I am a DURAN DOLL!!!!!!

I just got my date October 15th. I had to call to...

I just got my date October 15th. I had to call to get it. I sent many many emails messages on facebook etc. Finally I decided to call. Didn't get anyone the first day, but today I did!! If you need answers ladies, you need to call. I have two months left but I will keep posting as I experience more with dra duran and the procedure.
Yay!!! Another Duran Doll in the making !! :)
what procedures are you going to have?
hopefully the works! breast lift with small implants for roundness, tummy tuck, lipo (a lot of it), and bbl.

sent deposit today!

So I went to my bank today and did a wire transfer. They asked if it was a checking or savings account and I said" I do not know. this is the information that was given does this give any clues?" she said no. so i picked checking. gosh I hope that was right.
I also went to doc today and got blood work done. he said he was going to do something like an anemia panel?? I started taking iron, b 12, vit c, multi vitamin, fish oil... etc. over a week ago and my surgery is not scheduled till oct. 15. he did say three years ago when I had and hcg? panel My hemo was 12.6 he said was normal. I want 15!!! or of course at least 13 but Im hoping for more. I have been very tired lately. I am hoping its not low iron. I also got a referral for a mammagram. I am 40 yes 40 hard to beleive I am here at 40. I want to get it before, because I dont want my new lifted boobies all squished!! hahaha Not to mention it will just make me feel better. Breast exams ladies!!! they aint no joke!!!! so back to iron...
I dont eat hardly any red meat. I have a hard time eating meat in general. ( I had lap band july 2011 in TIJIUANA MEXICO.) That was capital because I sure am not afraid to go out of the country for anything!
It was a wonderful experience. I loved the hospital angeles. It was amazing. staff amazing doctors amazing. hospital amazing. felt safe, felt secure, felt loved! my husband did go with me for that surgery and he had a great time. He watch a lot of tv in spanish and napped in the recliner in the room. he said they came in several times the day i was outta it and cleaned. made him move and moved all his stuff! he said they were super friendly about it though! He said it was the cleanest hospital he's ever been in and I do agree. I would love to go there for any and every surgery. of course I dont think our insurance will pay for us to go there. stupid because the insurance company would save money!!!!!!
The doctors and ladies that met us on arrival did speak english. also our wonderful driver that picked us up and dropped us at the airport did also.The nurses did not speak english well, but appreciated if you tried to speak spanish. so, I tried to speak as much spanish as I know... which is very very little. I still have the print out given to me by my doctor in mexico for basic requests with the nurses. I will have to re memorize those..Well i am 5' 9" and was 240 pounds when I went to mexico two years ago and now I am 175. Not a lot of weight loss for two years but It is still REALLY HARD to lose weight even with lap band. You really need to have fills very often and I have only been able to get 2 since having it. that is the problem with lap band in another country. No doctor wants to touch you. I am hoping to get down to 165 before surgery. I went to california january of this year so while I was there i skipped on down to the border to hospital angeles to have a fill and they were just as wonderful then as they were for my surgery. So back to the no doctor wants to touch you thing... I had a fill in raleigh NC and it was horrible and painful and took forever. he complained the whole time about mexican doctors burying the port. I dont even want to tell you the positions I had to get into for him to be able to do the fill. In january i went to same doc that did surgery for fill. I went in laid on table he felt around for about 10 seconds and stuck the needle in first time. yes dear! first time. whole process took 10 minutes and that included me drinking some white liquid and them watching how it went down ... FLouroscopy. It was strange to watch the liquid. amazing. I just cannot say enough. If anyone knows someone interested. I would be glad to give all my doctors info and tips on aftercare in the states. Tijiuana was my first choice for this surgery, but it is a very long flight from north carolina and worse a long flight back! so I am guessing you c n tell from this I am probably severely ADD! I just move on to another subject and forget where I was!! ok I think that is it for now.

Im 40 and I have one 20 year old son in college! holy smokes the years fly by. ladies hug those babies!!!!!!
currently 175 pounds
hope to be 165
mostly healthy
hopefully with good iron
going to DR by my lonesome self. Hubby staying home hes gotta work and take care of our 5 ...yes 5... chihuahuas. my babies!!!!!!
I am planning on staying for 10 days if I feel very good and doctor allows I may see if I can scoot home sooner.
if there is anyone going around then even to another doc let me know I would love to know even just one person when I am there. more the merrier!!
I am panning on having mommy makeover with a little bbl.
My main interest is getting these saggy things on my chest taken off my stomach and put back on my chest! and tummy tuck. everything else is gravy! i love a curvy figure but gravity must be fought first. If god is willing I will have it all, but if not i will be going another time for the lipo and bbl.
here are current pics of me.


It sure is good to let it all out here. So many people are so judgemental about what I want to do with MY life and MY body. Here everyone seems so supportive. Give yourselves a pat on the back for supporting fellow seekers of inner and outer beautification enlightenment!


does anyone know how to pay the rest? I just sent a deposit today and I really dont want to bring that much cash anywhere. can I do another wire transfer before I go? worried something might happen that way too. Certified check? and do I need to give it to her in pesos or can I give it to her in american dollars. Would be great to ask her but fat chance getting in touch with her. that part is frustrating.
Its sobhard contacting her man that's making me nervous. Dr. Cabral always text me back. I want to go to him but Duran is my boo. I'm trying not to give up on her
I feel the same . Her communication skills suck. I'm upset & so is my cousin CurvyKae , I had to tall her out of switching from Duran . It's so frustrating . Grrrrr . I wrote an email to Cabral today & I'm wrote to him on Whatsapp . Thankfully I still have almost 5 months to get in touch with her again . 
It has nothing to do with "communication skills" .She is a very busy lady whom performs 3 or 4 surgeries a day . If she answers all you e-mails she must quit doing surgeries and sit 24/7 on a computer answering all of you and still will not be able to make everyone happy... c'mon

new picture

the others were just so hard to look at these are pretty bad as well
Best of luck to you! I will be a Durán doll in a couple months n truly don't want to carry cash either but was told by several Durán Dolls that we gotta bring cold hard cash -_-

soooo i cant stop obsessing!

I am reading and reading and reading !! trying to find out even more information on things i need to bring things people brought and didnt use, how everyone brings that much cash to another country! when I went to mexico i brought a certified check yep thats it! very easy. I am seriously concerned about bringing that much money plus the money for the recovery house. I would love to have it all paid before i go so I dont have to worry about it all.
Has anyone else gone to duran and paid in another form other than CASH? certified check? paypal? carrier pigeon? hahaha!
thanks for all your help ladies!
good journey
Vambie we are having the same procedures done!! I too am going to Duran but my date is Oct 25th...I am also going alone so hopefully if ou stay 10 days I will see you around. Where are you planning to stay?
I messaged real recovery armonia all my info and all I got back was I dont need to put down a deposit.? what? i need confermation. I need yes i have you down in stone, before I fly my butt( or lack of butt) all the way there, have surgery, and sleep on the side of the road cause they dont have a serious reservation system!? oh boy! I am planning on leaving the 24th but thinking i might add an additional day just incase. I may just miss you but I will keep you posted on how everything goes!

Looking at flights

I am deciding between delta and american airlines.from where I am flying out of those are about the only good options.
Has anyone had good bad experiences with either? how accomodating are they on the return flight with help, wheel chair assistance? when you ask for wheel chair assistance do they help with getting your luggage when you have to go through customs? never had wheel chair assistance i always fly with hubby and he takes care of bags i carry my iphone and purse hahahahahahah! he is not going this fight sadly , so I want the airline that will pamper me the most. I am upgrading to first class because i dont want the hassle of lines and check in and first class has very very short lines for everything. not to mention better food and more room!

yeah yeah!

got a response from real recovery armonia!!!!!

aceptamos pago en dolares, us.
por 10 dias seria 850 us, eso incluye el transporte al aeropuero y a sus citas medicas. tendra una habitacion privada, en el penthouse

which says in english

accept payment in us dollars,
10 days would be 850 us, that includes transportation to medical appointments and airport already. will have a private room in the penthouse.

I'm not stuck up about sharing a room,I am just a light sleeper so I never do well sleeping in the same room with other people. My husband is very quiet sleeper and I still use earplugs!!!

Cant wait to meet every there at the recovery house and hang out!!
I heard aa seats are small . 
Even with business/ first class? Ughh i dont want to pay a couple humdred more for a tiny seat!
I'm not sure , someone wrote it on here . I recently read their review . But I'm pretty sure first class will be bigger . Have u thought about jet blue & purchasing extra legroom for $30 ? 

Just went shopping!

