Fat Transfer to Hips (No Bbl) PICS PICS PICS Aggressive Lipo of Stomach and Waist - Dominican Republic

So I'm new to this site( still figuring out...

So I'm new to this site( still figuring out exactly how to post updates ) I've decided to go with the infamous Mrs Yily. I already have a very large butt so I'd like to get that super small waistline and nice hips. After , I plan to work out heavily to upgrade and make it better . Maybe get a boob job in the future , but baby steps for now . It is my first time having surgery so I'm nervous . I've spoken to Mrs Yily via email and I will be sending my deposit . Has anyone ever tried to send one via " Xoom "?? What is the experience like?? Anyways I plan for a late march sx date. Well that's it for now ciao ladies :-)

I'm turning into a foodie !!

For the first time ever in life I can eat what I want and really enjoy food!!! Haha I have been eating out non stop and today I'm making Louisiana style red beans and rice I haven't been able to find out here. I'm gonna double up on these iron tablets honey so she can suck this all out !!! Lolol later dolls

So basically I'm a drama queen:p/ HEMO CHECK

I have been thinking and researching this surgery so much lately I guess it's turned me into a drama queen and is totally stressing me out lol. Any little thing I feel in my body I want to google and research . So any who today is Sunday , I had nothing planned to do so I decided to go to the emergency room . I knew I needed an EKG and blood work done anyways so I figured today was the best day to do it since I had no plans . When I got there they kept saying " so why do you think you need an EKG " lol I was like I just DO!! Didn't want to mention I was having sx.. I also wanted to be checked for diabetes and everything else under the sun . Thank god they checked for everything and everything is fine . Hemoglobin is at 13.4 great !!! I'd like to get it higher . I've only been taking my iron for a couple days . After all the tests I went through today the dr said everything is fine. My only issue is " stress" basically this surgery is stressing me out and turning me into a drama queen !! Or maybe I was already one from the start.. Hmmmm lol

Pics pics pics ! Of ME!!

So you guys can get an idea of my body type now. And so that my little blog won't look all boring lol . I'll add more pics My weight fluctuates ! I am very social so I eat out a lot. I'm always out to dinner and somewhere sipping a cocktail so I'm realizing as I look back at even my older pics . At times I considered myself to be at my skinniest . I still indeed had a little pudgy pudge . So hopefully and surely doc will get it off and make it better :-)

Passport came in sooo quick! Yes yes yes

Omg I cannot believe how quickly it came in !! It's been exactly 7 days and it's here! This sx process has been super stressful to me so getting my passport in makes me feel so much better . I'm super spontaneous , I barely make plans I will literally just book a flight randomly so now that my passport is here I know I can just go to dr ASAP ! I'm not even stressing over the recovery house upscale recovery is my first choice but I'm pretty sure their are some ladies at the recovery house ready and willing to take my money when I make it to DR lol . Also I cannot believe I'm just getting my passport ! I travel a lot ( or so I thought) all over the US , Puerto Rico , places like that . Nice little sexy places you go with the boo .. Now it's time to go abroad . I think some of the real self ladies should plan a trip .. Just a thought

How do I change my date on this site??

According to this is says I'm post op when I created this I just put any date but I'll go next month ( April) not sure exact date yet . But if I have to fly there with no date and go " get in where I fit in " lol I will !!

Pain medication. Question for the vets

How do you ladies get your pain medication to DR? I'm sure I'll need the strongest dose of whatever !! Does your name have to be on a medicine label ? How does it work ?? Also do you guys get the cash out of your account before you leave the country ? Or when you get there ?? Which way is the easiest method ??

Dr cabral

If you know of any real self ladies that's been to him I'd like to see their results .. From one of the reviews I did read she was scheduled for yily and randomly just went to his floor and had surgery with him . I spoke with yily yesterday via what's app I asked for the 23rd of April she said it was filled and never got back to me. I don't want to have to chase anyone to give them my money now . Chile ... No! That's just like you trying to set up a hair appointment with an expensive beautician and she's giving you the run around like she doesn't want to do your hair lol no ma'am ! Your gonna find someone else and keep it moving . Anyways I might just book a flight. Recovery house and take myself to cpla and use my charm honey .. My charm always works haha

I guess this is yilys way of making sure u don't switch Drs

So I emailed yily 3 weeks ago trying to set up in April date she "just" emails me today telling me there are no April dates and to send a deposit . Also the deposit is no longer deducted from your balance ? Whattt?? No ma am I'm good . First off I'm not even getting a lot of work done , just lipo and you're already trying to give me the same rate as women that get lipo and bbl which makes no sense to me . Secondly I really don't appreciate how she treated her patients family after that very unfortunate situation after I read about it it just did not sit well with me . So I guess yily is no longer an option for me . I'm sure when business slows down next month she will change this practice of keeping deposits , but as for me. I'm just not that thirsty hunny, I'm not giving you 300 dollars for the heck of it while their are other Drs just as good as you that will count my deposit towards my surgery . No thanks . I'm leaning towards contreras and cantal anyways .

