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Ok, so I have been stalking all you ladies for a...

Ok, so I have been stalking all you ladies for a couple of months (scary right, lol). And finally decided to "be all that I can be" lol. I am debating between Yily and Duran, and welcome any advice from you ladies. I am looking at May 2014 hopefully. And am already dreaming about my new and improved body. I want everything possible, I will update y'all when I know exactly what and with who. Thanks for reading ladies.

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Embarrass much!

Ok, so I'm so sick of trying to lose "baby weight", yes I'm blaming it on my children, lol. But seriously I hate looking at myself in the mirror, putting on lotion, even running down the stairs ( swear, I hear my thighs slapping together), so disgusting. I got my boobies done in May (38B to 38D sometime 36 DD) and need to feel good about the rest of me ( love my boobies, keep feeling myself up, lol). Anyway, my hubbie is so supportive, I can only guess why, lol. He knows that the better I feel about my body the better and more aggressive his sex life is (devilish face made here). I don't think I've ever felt good about my body and am ready to feel complete. I have positive self image but my body image of myself needs therapy.

BTW: I'm 30 years old, 5.5 feet, about 200 lbs (sigh). I have two beautiful girls (7and1) married 10 yrs, this Sept (geez time flies).

I welcome any comments and advice. Still researching doctors, leaning towards Duran instead of Yily (per reviews). I want a TT, BBL, Intensive aggressive Lipo, arms, thighs, back, upper and lower abdomen and whatever else they can do. I would love a buddy shooting for next May. Planned family vacation in August in Dominican Republic, so wanna be able to hold my head up high. How do you lady find wish pics? Every time I search for sexy bodies, etc.. porn pops up. Also, should I lose weight before the surgery?


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Any thoughts?

Global Medical Service? Anyone known anything?


Hey OMG Queen: thanks for sharing your story. Will definitely follow ur progress. I was looking at your pics again, after I read that you weighed 200 lbs and was trying to figure out where the heck it is! LOL!! You must have more muscle than fat, cuz I just don't see 200 lbs. :) Anyway, with all that being said, I told yily I weighted 217 and Im 5'7.5" and she told me I had to be about 180-185 lbs. I do have muscle BUT, I have a lot more fat because I lost weight from previously being overweight. I was about 285 and when I lost the weight, (about 50lbs), the skin never tightened back up. and the same ole weight roller coaster(up & down, up & down...) And although Im losing now, it's still fat and extra skin on top of extra skin, yada yada. So you might have to, but then again, maybe not! But good luck with your journey. You wear 200lbs very well. :)
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Thank you. Congrats for losing the weight. Let me know how you plan on losing what's needed to get to the weight for surgery. I can buddy you with this, I find it helps to have someone to hold you accountable.:)
Hey OMG Queen, that sounds cool. Im actually doing the 6week body makeover by Michael Thurmond. Guaranteed to lose 30lbs in 6 weeks. 2-3oz lean protein, fruit, veggies, carb all portioned out. 1 cup for fruit and veggies, and 1/2 cup for the carbs. and 100oz water per day, No salt, no dairy, no suguar. 45 minutes of cardio(recommendation is walking) which I do. and hopefully I will reach my goal by Dec 5.

Quote from Dr. Baez with 4 hours!

Price for the surgeries that you are requesting tummy tuck, liposculture to abdomen, waist, back, flanks plus Brazilian butt lift is US$ 3700 dollars, which includes:
-Airport pick up
-evaluation by plastic surgeon
-Chest X-ray
-Cardiovascular evaluation
- Laboratory exams
-Overnight stay in the clinic
-First compressive garment
-Free of charge follow ups
-Medication post-surgery (antibiotics and analgesics)
- Lymphatic drain massages and ultrasound massages are not included , cost is 300 dollars extra

She says that I must be less than 185 pounds in order to have surgery and diminish the risk of complications.

I'm waiting to hear back about inner thighs and arms. Will update you ladies.

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Just a few of my wish pics


Yily is quick to respond back. I got my quote the same day I emailed her! Try it out. If not the same day two days max.
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I ema Yily on Monday. The office said she may answer me this weekend.
Did you decide to go with Baez or yily?
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Found my doctor!

I'm definitely going with Dra. Australia-Fragoso-Baez. She was been awesome. I'm very comfortable with my decision.