I got two wife beater( awful name) style tank tops at kohl's they were in the womens undies section for $1.60 for a two pack! gonna try to see how much stuff I can get for around a dollar! gonna hit up the dollar tree like a lot of the girls have.
I got bed pads
adult wipes
maxi pads with wings. (btw does it matter if they have wings or not?)
at sams club. (we have a lot of big box stores here in nc)
the bed pads are working fabulously as pee pads for my doggies.
I keep writing things down as I see posts. I dont want to bring too much but I think I can check three bags with no charge I hate carry ons... too much to deal with when trying to get into plane just need a purse and my iPhone!)
gonna stalk some more lists now. I think I need to start a blog when I get back. This writing random things I think about Is kind of fun! Not interesting to read but fun for me!
Hey future Duran Doll!! I received a quote from Dra Duran yesterday, going to pay my deposit tomorrow. Did you call to confirm they received the transfer? She also forwarded her bank info but I want to make sure it's correct, "there are no do-overs" per the guy at the bank
i am going to call the bank in the morining to see if the transfer went through then call her office just to make sure they see it on there end. the only problem I had was they asked if it was checking or savings and i couldnt get an answer back from her by email which one. I chose checking. I hope thats right because it will be another 25$ if not. I have only gotten one email from her and thats was a quote. i had to call to aske if they had my date available and they said they did. The girl on the phone put me down for that date so I really hope everything is still a go. I have emailed many times in spanish and in english and am getting no where. If the transfer goes through I am buying my plane ticket and heading down there on the 14th of october. She better have plenty of room for me!
i sure do wish she took paypal. I would love to send all the money before I go and not hide it in every part of my body with an indention.

still haven't heard anything

checked my bank the money was not put back in there so I am guessing the wire transfer went through. I will call tomorrow and see if they got it and make sure I am on for the 15thof oct.
I need to get my plane ticket but something is telling me to wait. I still havent heard anything from her since my initial quote. i have sent emails and questions in spanish and in english. I have tried Facebook and everything else I can think of. Im going to have to send a messenger pigeon out next!
Well I did go to walmart tonight and picked up some items.
I go ensure clear!?!?!? i haven't tried them yet, but that may be easier to drink. not a huge fan of the milky ones, though I did buy a pack of those. hydration,protein, and vitamins all in one. sounds pretty good. Now I just hope they taste that way.
They told me no deposit. So i hope its available. I dont have a second choice. I think one or more of the recovery houses will be closed during my time there.
Welcome Doll!! No deposit necessary for Real Recovery Armonia. Just make sure you send another email 2 weeks before you go to confirm.
I had to send a $20 deposit . But maybe because there is 2 of us . But that's still an amazing price to reserve something that nice !!

Ensure clear is awesome!

Going to take back the nasty milky ones and buy more clear! I think i finished up my shopping last night on amazon. Only thing left is lipo foam and lipoboard. Still not sure if i need them. can i buy them in DR if I do? any advice appreciated.

strange stuff

I am surfing around real self(like I am all the time) and I come across people that never post after surgery. I is understandable they are recovering and getting on with there lives but when they are habitual posters and then nothing it gets me worried. Does anyone know where hubbysdream13 is? there have been a few more but i conciously haven't been paying attention. It is now grabbing my attention. I am going to believe they were swept up by modeling companies and have not been near any internet access for months.

real recovery armonia

Has anyone actually stayed at real recovery armonia?
I keep getting this sketchy vibe.
they never actually answer my questions more skirt around them with general generic answers. I asked for private room because i am a very random light sleeper and i dont want to wake anyone when i wake in the middle of the night and watch television nor do I want to be woken if someone else wants to do the same. I definitely want to hang out and meet the other girls though which is why I like the idea of several girls in one apartment. All the rooms have two twin beds, so that makes none of the rooms private. I am wondering if I should not find an alternative place just incase. Any suggestions?

more before pictures

oh boy I cannot wait

just called

confirmed again oct 15th. they said I have to bring proof I sent wire transfer. the bank didn't give me anything, so I guess Ill have to go back up there. gonna book my flight tonight! woooooweeeee!
I am also thinking about staying at real recovery armonia however I have also noticed that all rooms have two beds. Sharing a room is not an option for me I need my privacy, peace and quiet, and honestly don't want someone else near me 24/7 when I'm in excruciating pain lol. I'm going to send them a message and ask about this
i did and they assured me that even though all rooms have twin beds that if you pay 85 instead of 75 you can have it private. I know that really doesnt make sense from a business standpoint. Why would I pay 75 to share a room when I could have the whole room and bathroom for 85. I am hoping its not a bait and switch
Dr. Yily commended Angie's. I spoke to Angie, she speaks great english. She also had surgery so she understands the process and recovery. She offers private rm w/ a queen bed.

50 days!!!!

Hey does anyone that is getting or has gotten a tummy tuck have lapband? Did that pose any problems i have emailed duran but again still have only heard from her once. I have a list of questions for her i emailed in spanish. I think ill post them here and see if anyone can help me. Thanks everyone!!!!

7 weeks today I will be in dr!!!

I started packing today. I actually almost have everything i need. Waiting on a couple things. Waiting on ab board for 11.30 and that included shipping! Went today to same site to look for arm compression and saw they raised price to 13.00 still cheap though!!!
Does anyone know if i get arms lipoed will i need to provide arm compression or will duran? I am sure i packed too much. I am a serious planner. I pack for just in case. I know i wont use half the stuff but if i dont bring it I am sure to need it!

bottled water and its heaviness

so bottle water is super heavy and I dont want to pack it. Is it easy to find stores in DR to purchase? I will be staying at real recovery if anyone has stayed there and knows of a store nearby.

Lipo foam

I may have asked this before but does anyone use lipo foam ? the foam padding to go inside faja? If so how many sheets should I buy?
Girl I cant wait to see your results. Im thinking of considering her myself for a tt and breast lift. She does great work.
Just saw your pics and OMG YOU LOOK GREAT!!
has anyone used the plastic surgery consultants bellavita? I think I would like to use them to set up my surgery but idk if its a scam...

arm compression

Has anyone heard or tried using ace type bandages for arm compression. I just got my arm compression sleeves and they are miserable, annoying, and in no way will I wear them after arm lipo if I wont even wear them before!!! btw I got my foam board!!! wooooweee!

Flight booked!

Booked with delta mostly, because i am more familiar with atlanta airport than miami. I have only been through miami once and atlanta many. I have purchased everything now i have to figure put how to fit everything into my bags!!! Got confirmation of recovery house tonight. Its all real now!!! Went today to get laser hair removal on underarms and bikini hoping that this treatment and one more before i leave will be enough to last me until i get back from dr. I heard that we are not supposed to shave one week before surgery and if u are getting arm lipo i imagine that includes underarms. Apparently it creates small nick in skin that could potentially cause and infection with lipo and tummytucks because of bacteria present in small nicks. Not sure if thats so but i dont want to take any chances. With the new body im gonna want to wear a bathing suit, so laser hair removal is a good idea!!! Still havent heard feom duran. Going to call in a couple weeks and confirm again. No matter what im going to DR on oct 14th!!!

If anyone gets in touch with duran...

Ill be your lifelong buddy if u will ask her a few questions for me! Im thinking she doesnt like me or doesnt really wante as a patient cause she hasnt answered one of my emails. Well she did answer the quote one but thats it. I got quote and havent heard from her since. I had to call to get date . Hmmm just feeling a little down about it today. Need to stop obsessing about it. Flights booked so my a$$ is there no matter what! Or rather my noa$$itall is there and will be leaving with a lot of a$$
ask for photos of the RH u dont have to stay at any place if u dont want to...they'll just have to find u a different location.
It would be nice if she had an email address for those that are already scheduled for surgery to ask questions. If i was just waiting for a quote I wouldnt be worried about it taking so long. Or send out a standard email to those booked for surgery what time to show up. Im gonna head over to cipla when i get there and see if i can get some answers. I really dont want to stop meds unless it is necessary. And if i do need to stop them I want to stop in enough time.
Make sure u have copies & printouts of everythingggg . Your emails to her , & her responses including your full quote . Call Elizabeth to confirm . I've confirmed my date about 4 times already & I still have 4 more months to go . Also make sure you have proof of ur wire transfer . 

gotta weed out all this crap I have packed!

I cant fit everything into two huge suitcases! ughhh. cant carry more than two and a carry on!!!! gotta take everything out and weed out. some i will be able to buy there but some things I dont want to take a chance on. I also dont want to spend my first day there stocking up. I would like to enjoy the scenery before i go under the knife!


I hope everyone is having a wonderful labor day. take it easy and enjoy. Dont forget your iron pills though!!! love and prayers to you all!


I have seen reviews on GELAONE abdominal wrap and think this is what i will buy for tummy tuck scar but i will wait until i get back. everyone says not to use any scar therapy until wounds have completely healed because of irritation and infection. anybody have any comments on GELZONE? Also dont buy it on amazon cause lots of people complaining about fakes. Go to Gelzone site. I dont think its much more expensive there and you will get the original.


They should pay me for this. hahahaha. If anyone has suggestions for a better one please let me know. I wont buy scar therapy until i get back. i have little silicone sheets for my lap band scars

anyone know why so many people on RS dont post after pictures?

I will post my pictures no matter if its good bad or just plain ugly.
If its good then i will be just happy as a clam! will be proud to post!
Bad and it will be a sight but we all need to see what we are up against.
Ugly then it will be a good warning to all. Everything is not perfect.
We are all looking out for each other right?
whether its good, bad, or just plain ugly.