Are there any other profiles I can view where they only want lipo and hips????

I just had to send in this pic to the dr. To further get my point across that I do not want a bbl!!! I already feel like my butt is too big sometimes adding anything would be unethical lol! I think the Dra in dr are so accustomed to everyone going for just butt they want to add that into everyone's quote . My main concern is lipo . That's it . And add a little to the hips . I've been searching for a real self profile that's similar to what I'm searching for . Haven't found 1. I have a girl I hang out with from time to time that works with Dr. J , I haven't even told her about my surgery . And he is not an option for me he gives big butts but his patient also has gutts with those butts and I don't want that . Fat rolls and everything else. It seems like he says he'll lipo an area and he doesn't . I've read that on a couple reviews . A lot of patients say they're not sure if they got back lipo but they paid for it. Hunny if you received back lipo you'll know! You'll feel it! No way around it ! Anyways I met the girl that works with him out one night. We started talking because she thought I had bbl before. So she asked .. Anyways my goal is just a good lipo job and my health is top concern so I'll probably go with baez . We shall see

Anyone having surgery on May 8 or May 9 ???

Have a surgery buddy or not have a surgery buddy that IS the question .. Hmmm . I've honestly known about around the time I planned to go for a while just didn't mention it bc I read the surgery buddy horror stories on top of that . I was a psych major in college so I can read and shift through personality types just by reading the blog entries . Oh gosh and the drama on the Facebook groupies ( I never say anything I just read take heed and keep scrolling ) but I think to myself oh my word . Do I want to actually buddy up with ppl that are so argumentative they argue with strangers ? Online ? No ma'am . So I've always planned to go alone from jump . But anyways I will give it a try and search and see if I can find someone to share a spot with . The one I was going to go with ( Gianna) tried to raise the price on me at the last minute and if I pay that price I may as well stay somewhere more updated . So any who . At a time like this I hope for a drama free buddy . Where we can pray meditate help each other through this ... Sooooo I will start my search

Took down most of my pics

I took a lot down because I'm unsure if this site is becoming more popular or what's going on but people like to screenshot things add them in Facebook chats , I even had someone continuously messaging me about butt shots. Why ? I'm obviously pre op. She was messaging me daily . So if she's that obsessive I'm sure she had my pics saved to her phone anyways I will post a few after surgery and continue to update though .. Talk to you beauties later :-)

Date and dr updated

Hi ladies ! I've been knowing for a while my day and update but I just decided to update it on this app. Flight and everything already purchased I'll update when I'm there :-) peace and love

Anyone in Dominican Republic right now?

My flight leaves in the am.. still unsure where I'm staying maybe raysa but I think I'm not going to rush the process .. I plan to have consults with a few drs and check out recovery houses ...

In santo domingo . Where to begin ??

You ever feel as if you have so much to say and you don't know where to begin so you say nothing at all?? Lol that's me right now. I'm in Santo Domingo , been here a few days now . I'll say , do your research on all docs all cab drivers etc, bc nothing here seems to go exactly as planned . I'd never thought in a million years I'd go from Baez to sitting in Yilly's office , laughing and talking with her ( I love yily btw) . Also note I had about 400 dollars taken from me don't know who or where but trust no one, keep your eyes on your money at all times. So much has happened since I've been here I'm thinking of going back to the states processing it and coming back in a month!

I'm not sure but I will go into details and update you guys later. I feel it's my duty ( even though I don't like typing a lot) bc I'd never feel so comfortable and confident being here if it wasn't for reading all you guys' profiles . So for that I am great full :-) besos

U.S. Customs

Has anyone ever had any issues with customs on your return back to the United States?? This one guy asked me the most intrusive questions , I was trying to keep the fact that I was going to have surgery on the " low" he kept repeating everything I was saying it was quite annoying .. Detailed updates coming soon
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