but by looking at other before and after I've narrowed it down to 2 so far. So Motivated.

So right now I'm just looking at reviews and...

So right now I'm just looking at reviews and reading people's stories.So far I love the results you lady's are showing its good to see actually results and the actually steps that you guys took to your appointment.I have so much inspiration from you lady's and I'm so motivated to undergo this procedure and I know this well be a life changing experiment and the experiences from you guys is helping me make good decisions.Making sure that the doctor that I pick is the best I need to be like really sure that they are the best at least the most reasonable I'm very confident that with a little more research I will find the doctor that is right for me wish me luck :)

Okay so I found who I want but I'm not close to...

Okay so I found who I want but I'm not close to having the money for it lol I'm in the dream stage right now I don't have kids and I'm not married and I don't have any bills thank God. :) I plan to start building up my cash flow ASAP but right not I'm enjoying the pictures from you guys but I have yet to see anything that has made me want to just hop out my body right now ...I don't have a low self esteem in fact I'm so into myself that I want this for me too look in the mirror and just be stunned by shape ..I have large boobs and nice legs the problem is my stomach and not having a rear end lol my face is like a china doll with minor pimples but you can't tell me nothing. lol So far I'm just dreaming and waiting for my shot its looks like i won't be able to undergo any time soon so I guess next year will be the time to have this done I honestly can't wait . I could use to lose maybe 20 pounds it wouldn't hurt none.Intill Next

The wait is killing me softly but anyway I wonder...

The wait is killing me softly but anyway I wonder can they do a breast lift with the bbl I heard that it is diffcult due to the fact of how you will postion yourself after. But I would like both to be done within the same time frame hmm So many wonderfull results I can't think of what doctor I want ugh its real been a crazy time and I ihavent even got it done yet.I'm stacking my money so that I can make sure I have everything done and I want to get what I pay for meaning excellent results I hope.

What are a list of things that you will need ? Ive...

What are a list of things that you will need ? Ive seen different things on different reviews .
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o Baby wipes o Panty Liner o Antibacterial Soap o hand sanitizer o P Style o Diflucan o Chux o Medical tape o Iron Pills, o B Complex, o Folic Acid o Vitamin C o Arnica Cream o Tylenol o Water Pills (Diurex) o Benadryl o Lipo Foam board ( o Compression socks o Wife Beaters o Maxi Pads o Water o Snacks o extra Faja
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Good Luck.. Glad you Here...
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goodluck girlie!!
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Thanks :)
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Good luck with your search for a doctor. Do you mind sharing who it is you're looking at?

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Jimmerson and Salma so far but I've also looked at I believe the name is Yilly. So far I'm just reserching and looking into doctore but so far those are my three .
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Thanks! It's good that your researching so much, it's very important when choosing a doctor that you get soemone board certified, who also makes you feel comfortable and can show you the results you're looking for!

Please do keep us updated with your progress.

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