Some say...

some say "i will post when everything settles. " WHAT? I wanna see what unsettled looks like. heads up!
we need to see when its jacked up and high as a kite.
we need to see when its lumpy and dumpy.
I am here for you ladies even if I become lumpy dumpy and embarrassed. I will need your support, so I will give mine.


thank you to all vets that have posted pictures and explanations of the process. Most everyone is a newbie at some point. someone helped you so you are returning the favor. god bless and god speed in your recovery.
Ill post my pics ASAP too

so does anybody know....

CAn I tip in USD or do i need to get pesos? I know i need to get some pesos for some things but i was trying to limit my money exchange. Dont know how much i will need to convert so thought it would be easier to tip in USD. Duran takes USD right? her quote was in USD so thats what I am thinking.
also can I pay real recovery armonia in USD? massages at real recovery?

oh i forgot

What is the safety at cipla. I dont have anyone coming with me, so will my stuff be safe in the room while i am in surgery? or when I am passed out? I really want to take my Iphone to contact people after surgery. also does anyone know if I can pay real recovery extra to have someone stay with me at cipla from the time i arrive until the time i leave. I need to rent somebody hahahah!

Just found something that may help a tiny bit

Bought it at bed bath and beyond for 2.00 on clearance!!!! I suppose it wont keep a serious thief out but a snooper it will.
That Lil safe is so cuteeee. 

Seriously thinking about hiring a nurse to stay with me at cipla.

All the horror stories i keep hearing about people being alone and others thanking god they had a family member with them is making me want a nurse.
I agree with njexciteddd love that safe n follow ur heart Hun however sounds like a good idea
just contacted recovery house and they responded this late! She has a nurse that can stay with me at cipla the night of my surgery for 35$... that almost feels like I am stealing from them. From what I have heard about cipla she is going to have her work cut out for her. I am going to tip her really, really good.
right thing to do,you will need someone next to you day or two

hair done

I wanna get my hair done while I am there to surprise my husband. Like extreme makeover body addition! I am thinking of getting a keratin treatment as my hair is an unruly mess if I don't blow it out. Has anyone heard of a place there to get your hair down. worst case I would like to get a blowout at least before i come back. i dont want my body to look good then my head be a disaster. anyone know of anyone that has gone to get there hair done while they were there?
i would tip in pesos. have the taxi driver take u to the bank and get 200 and 500 if you're not going anywhere. 200 pesos is almost $5usd 500 is 12. 1,000 is almost 24. tipping i usually gave 300 pesos. no to my taxi driver. i tipped more the day i left because i was there early and he drove us around. Get a sim card for your phone to avoid roaming it shouldnt be more than %40 i just roamed when i did make the FEW calls i did make. i usually facetimes on my iphone which was free on wifi. I have a tummy board it has kept my tummy flat. if i kept my other faja on that squeezes on my back...i would use it. its not necessary. but that AFTER you return home if u feel u need it. dont buy rajas. the doc provides you with one or two.
Oh yea. I saw you mentioned your cell phone. Make sure when you get there to buy a pay-as-go cell phone. It should cost you anymore than $40 (including a few mins to go with it). Or get an intl plan on your cell bill. If you dont your cell bill will be outrageous!
**"shouldnt cost you", i meant

So I keep telling myself every day I want to learn spanish

I was the dummy that took french in high school cause in those pipe dream days I was going to be a big time fashion designer! LOL nope been a hairdresser for 21 years. I need to learn spanish. I love vacationing in spanish speaking countries and apparently I love surgeries in them too so its time. Does anyone know of a good way to learn spanish quickly? Rosseta stone?

33 days left!

And I have a mammogram set for tomorrow! Got get the girls checked out before I stress them out!
Good luck!!
thanks... to you too!!

bags completely packed and hemo good to go

If I was only going to DR next week that would be great! but no... i have 33 days left. I went through patient portal email to find out hemo levels from last visit. They didnt tell me the number, but they said all my labs were normal. That must mean 12.1 or higher. I will keep taking my vitamins, eating well, and exercising. I am all packed and thanks to NJ excitedd , I was able to fit all the essentials and then a few extras. Thanks by the way for the advice on weeding down my list. I do think i may have packed to many ensure . I had lapband so eating certain things are difficult and its dang near impossible to eat while lying down or even sitting sometimes. So, i can drink my meals if I need too. NJ excited... I kept my HEELS in the bag. I laughed when I packed them earlier today! I decided when I get back, I will purchase a pair to go with my new body! I used to wear them all the time,so I hope its like riding a bicycle. 21 years of being a hairdresser will break you of wearing high heels.
I am getting excited FOR YOU Vambie!!!

Sub muscular

Does anyone know if duran does implants submuscular. I am totally fine with it taking longer to heal and it being more painful. I have read it decreases chances of capsular contracture and sagging later on. And the boob job is honestly the most impotant thing i am going for butt being second sadly. I am so so sick of saggy boobs. I never want saggy boobs again. So i only want implant if its submuscular. Otherwise i guess its just a lift for me :-((((
Awwwww LOVE ... Thanks for including me in ur review .. I enjoy speaking to u & helping you out .. Ur always making me laugh , so it's a win win !!! 

past present and future duran dolls on Facebook

havent been on real self in a few days cause i have been stalking facebook. there is a great group called dominican plastic surgery and i started one called past present and future duran dolls... but of course everyone is welcome. I have learned a good bit. some things just refreshed. hope you guys all have a great sunday and GO SEAHAWKS! sorry 49ers fans .
Freind me i am Vam love
Hey love can you add me to your facebook group. I really wanna see more duran dolls!!!!
whats you facebook name radiance25?

make sure you A$$ can cash that check you mouth writes... or rather your typing fingers.

Meaning make sure you have proof. Its not go to throw out terrorist type scare tactics. I am going to repost my post on Facebook post that I posted earlier this week.. it deals with another situation but this one sounds similar. I dont know if this girl is legit and I am hoping for her that she is not. I am wary of those posting with no prior reviews. In this girls case it was an anethesiologist and if anyone has had a baby with an epidural we know those risks. sh*t happens and its gonna suck if it happens to me but i know the risks. there is a huge difference IF it is gross negligence, but I have yet to hear about duran having those issues. there are people duran should have turned away and i think now she is becoming more conservative because of those people. ladies if you are too big please lose weight. IF you have medical conditions please understand your risks are much much higher FOR YOU than a healthy person. If you are unfit couch potato you WILL have more problems. get out an walk. build up some physical endurance. you cannot magically get your dream body for 5000$. you have to do some work. Here is my post that was on facebook . warning... I repeat myself a ridiculous amount in my little rant. In all my research of plastic surgery, especially liposuction, I realize there are a lot of complications. Most of these complications will happen here in the US just as often as in DR. The difference is if you live in the US you may not be treated by a US doctor IF you had surgery elsewhere. I think this is the number one reason US docs recommend US patients to have surgery in the US. Most of them recommend having surgery as close to home as possible. They do not recommend that because they think the docs in DR are inferior. Most of them will say the Doctors in the Dominican are very skilled. In that same conversation they will say you have ABSOLUTELY NO RECOURSE if something goes wrong though. A WHOLE lot of girls have come back with seratomas, hematomas, and some burns.Some having to have drains put in again. This, from what I have read, is pretty normal. Some major burns are not normal, but from my research the skin is ridiculously sensitive after liposuction and the friction cause by the garments and everything else can exacerbate any minor issues from the surgery itself. These are issues are VERY common in liposuction from ANY country. Also most are easily treated with draining and post op care. BUT, if you have surgery in DR and live in US you will have to PAY for your post op care here in US. What doctor is going to care for you for free if he didn't do your surgery???? Ladies please make financial arrangements for that. Again the difference is if you Plastic Surgeon is 10 miles away he can do follow up care. IF you Plastic surgeon is an airplane ride away its not that easy. I seriously recommend for basic aftercare to line up a PS or doc for when you get home. YOu need someone to treat skin issues, belly button issues, seratomas and hematomas as these are very common. Situations like pinched severed nerves, foot drop, extreme pain,death, are not as common, but if your surgeon is close they will help you through those issues or you have some recourse to take action against serious malpractice. The fine lines read that NERVE damage is possible with these types of plastic surgery. If you cannot find one a doctor close to you that can treat you for minor issues then I do suggest you may want to rethink going far away from home for surgery. I know I am repeating myself and I am absolutely no expert , but I have thought about these things and myself have still decided. I have lined up someone for BASIC aftercare, but if I have any serious complications I have made my self understand I may have to fly back to DR and stay again or I may inccur hefty medical bills to take care of those complications. Now on to the person seeking help with medical bills. If she is really having these issues... I feel bad for her... BUT FROM WHAT I HAVE READ , and I probably haven't read everything about her, her issues or at least the ones I have READ ABOUT are normal complications. Having to get drained, minor revisions like placing drains back in because they were removed to o soon , seratomas, hematomas, minor burns... all normal. PLEASE be prepared to deal with some of these things ladies. You will probably continue to need to be drained when you get home. If you go home with the drains you are basically going home with the definite need of aftercare as well. sorry to repeat myself ( my sons biggest complaint with me!!) PLEASE either stay in DR for a very long time, plan for aftercare, or have surgery near home. DO your research! I do not know if the girl in question is scamming. I do know that if she is not scamming, most of the problems I read about are common issues after this type of surgery and it seems she may not have fully planned for any issues to happen. AGAIN DONT KNOW HER OR HER FULL SITUATION. It will be costlyVERY COSTLY for doctors in the US (if they will even help you) to treat you when you get home. PLAN FOR THIS! ALSO! If you currently do not have medical insurance please think about all of this again! If you do have medical insurance not your insurance may not cover ANY AFTERCARE COMPLICATIONS! If this surgery is not covered on your insurance why would they cover aftercare or complications? I have heard if you go to the emergency room they have to care for you, but also be prepared for docs to" I told you so , and why would you fly to another country for major surgery?" I chose Dra duran for her expertise. the price is gravy. If I had chosen to get this done in US i would probably not be getting all of it done. I would only get one surgery. In DR I am getting sprinkles and nuts on top of my ice cream for the price of just the ice cream cone in US. Please do as much research as you can. It gets scary hearing about the bad stuff, but if you ignore those things you will be unprepared for worst case scenarios. Again I apologize for the loooong repeating messages.

on a more sensitive note.

i pray for everyone that goes to have surgery. I will also pray for those that come back with problems. I am so very sorry for those that have had terrible experiences. I have made my choice though. I am going to the DR on october the 15th to take my chance in having a better body, higher self esteem, and hopefully the experience of a lifetime. again my choice. I do hope and pray I am making the right one. love to all.
Vambie are you getting excited??? I can't believe we are doing this in 23 days!!!
are you all packed?

Faja fajas fajate fu$ckit!

I dont know the da$m difference in all these freakin brands!
So i bought one that looks like it wont be a royal pain in the a$$. Its not going to be the right size after surgery but they have seamstresses in DR as well as us and i bought a sh!t ton of lipofoam.i am totally fine looking like the stay puff marshmallow man for a while cause i know eventually I wont. Ive looked like him for 40 years so whats another few months!
Lmfaoooo "puff marshmallow man" , u crack me up Vam .. I glad ur all packed & ready to go !!!

20 days till i leave!

Holy crap! Im ready physically,bags packed . Still would like to lose 5 more pound but im a nervous eater. 172 pounds 5' 8 and 1/2 inches. gotta throw that half in. 165 was my pre surgery goal cause my ultimate goal was 150-155. Me and chunk gotta get up and go to the gym.

I really should reread before i post

Not so ready physically. Bags pack but chunk still exists and is far too large and in charge. Mentally and emotionally depends on the day. I think picturing myself at the end helps. Keep your eye on the prize. Also looking at clothes i have never been able to wear is helping. My wardrobe is gonna be pricy when i heal. Burning my fat clothes!

fajate i bought.

any suggestions on a better one let me know. Some of folks that have purchased fajas down in Dr arent happy with them either so any suggestions on the most comfortable or best brand will be greatly appreciated. i live in nc so most everything has to be purchased online. not like NY here ladies this is the back woods.

waterless body wash WOOOOOWEEE!

saw some on amazon and they got great reviews... might grab a bottle for the trip cause i love love love love a clean body feeling. when i am dirty i am unhappy i hate feeling crunchy. tips anyone????

me last week i think i lost a pound or two since then

no a$$ at all


New York authorities last year slapped a crooked quack on the wrist rather than seek jail time — a deadly deal that might have cost four women their lives.
Hector Cabral, accused of the unauthorized practice of medicine, could have been thrown behind bars for 20 years, but instead paid a fine and returned home to the Dominican Republic, where he continued to pursue his bloody brand of plastic surgery.
Licensed in his native country but not here, he continued to lure American women to his operating table for cut-rate cosmetic procedures.
Erika Hernandez, 31, traveled from Washington Heights to Cabral’s Santo Domingo offices last month for an operation that would have cost more than $15,000 in New York. But Cabral would do the tummy tuck, liposuction, lipo sculpture and butt implants for about $6,000.
The seven-hour surgery was not even over when the anesthesia began to wear off, and Hernandez awoke screaming, “Damn, it hurts!”
An operating-room aide snapped, “Damn, shut up!”
Hernandez related the nightmare to her friend Jennifer Torres, who accompanied her friend, the mother of seven children ranging in age from 7 months to 15 years.
“Erika came out crying. She said her right leg hurt,” Torres told The Post.
After 17 days of excruciating pain and high fevers, Hernandez died Aug. 29 at another clinic in Santiago.
“It’s pure malpractice,” said Hernandez’s mother, Adela Ventura, who blames not only Cabral but the New York authorities who let the butcher off easy.
Cabral, 52, was busted in 2011, accused of trolling for patients at hair and nail salons in Washington Heights, where he would examine women — sometimes drawing on their bodies with markers — and entice them to visit his sleek-looking International Center for Advanced Plastic Surgery in the Dominican Republic.
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman charged Cabral with 10 counts of unauthorized practice of medicine for the beauty-salon exams.
But Schneiderman’s office struck a deal before trial. Cabral pleaded guilty to just one charge, got no jail time, and was instead fined $5,000, ordered to pay $23,055 in restitution and do 250 hours of community service — back in the Dominican Republic.
At his sentencing last year, former patient Lissette Mejia of The Bronx said she woke up from her procedure with burned skin across her stomach.
“He just simply sent me here to New York to die,” she told the judge.
Cabral’s clinic was closed for 10 days this June by Dominican authorities after three women — all from overseas — died. Cabral, the clinic owner, was reportedly not the surgeon on those cases.
Hernandez and her family had no idea of Cabral’s bloody trail.
“They shouldn’t have let him go to kill my daughter,” said Ventura.
A Schneiderman spokeswoman said “when it became clear the court was not going to put this doctor behind bars, we insisted on the largest possible restitution allowable by law.”
But a court spokesman countered: “This was a plea offer made by the Attorney General’s Office. The option to take the case to trial was one they chose not to exercise.”
Cabral’s brother, Hector, said “all proper procedures were followed” and that Hernandez herself “abandoned her treatment.”
Hernandez was part of a “lipotourism” pipeline from New York City to the Dominican Republic. By one estimate, 80 percent of plastic-surgery patients in the DR live outside of the country.
In 2003, women began returning from the Caribbean nation with serious and disfiguring bacterial infections that required months of antibiotic treatment. With nine New York City women infected, the city issued warnings in 2004 against traveling to the DR for surgery.
“Ultimately, what’s more expensive — saving some money there or losing your life,” said New York City plastic surgeon Steve Fallek who treated a woman with the bacterial infection and others disfigured by cut-rate surgery.

Yay Vambie :) crazy excited 4 u!
Thanx doll! I promise to let u guys know how everything goes in dr. I told my husband to post for me if i cant. Hell be here in the states but i will figure aome way to get a message to him

Not my revised list and some things specific to me so it may not apply to you

Some things I added to my bag, but forgot to put on the list. some things on the list I took out of the bag, but forgot to cross off. Only way to get an accurate list would be to empty bag and repack. I actually though about that cause the OCD in me was wanting to make sure i had everything. Once its buried in the bag you cant see it.
I wonder if its still there or did the little" take your bbl stuff out of your bag" gnomes come and get it while I was sleeping?
If you have an questions why something is on my list, the answer is probably because I'm crazy... bat sh!t insane.
Or because I am following the motto "Allzeit bereit“.
I am truly leaning toward the bat sh!t crazy.

here it is... you may want to have an hour or two to read.

blanket *
sheets *
towel *
washcloth *
Bobby pillow *
extra pillows in a vacuum bag*
bed pads *
maxi pads *
7 depends*
wipes *
pineapple juice *
straws *
urine funnel *
protein drinks*
benadryl pills*
benadryl cream or gel*
stool softener or laxitives*
tums *
gas x *
tylenol chewable *
tylenol swallow *
yeast meds*
Multi *
calcium *
vit d *
b 12 *
vitamin c *
Iron with vit c *
iron swallow pills*
antibacterial hand soap*
Laundry detergent*
tank tops 1 reg *
5 ribbed tanks *
tshirts for under fajas
zip up mu mu robe
Big pants *
sweat jacket*
light sweater button up*
PJ s *
maxi dresses *
flip flops *
anti embolisim socks*
underwear granny panties*
Bras 2 open front*
shampoo conditioner *
other toiletries (toothbrush etc)*
comb /leave in cond *
hair pins *
headbands 1 already need 1 more*
makeup *
face wash*
antibiotic cream *
alcohol pads *
cotton face pads *
antisep spray dermoplast*
hand sanitizers *
body,foot,handlotion *
Lysol wipes*
rubber gloves L *
ear plugs *
face wipes *
acne cream *
face cream*
q tips*
rose oil face spray *
extra anti embolism*
fiber snacks*
lipo board *
lipo foam*
arm compression ace bandages *
arnica pills *
bromelain *
querticin *
heating pad *
light robe*
clorox wipes*
arnica gel and cream *
dvd player *
paper books*
headphone2 pair*
compress socks*
comfy walking shoes *
bra stash*
waist stash *
omezaprole *
Chapstick *
fanny pack*
bandages *
paper tape *
rubber gloves more for cipla
Folic acid chewables
bacto sheild hibiclens
ortha heel slip on shoes
phenergan suppositories

my pillow # carry on
ipad # pack in carry on
magazines # pack in carry on
Kindle # pack carry on
pack wireless headphones # carry on
iphone # pack in carry on
chargers for everything iPad, iPad keyboard, wireless headphones, iPhone, kindle # pack in carry on

percocet pack in carry on
zofram pack in carry on

passport* currently in doc folder pack in carry on

identification # pack in carry on
credit cards# pack in carry on
emergency cash# carry on then cipla

DOCUMeNTS FOLDER*pack in carry on
wish pics*
proof of wire transfer*
print out emergency numbers*
print out of numbers needed in DR*
copy of passport id and credit cards
print out of all emails#

last but not least an a$$ load of money.

btw i did order that extra faja

and it will be here tomorrow!!!
I am going to wear it until DR. I figure I might as well KNOW how miserable I am going to be.
I will bring with me for an extra and if it doesnt fit, i can have a seamstress take it in.

dude! i have 18 freaking days till i leave for DR!

YES! I am going to do this everyday. Countdown CRAZY!~!
Cause if you verbalize it... it becomes real. I am going to get so annoying(if I am not already) that yall are going to hope i come back with my finger amputated and my mouth sewn shut!
Ughhhh only 18 days til Chunks demise !!
CHUNKS GOIN DOWN! That a$$ ate a pancake this am when I told him we were on a diet! NO RESPECT!
A typical man , I swear !!! Lol

check this out... chunks pissed!

Well he's not that pissed, cause its a little loose in the chunk section...
but my ribcage is on the verge of breaking.
so, there is NO one size fits all your jiggly bits.
i swear they all need to me altered.
taking this on to DR and have seamstress alter.
ALSO ordering bra strap extenders because it giving me a freakin headache. its trying to shorten me by pushing my shoulders down to my a$$. I have longish torso apparently and I have the shoulder straps extended as wide as they possibly will go and I still fell as if my shoulders are pushed down 6 inches. its actually quite comfortable. I got a large and will have it taken in after surgery. and Ill have a butt comparison after . Ill bring the drawers with me and put on the booty afterwards. Not gettin a big booty, but biggish.
Cant wait, i will follow you!!
Excited for you Vambie!!! Are you sure you have enuf supplies??!! lol
I am over packed for sure! I did take out some of that stuff. Boy scout motto always prepared!!!

14 freakin days 14 freakin days

freaky freaky! i have been thinking about this for well 20 years and researching for 2. I promised myself when I lost this weight i would do this. Now the day has almost arrived and i am a little scared. I am going to write each person in my family a little note in a card and send to them ( small family) no one but my mom ,my husband, and son know i am going. I am not going to reveal my secret, just let them know how special they are in my life. i should do that whether i go or not.
Btw has anyone heard of getting hepatitis b vaccine?
sending good vibes, and prayers your way! good luck on your transformation!
thanks darlin!
It's getting close lady! Only two more weeks.

sore throats claritin runny nose sinus rinses messed up dreams = pain in my a$$

so friday i had this throat clearing feeling. i chocked it off to my lap band sometimes i have reflux and it does that. well nose was a little runny hmmmmm... not lap band well sat morning a tad bit of the ole sore throat. also sunday and then i go to walmart and get claritin probably allergies cause i feel fine... a little fatigued, but I always do after a three day stint at my hellhole of a job.i messaged duran about taking claritin she wrote back right away! holy hell !I know! thats what i am thinking!! right freaking away!!! and said claritin fine but the allergies may need an evaluation. I do not want to roll in DR with a fingernail ache or ANYTHING ELSE!!!! i have two weeks to get whatever this is under control. last night did sinus rinses becasue i was freakin! mucus clearish like runny nose gunk... i know TMI... bit of the ole sore throat this am and i am sure its from sinuses draining from allergies. but, i dont even want one allergy symptom when i go for SX ...not to mention they may cancel surgery. i dont have allergies per say, i just get a little crummy every once in a while. but NOW I am aware of every little thing. Now worried about my period coming this coming weekend. hoping it will not lower my hemo! I have got to stop freakin out.

I had a dream last night meaning my a$$ just got up about 30 min ago, so the dream was just like a hour or so ago !
The dream was that i flew to DR with a friend and had my husband take my luggage to my original flight . I got to DR and duran was showing us her artificial leg! she said she was due for a revision... she needed an upgraded leg! I kept calling her Duran and she looked at me funny. then I called her dra and she looked at me funny. WHAT THE HECK IS THE PROPER WAY TO ADDRESS DRA AGUSTINA HILLARIO DURAN? i was frantically trying to call my husband to make sure he got all the bags on my old flight and call the recovery house to apologize for not being there when they plane landed, because i flew in another flight. I couldn't find wifi to use viber. I was frantically trying to find wifi...also duran had a little dog that i wanted to play with instead and he was licking me all over my face. i woke up with my chi-healer licking my face! hahaha she needed to go potty! so i think the dream was about me feeling I am not prepared forgetting things or just basically not prepared and that I am hoping Duran is at her best as well. The not knowing what to call her is just that... what do I call her? Pretty lady?! thats what I m going to go with!
the frantic trying to call is probably my sub-concious worry I will not be able to get in touch with loved ones. Durans little dog was well... just that ...mine licking my face trying to wake mommy up! seems after reading this, i either need to be institutionalized or go back to bed and get over my crazy worries and dreams!
Morning sis ! Ur not crazy or anything lol the majority of us have dreams close to our sx date and while I haven't had mine yet, think its just the anxiety. I like to read into my own dreams to so whatever u feel from it may be accurate.. Just make sure ur all set b4 u take off and is ur hubby gonna take separate flight in reality? Maybe u can fly together.. Also I have a very sore throat too n originally thought it was from my 2 glasses of Cabernet 2 nights ago and I have acid reflux n too was sniffling n sneezing... If I were u I'd take cold meds to knock it out now AND suggest taking ur multivitamin with iron n additional vitamin c (1000 mg) so it can properly absorb n help build ur immune system .. Love u lots and for regret telling ur mom at least u did.. I have about a month to go and haven't told mom yet :/
actually hubby not going i am going alone! if you are going to tell her you may want to tell her now so she has time to grieve and absorb the information. i wouldnt hit her with that info right before you leave.
I think you are right by the way anxiety. i have doc appt today at 2:00 to check me over. i might ask for a z pac just incase. i dont want to create monster bacteria but if i dont feel a-ok in a few days i want to take it.

so the doc thinks i might have a virus :-((

I am having surgery in 14 days leaving in 13. Doc gave me, coincidentally, amoxicillan clauvcin 125 mg 3 times a day now i am not to take it unless i get worse. she said a virus, but if i do not feel better and get worse in a few days to start they antibiotic. its for 7 days. :-( i have a feeling when i tell duran she is going to make me postpone my surgery :-(( if I have to postpone it will be a minimum of a year, maybe two years before i can go again. I wont have vacation time until next august and we have a family trip scheduled, so it will be the following year. I cannot wait that long.
I feel fine. no fever, no body aches ,other than a stiff neck
my symptoms are stiff neck, sinus pressure, headache, slight sore throat, having to clear my throat. started out with a runny nose. sounds like allergies to me, but i am not a doctor. i dont want to take antibiotics because i want to wait until duran gives me hers. i dont want to take and then my body build up so weird resistance to it and then when duran gives me her amoxicillan it doesnt work as well. I dont really know enough about antibiotics and how they work i just dont want to take anything and on the flip side I want to get perfectly well asap. i have 13 days. i am going to eat chicken soup drink only orange juice and wear gloves everywhere. i would love to hole myself up in my house, but I have to go to work to me able to take this time off.
crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap!!!!!!!
i dont want to wish ill will on anyone, but I do hope the person that gave me this(if it is a virus and not allergies) stubs there toe on a large rock.

btw duran gives 875 mgs of amoxicillain twice daily

i heard from a vet.
OH chica! I so sorry to hear about your sickness. I'm praying it's not a virus and just allergies for you. I can't imagine having to wait so, I'm sending positive vibes your way.
Its got to be allergies cause i have felt fine all week just have to clear my throat a lot ,sinus pressure and now i am losing my voice ughhhh! I feel perfectly fine though i dont think this will be gone until fall goes away i hope duran will still do sx
AWWWWW MY FAIRY CHUNKNESS !! I'm so saddd to hear that ur not feeling well ... I hope u feel better real soon ... Trina doesn't like it when her twin isn't feeling good ..GET BETTER L O V E ... Trina & I are routin for you !!! VAMBIE VAMBIE!!!!

Grapes are going away... my little whine fest yesterday is over

I am doing better today. I should be fine in 12 days when I leave for DR. I also just got some great news!! i can pack all the shit I want in my bags! deltas website says I get two bags up to 70 lbs each. I even emailed to confirm. I was so worried cause each was like 49 pounds. no worries!!!!! i may look around for more crap to bring. My chihuahua is only 4 pounds so he'll fit! LOL!!!!
2 weeks and a wake-up Vambie!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!
glad u feel better! im sick with some type of severe cold/flu or even worse my lil bro's strep throat :(
make sur eyou go to doc right away. It is proven oj and chicken soup helps! but better yet rest rest rest rest! not kidding! you know what to do we all have worked so hard for this for it to get screwed up. I feel i was tested with this mini sickness to wake me up! its on!! go bklyn!!!!!


I am in serious nest mode. overstocking in dog food and other items like were going to have an apocalyptic event. this may actually be bolstered on by my walking dead marathons. i have made a ridiculous amount of lists for my husband. he thinks I am nuts seriously I think he is really looking forward to me being going!!!!! i bet even with the list my plants will be dead inside and out and my dogs will pisss my whole house and be starving in there on feces. I CANNOT die because my dogs will not survive my husband. thank goodness the kids all grown so there are none for him to care for. they would also probably be dead. I am sure I am not the only one with a husband that cannot follow written directions and doesnt listen ... at a lll. He has his good qualities for sure and they always outweigh the bad because we are still married!!! no matter what you have to find reasons to stay together versus reasons you should be apart. god I love him, but I would like to knock him a little with the frying pan.

sorry for the typographical errors.

i need to edit before i send , but yall get the gist
hey are u staying in a recovery house .. which one??? my sx day is the 16th
I am staying at real recovery armonia from oct 14th-24th. where will you be?
I'm staying at Angie's at silhouette RH

chunk's whining

he doesn't want to leave, but like a bad boyfriend... he's gotta go.
You're so funny and animated! I can't wait to read your updates. Lots of good wishes and vibes coming your way. One week to go. Good luck.
thanks !!!!!

i was lookin so damn good today....

a dude half my age said he liked my style today and I look good!!!! with my husband right there! My husband was so happy! he called me his trophy wife all day! and I HAVENT HAD SURGERY YET! i have been to the gym quite a bit and i have gotten pretty toned. chunk is still there sucking my life away, but his a$$ is gonna be on my a$$... literally! i had some spanx on today! i looked at cute little short shorts all day wherever we went. didnt buy any, but i sure as heck am going back to those stores as soon as i get home! 6 days!!! till im on the plane!

imma be forty wearing shortys!

I am so excited for you, safe surgery and fast recovery
Hey how do u feel .. For like the past week I've been having a stuffy nose and sneezing .. I been drinking tea and orange juice and I doubles up on vitamin c ... Have u tolD Duran about ur virus ... My doctor said if I don't have a sore throat and no fever I'm fine (and I haven't taken no mess because I wanna be clean for the two weeks before my surgery)

for those with cold or allergies

If your head feels like it’s packed with Elmer’s glue, skip the pills and pop a chili pepper instead. Capsaicin, the chemical that gives chilies their bite, acts as a decongestant, expectorant and pain reliever all at once. Remember how your nose, mouth and eyes ran after your friend dared you to munch on a jalapeno?

Imagine the same effect when your head is clogged by a cold. Capsaicin encourages your body to thin down all that mucus so you can hack it up and get rid of it.It may seem counterintuitive, but capsaicin does deaden nerves when it’s applied. The chemical depletes the neurotransmitter "substance P," which relays pain signals to the brain.

It also cranks up the body’s production of collagenase and prostaglandin, which reduce pain and swelling. Got a sore throat? Gulp down some Tabasco sauce. Chilies are also packed with vitamin C. In fact, one chili can contain up to four times as much vitamin C as an orange. And vitamin C, as we’ll see, has been proven to shorten the duration of colds.

2. Chicken Soup

Science has confirmed grandma’s wisdom: Chicken soup is undoubtedly good for a cold. But grandma knew it without holding clinical trials or applying for research grants, so what gives? Doctors at the University of Nebraska Medical Center actually tested the cold-healing powers of chicken soup.

In fact, they used grandma’s recipe, which included chicken, onions, sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, carrots, celery stems, and parsley. After conducting a number of laborious tests, researchers were able to pinpoint one of the soup’s active, cold-fighting ingredients: chicken stock. The base for all chicken soups actually slows down mucus production, helping you breathe easier during a cold. The researchers went on to test 13 different brands of store-bought chicken soup. Nearly all of them suppressed mucus production to some degree. Vegetarian versions, however, were missing the crucial ingredient.

So even if grandma isn’t around to make you the family chicken soup, grab a can of Campbell’s. The steamy broth will definitely help you get over your cold more quickly.
♫ Oh where , oh where has my little chunk gone ... Oh where , oh where can he beeeee? ... I've searched hi☝ & low ☟& I still don't know , oh where my little chunk be  ♪
in 5 days hell be right on my a$$!!!!!!

4 days

it seems so surreal. i have been nervous eating constantly and super freaky about hand sanitizer and wipes. lady at gym had a cold and i thought I was gonna b!tch slap her for coming to the gym. I wouldnt have thought anything of it a year ago!
im afraid to leave the house and I am being super cautious not to do stupid stuff like I usually do. no climbing sh!t !!!! I have to work friday and saturday and then i have sunday to chill before i leave for the airport that late eve.I feel like i am forgetting a million things. i have made a ridiculous amount of lists for me and my hubby so my plant sort of survive. and my dogs too. i think I have everything and the kitchen sink so if I forgot anything I will be freakin surprised! making a bunch of food to freeze so hubby doesnt eat mcdonalds for every meal.
If anything happens to me he will die of a clogged artery within weeks.
I wonder how many people are getting surgery on my day? i keep checkin bbl calender but it keeps not updating when people change.
How were you able to contact Dr. Duran? Because I am not able to get on to her at all.
keep emailing and send her facebook messages. you can call but as far as I know elizabeth will not book date until you have your quote and you need to do they by email( i think) make sure when you send email you send pictures with it
My husband I both feel sick. Its a dam shame

3 days ...yes im gonna do this every day

i have three days till i leave freakin me out! i went to the bank today to withdraw the money and I thought i was going to throw up. i have never held that much cash... holy moses!! the bank teller told me to be very careful. i said i feel like i need an armed guard to walk me out. not im gonna go shove it in my panties! hahahah i have secret stash underwear. lol!!!!!!
Congratlations and good luck. I know you are going to come out being a bad bitch. How do u get in contact with dr duran.
Good luck with everthing I know you are going to come out a bad bitch. How so you get in contact with dr duran
Email email email. There is a lady on facebook bella vita consulatants she has a fee but she can get in touch with surgeons faster

1 day 21 hours and 59 minutes till my flight leaves

I have butterflies every waking second. I am going to work and after going to enjoy the little time i have before i leave . I am going to have to take some xany candy to do it. I swear im going to get rid of these annoying flies!
Alrighty Vambie it's the final countdown!! This surgery will be a breeze for you because you're prepared mentally, emotionally and physically packed everything including the kitchen sink....CHECK! Have a safe flight let us know when land in DR ((hugs))
Wishing you the best

so i message duran about nasolabial folds

and she said she will see when i get there. She said if I get there early enough go to cipla to get tests. I was planning on rolling up in there anyway!!!

19hours 33 min till flight leaves

I will keep yall updated on how it all rolls as much as i can. Love to you all and thanks everyone for being such wonderful help, inspiration, motivation, and support.


I had this girl named Ebony give me the best massage of my life!! sadly she does not do lymphatic massages. but another girl that works at the day spa does.
I truly recommend everyone getting a massage right before you go to get rid of all the negative tension. go to DR free and clear. just did a sinus rinse too. i sure am clear! going to try to sleep gotta get up at 1;30 to head to the airport. i want to go a little earlier incase we have a flat tire or something happens. I would rather be sitting in the airport early than hanging out on the side of the road worried if i am gonna make it. OCD . Mental note... get on meds when I return... check. Thanks everyone and genie ill hit u up on whats app . hope everyone is doing great. bye all!
OMG! exciting, good luck!
Omg good luck have a safe flight
Woo hoo. Safe travels!!

Getting ready for takeoff on my santo fomingo flight!!

Hope your recovery is going smooth :)
Hope everything goes well, cant wait to hear from you hun. Happy healing!!

Play by play

Went to cipla for testing. All well hemo 12.8 . Because i am 40 i had to get an echocardiogram (heart). Was completely normal. So go to cipla and get readu for aurgery 11:00 duran comes in and say she has just bbl will be done by 2;00 2:30ish to tale blue pill around 1:00-1:30 one of her assistants comes in about 1:15 gives me pill i lay down and doze off at 2:15 they came to get me 2:30 surgery starts. I wake up during bbl can feel but it DOES NOT hurt. U just feel the motion. I told them i was sick nausea thy gave me cloth to vomit on then put me back out. Woke up after the flipped me breifly and she said do i want tummy tuck if so no more lipo to extra areas and no boobies i said lipo and boobies cause a breast lift is one big reason i came. She lipoed my stomach i was semi awake they did arms also semi awake then i fully woke during boobies No Pain tho. Was asking how much longer because i was freezing anethsia wearing off was sooooooo cold . They finish got back to room my lady that stayed gave me my pillow and blanket. No pillow was there guys. Byop. I. Was snug and happy slept horribly woke up sick lady helped me and was. A godsend. If u have no one hite someone. Cipla nurses were fine but easier to have someone right there to grab stuff for u and when u are sick.woke ecery couple hours bad back paintook half a perc and half a soma and was tolerBle I am sooo glad i did not do tummy tuck so painful i cannot imagine that also . Did not get implants opted when i got there to just get lift (was 38dd before) so they are still big . Dont know how i would have standed that pain either. Isuggest getting one thing i am usually very tolerant to pain and this is rough. Mack truck feels like mack truck slammed into me. Recover house excellent ladies here at armonia great going to bed now hopfully can sleep some cannot lay on stomach cause of boobs hard to lay on back but it is more comfortable.
Happy healing and can't wait to see whatcha workin wit! :)
Thanks will post more pics when i get home. I wasnt swollen hardly till second day. Now im stay puff marshmallow man and i have cankles! Never had those before!!!!
Hey Vambie, just checking on you. Have you gotten any massages yet? And how is Armonia? I'll be there in December

Sorry so late wifi definately not great

Make sure you look at the before pic with negative booty!

Ok so didnt get tummy tuck and im thrilled. Everyone here that got a tummy tuck isnt moving well and it is so much harder for them. I feel so bad for them. The outcome will be wonderful, but i was in ridiculous discomfort I couldnt imagine it being worse. I also did not get implants just a lift. Thrilled about that too becaus ei would have been all boob. I was 38dd before so now id say im about 36dd now. Didnt get much smaller but they sure are perkier!!! And my nipples are small and pretty!!!

Going tomorrow and get drains out!

Excited excited! Also gonna go get my hair done! Fly out thursday and i promise as soon as im at my desktop with continuous wifi, i will post everything i can think of... Good and bad. Mostly good. Duran is tiny little woman! Perfect body and super sweet. Shes also a take no shit doc. And is becoming more conservative which is great. I dont know what everyones pain tolerance is but seriously break it up in two visits. Not worth the tremendous pain!

My anniversary is tomorrow :-(

And husband in NC. Me in DR. Im gonna go look for something sweet to drown my sorrows tom . Lol! It'll just make the booty bigger!
Awww my VAMBIELICIOUS , I'm not gonna be with my husband on my 11 year anniversary , it's January 7 :( ... U gotta text me tomorrow to let me know how u feel :( ... 

Another quick note

Duran gave me vest with 3/4 sleeves and faja. Both marena brand and oooh laaa laaa so comfy compared to one i bought. But it has good qualities as well. I got
Arms lipo
Inner thigh lipo
Whole ass stomach and back lipo
Love handles
Armpits! :-)
Breast lift
Fat transfers to nasolabial folds( laugh lines)
Fat transfer to upper lip. Was ok before but now....wowoowooeeee!
Going to possibly get botox on the forehead tom. Forgot to ask dineros so it will depend on if the vamster has enough moolah.

Forgot to add

Cankles... Free of charge!
Also due to ur bbl n breast work how r u finding sleeping to be? Ok? Difficult? N how r u sleeping? Sry for all the questions :) I have 13 days to go..
I replied above sorry wifi is pretty terrible here certain areas i have to go to get it then, poof! Its gone!
Hey Vambie very happy for you congrats again.. In regards to your cankles (which I know Ill have) maybe get 30-40 mmhg compression socks (high compression) n in regards to the stage 2 garment does Duran give u choice of the two??

Face still little swollens and one side more swollen than other

I m not sure why one side still swollen. They were both equally swollen all week now on side still puffy maybe i lean my head that way when i sleep lol!


She has the white thigh highs not sure the compression but my legs feel much better with the ones i have with the stronger compression. I never got hers i wore my stronger compression in sx and had a second pair not as strong( not sure amount) then the cankles got big and painful so i put the strong compression back on now they are tiny bit better. So id say get some strong compression. Use hers for sx and about third day use your strong compression for the duration unless your swelling is minimal. It went out again in middle of posting!
Do you know how much compression yours have ? 
Nevermind , Trina was cranky cuz she was hungry , I see down below in ur comment to my baby BB that urs may be 30-40compression .. I actually put them in my Amazon shopping cart last night , I'm gonna post a pic so u can tell me if Duran would approve . Thanks my Vambielicious :)

Wifi upstairs in penthouse has issues

Downstairs on 2nd floor they have no problems. Also they cook the food downstairs so it smells like good food cooking all the time. I walk down occasionally .

Penthouse has the views

Pluses and minuses to 2nd floor versus penthouse. Penthouse has no hot water. Mind u, u wont be showering after sx so its not a problem for me. If it is for u ask for 2nd floor. No good views on 2nd floor, but u can always come up to penthouse to check them out. Good to get walking in. BUT! Views are upstairs on penthouse. So u will have to go up a flight of stairs. Thats were i am staying. Only one room up here awesome views ! Quieter up here. But bad wifi and not hot water. So pluses and minuses to both

Today is my wedding anniversary :-((

:-( :-(:-(:-(:-( im here in dr and hes in nc :-(
Happy anniversary Vambie n thx so much 4 the compression sox and garment responses! Ur the best! Ur lips look beautiful and so do ur body :)
Happy Anniversary girly, stay strong!!!! As far as the wifi. So I cant watch my netflix?????? I have to download a bunch of movies and book's??? Shut Th Front Door!!! :0( And ur Compression stocking's the one that you bought urself, is it foot in or out
I bought toe in but mayra just to scissors and cut toe out for surgery.

Wifi great on second floor

So anyone staying here that wants consistant wifi stay on floor 2.
The bottom floor of penthouse(penthouse two stories) wifi much better but still a tad bit spotty. Mayra said she was going to have someone look at it so all may be well by the time u arrive. The penthouse currently has no hot water but the cold isnt cold cold its more lukewarm room temp.

All os the people working are super friendly

Everyone is very nice. Some of the girls have some english but do get a translation app it will help in describing certain things.
Happy anniversary and healing, your results looks amazing enjoy the rest of your day
Happy Anniversary & happy healing!!!
Thanks for the info! Happy healing :)

Stockings i bought on amazon

They are 20-30 and perfect more might be too much or at least for me. The 15-20? Would not be enough at day 2/3 when swelling on my got worse

Btw genie....

Lol my ortho HEELS ARE GREAT! Lol
Jerk !!! Lmfaoooo , send me a pic thru Whatsapp Grandma, lmfaooooo

Measurements with faja on duran gave me


Before i came it was 40-36 42

Cosmo might say I'm fat but I aint down with that!

Yeah! Hope i dont loose anymore booty
Lmao with tiny waist u got almost anything under it will look fat! I'm so jealous looking at all u girls that have already been lol can't wait for march!
Yes! My hips and butt are not huge waist so small it makes hips and butt look bigger! Love the optical illusions!!!!
Awesome measurements for one week postop!! I'm hoping to see my waist shrink and derrière balloooon!!!! :) happy healing

Hubby so thrilled he took me out to do some shoppin!

I know i need to make my bed!!!! Lol i dont want to take the time to photoshop the unmade bed out lol!!! Just look at waist, hips and booty!
You look fantastic!

I am 11 days post op! feeling great!!!!

got first two outfits at old navy!!! leopard dress at MCX on base. it is my fave ...going back to old navy tom. to get some more of the long sleeve cotton shirts. i got medium but they are still a little big in the waist ,so gonna get some smalls to see if they fit the tatas!
Ur shape looks great! Can u upload pics of ur breast? Are u happy with them?
Looking good girl!!!! Can't wait to get home tomorrow and go shopping!!!!
looking good chica, and yes you are PHAT!

Done with fb

I opened a facebook acct before sx to get in touch with duran and it just got out of hand. All my fb buddies ill only be on realself. I really dont like facebook.
How's the recovery coming along?
good but now i think i am getting more feeling back so i am sore?? but nothing a little tylenol or advil won't fix. random things and events make me swell and i was told swelling takes up to a YEAR to go away. not to worried marena garment duran gave me is almost like second skin now. i feel weird without it!
I'm definitely not looking forward to all that swelling!! You're doing great though :) 10 more days for me 

Ok the thing i didnt bring but i needed

A grabber. Cause i couldnt bend over to pick anything up and it seemed i dropped everything!!!!,,

More sore

I am more sore now than i was a week ago. I think the feeling is coming back and it doesnt feel good!! Lol!! Everytime I get chills my boobs sting! Weird. I am back to work and tired. I went back on friday of last week. I wish i could have taken a full month off.
Looking great!! Happy healing
You look good :)) witch recovery house it is ? Thanks
i stayed at real recovery armonia

hey everybody! update on marena garment i got on ebay

ok so I learned something today when I received my one size smaller marena garment. I looooove it BUT it isn't like the one like Duran gave me. it doesn't have the see through butt. the material in the butt is just as tight as the material around the waist. :-((((((. oh well i think it will be ok when my booty heals completely. otherwise it is try comfortable. so when looking for a second garment make sure the butt fabric is the looser, thinner, not as constricting kind.
You're so right about the marena brand garment it feels amazing on 1 day post op with Duran
marena is way more comfortable and breathable than the power net stuff
I'm 3 days post op n can't wait for my stage 2 faja heard she suggests either disenos de prada or the marena post op appt so i guess it depends on what she feels is neccessary for results wanted /better healing.. D

booty too big for apple bottom lol!

yeah yeah yeah I will be 4 weeks post op on tuesday and I think the fluffing is happening! i feel like it might be getting a little bigger ??? maybe I'm just extra swollen tonight but Ill take what i can get just remember the negative but. I love looking at my before pic. doesn't even look like me anymore.
You look great!! More pics please, we wanna see all angles! Lol
Sexy :)
You look fantastic! Do you know how many cc's she transfered to ur ass? I also don't have any ass and cant wait to be a Duran doll. I weigh 135 lbs after a mm in March and worry that I may not have enough fat for a round ass, curves, and fuller lips. Thanks for sharing your story. Happy healing :)

Pain in the rear... literally lol!

So updating on realself on my iphone is a total pain!!! And when i sit, my butt feels like im sitting on a bag of rocks still. My skin in lipoed areas is still super sensitive and itches aometimes. Every once in a while ill feel a sharp pain in one of the lipoed areas. Im guessing this is my nerves knotting back together. I have weird tightness in my underarm skin?!! Cant lift my arm straight up looks like the skin will bust and rip. Thats super weird cause i dont remeber rsading anyone saying that. I wonder if i should be stretching it daily to be able to lift arms straight? Or will it relax eventually? Ok here is a pic of my boobies the acabs are almost gone. Its taking a looong time for them to come off they are attatched to the stitches that are left.


I was busting out of a 38dd before now i fit neatly, no busting, 36dd . It looks like its sized almost perfectly now. I would be busting s bit with 36d but i could wear it.
This is all my titty meat ... no implants... Just a lift
What type of pain meds do she give and are they strong? I have very low tolerance for pain...
She gives a med called diclo k? Its for pain and inflammation. I brought percocet and used first few days
Question. Did you have to keep ur nipple rings out? I notice you don't have them in in your after pic. I'm wondering if I have to take them out or can the Dr. put them back in after? I'll be so sad if I have to get them repierced...

6weeks today!

And i still feel better with faja on. Skin still feels "funky" tingley numb sore... With faja on i feel more normal
Still swelling. I have not gotten one massage since i got home. Hubby massaged swollen bits. I dont have any lumpiness. In the beginning awhen i felt a hard spot i massaged myself.

Dont think

That you will get home and be normal. Its 6 weeks and its only marginally better. It takes a loooooong time. I cannot wait for my skin to be normal. Everytime i look in the mirror i know it was worth it all though!!!!! So after sx if u are felling low or in any pain ... Just look in mirror and it will get all better.


At 6 weeks im only 4 pounds lighter than i was. Im still slightly above my goal weight but since i have my goal body , this is my new goal weight lol!!
So happy to hear your doing well
Thanks doll!! Your time coming soon!!!!!! Time seriously flies!
Are you happy with the bbl?

First gym session

Just went to gym dont want to loose any more weight just want to lift and work booty even more. I may just do squats with weights and thats it! Whole time i was worried about working my fat off. I used to worry in a wholly different way!!!! Lol i wanted fat off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praying to booty fairy

That i dont wake up each morning with it gone. I find myself checking the mirror before anything making sure its still there and didnt delfate over night. I have lost a good deal but theres plenty there. Definatrly no kim K but im ok. Not ever ever never never ever doing a round two.

Deflate sorry and definately

But yall know what im tryin to say
No worries Hun fluffing will make it bigger again. You look great.
So the pain meds she give isnt that strong?

Just thinking

U know, i printed out all these wish pics and did NOT once take them out and show her. I was completely sure she would give me the best "ME"she could. I can wish for a big booty all day long but you can make prime rib out of ground beef. But u can make ground beef look way more appetizing. Im good looking ground beef. All u have to tell is your wish. Like u want biggest booty possible. She do the best for u. U can wish pic all day long but at the end of sx , its u thats getting up off that table.
You Look great :) thanks for your story. Wishing you a fast recovery

hello everyone!

i really really need to take pics and i promise to soon i have a really hard time taking them of myself and have to beg my husband to do it! everything is going well. I'm 7 weeks today and my skin is still extra sensitive. i have not been wearing my faja and it feels weird like i am exposed. i am trying to see if my skin will not be so sensitive if i toughen it up to the environment. so far that hasn't worked so i am thinking on again it is or at least just during the day when i work. it is a little painful when someone accidentally brushes against you in a super sensitive place. with garment on its not so bad.
I do not recommend dealing with the company isavela. they do not respond to any of my inquires on returning a garment that does not fit. i have been trying for three weeks and it apparently aint gonna happen. oh well. stick with marena, so far it is the most comfortable and the best. I wish I had just bought one extra of marena and not fooled with all the others i bought. LIVE AND LEARN i guess.
so my weight is holding about 171. i really don't care because i am thrilled with my body so the scale doe ant matter. i would rather have my butt than to have the scale say 150. everyone has commented on how different i look. fortunately i distanced my selves from a lot of friends and aquaintances before i went so everyone just thinks its my working out and JUICING lol!!!! i have only told a very select few because i don't want to hear anyone opinion. honestly if they think i cheated then they can go suck a big fat one because i have been working pretty hard for the last few years. DO NOT believe anyone if they say lap band will cure all. thats Bull sh!t . i worded very hard to lose the weight lap band didn't help at all. if anything it encouraged me to eat foods they were easier to get through my stomach opening. CHOCOLATE ice cream candy liquid sugar. I had to make myself eat well and exercise. the only thing lap band did for me was embarrass me when I had NOT lost any weight and everyone was judging. I was embarrassed that people knew about the band and i was still fat. so i made myself. Lap band is motivation. i hope if anyone that is overweight reads this reconsiders any type of bariatric surgery. you can do it by yourself. its hard. lots of things in life are hard. but, if it was easy would you appreciate it?
now for surgery. yes you plunk down a few grand and get the body you dream of. WRONG! it hurts. ALOT. its emotionally, mentally, and physically one of the most painful things I have ever gone through. No i would not change a thing. But please so not think this is going to be easy. It will be easier for some than others... but easy, NO! my husband says every day how courageous he thinks i am for doing the things i have done. I think its determination and a desire to beat failure in its tiny little a$$.
you can lose weight, have surgery go about your life. but please don't think it will be easy. you will appreciate it much more because it is not.
U look great girl! Hope ur recovery is goin well. I'm planning on duran too and I wanted to know, when u called were u able to do a consult over the phone? Did u get to speak to her? Thanx for a the details :)
No you will usually not get to speak to her until your sx. She will answer questions by email or messages closer to your sx. She has so many emails to answer she usually answers the ones with sx soon
Hi my baby bubba ! I'm so not looking forward to the pain :; but hey no pain no gain right !! 29 days to go :( :) :/ lol

Lets talk stitch abcesses

Ok so... i have never heard of them, but apparently they exist... Because i have a few now! So if its such a common problem how come no want talks about it? Lordy i was scared! These can occur up to 9 months or so after sx!!! It is your body reacting to the dissovable stitches that have yet to dissolve. Your body is trying to push them out and an infection occurs. Super gross pus, blood ...super scary. Goss pus came out then i was left with a gaping little hole. After one happened several more came. Thank heavens after the first i researched it and found out its really no big deal. Keep it clean, dab of ointment and a non stick bandage so it doesnt stick to clothing. They have started to heal already. I had a breast lift. The only abcesses i have had are around the nipples.
Love your review! You look amazing! I also plan on just getting a lift. Did your boobs hurt at all?
Mines did not hurt as much as people said it would, by day 2 i was up cleanig and cooking but you cant lift anything heavy for 2 weeks so i had my mom with me! I didnt even take percs i took advil! :)
Boobs hurt the least but after a few weeks when the nerves were reattaching if i got chills i would have sharp pains in my nipples ! It lasted only a short time but was quite weird!


I habe not gotten Any massages since i got back. My hisband has rub my back a few times and i have massaged hard places but they go away on there own. Most ps say massage NOT necessary. Optional. It does help releive fluid buildup but again your body will get rid of it eventually. Not trying to tell yall not to get massages just dont beat yourself up if u dont! I use a tolling pin on my lower back with a shirt on sometimes too. Mostly swelling hasnt been the worst its been the skin numbness, burning and ripping feelings

Sorry i do updated on iphone

I will try harder to proof read errors lol!!!!!!!
Hey Ladies, Anybody thinking about rescheduling from Dra Duran between February - April if so let me know. Trying to get a date between those months
I'd love to see a updated pic of how your lips look. I want to get my lips done when I go to DR. :)
nice review.. I need my laugh lines done too and had no idea Duran could be a one stop shop lbvs thanks!! you look great
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