Now all I have to do is lose 30lbs!


good choice!! good luck!!!
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You can't be what you're not! we all have wish pictures. For instance the ones that I posted with this update are what I believe I can look like realistically (combine them all together) I naturally have a small waist and big hips and thighs. I know you can't see it under all the fat, eewwww! But it's true. This being said, I know that I won't have a 24" waist. That's just not my bone structure, and I'm find with that. My point s that doctors can't make you what you're not. You're not going to be 26" in your waist if your waist is a 32" without fat. Now of course you can get your hips padded to get the coke bottle look. I just want everyone to be more aware of our body structures and the limitations of surgeons, so that we are not disappointed.

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Anyone else window shopping for clothes already???? I can't seem to stop, lol.


Hey Queen, I emailed Duran & whats app her almost 2 wks ago, still haven't heard her. I emailed Yily twice & she emailed me after a week. I also emailed Baez but didn't hear from her as yet. I am having Sx Feb 2014 ( BBL, TT, Liposculpture) - Quote $4300 Yily said I have to lose 20lbs & I am 5'4 - 190lbs. I am waiting until I make my decision to start my journey on Real Self, until then, i'm just creepin, lol. Yily has always been my # 1 choice tho. I just want to hear from the Drs that I emailed to finally decide. Good luck.!!!! Following everyone's journey is wonderful. Soooo informative.
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Waiting games....don't you love it, lol
I'm glad I read your post, I only sent one request for a quote to Dr. Duran. I'm looking up Dr. Baez now to see her work and reviews of her work. oh by the way, thanks for posting on my review. I woke up when I heard the email notification go off on my phone, looked at it like a kid in the candy store LOL. You definitely do not look the weight you posted as your current weight. I hope you find a Dr. that is going to give you what is best for your body structure. the best to you..
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Weight lose Journey

Ok, I'm so annoyed right now. J have gained 5 lbs since my first post. Today I start my regimen to lose 30...well 35 lbs before the SX. I will keep you ladies inform, will be needing all the support.....already I what my spaghetti and garlic bread from last night :(. Instead I had a banana orange smoothie (sigh)


yaaaayyyy, Dr. Baez just emailed me!!!!!!!!!! $3900, 2 quotes down, 2 more to go then panic to decide who to go with!!!
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Lol, what r u getting done?
tt, bbl, liposculpture

Maybe Disla

Hey Ladies,

First off, I finally got my quote from Yily $4300, that does not include thighs and arms :(... So that's $300 more than Baez ($4000 with thighs and arms). Now, I recently found a Dra. Disla. One of the reasons that I like her is that 1.) she response FAST, 2.) she's straight forward and to the point, 3.) she has lived in NYC and speaks and writes fluently in English. Now this point is really a plus for me. While I appreciate my Latino sisters and brothers out there. I don't understand most of what they say, definitely can't read it or speak enough to get around ( this is irony because I'm 1/2 Peurto Rician and my father swears up and down that my sister and I have repressed of heritage, lol). This being said, I appreciate the fact that I wouldn't need a interpreter. I emailed her with all the information that she would need and she basically told me that until contact when I lose 20lbs!

Now, most of you would be like WTF, right. But she explained that after I lose the weight, because she won't even schedule me until I do, that she will "make me look like my wish pictures". She quoted me $5500! that's $1500 more than Baez! I will get a requote after I lose the weight and send updated pics of myself. So we will see, I'm still scheduled with Baez as of now. Have to start eating right and stepping up on the exercising, which really sucks:(.

Later chicas, lol

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And yeah....still nothing from Duran. Emailed her again days ago.


I will be DR around the same time, Dr Baez and I believe the same date...My Spanish is good enough, I can help with the translation LOL
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If your able to move, lol. ;)
For real....LOL, but I will do it, whenever I can :P


I hate dieting.....I am having such a hard time NOT eating. Usually I can focus but why when I have so much on the line is it so hard? I'm hungry all the time it seems:(! I have so much going on right now and I know that's a factor in my stress eating but it's pissing me off. My goal is to lose not 30 but 40lbs for the best results.

Ok....thanks for reading my rant....I will focus now:)


Good luck and hang in there! It will all be worth it in the end!! :)
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Hang in there girl!!!! There's a goal. Just keep looking at the goal (pictures). It will work. Don't go out for dinner, if it's too hard. Stay home when ever possible & only buy what u should b eating. Trust me, I was there. I have been able to keep 20lbs off since early summer. I have 10 to go but I haven't tried yet. I joined the gym near my hse but it only opens mid oct. I plan to lose by starting exercise. Don't give up!!! u can do it! We are here for u!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Stay positive.. in all matters although it can be hard. positive thoughts bring positive reactions :-)
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Just watched a video of a tummy tuck procedure being done (don't know why). Really fascinating with the muscle tightening. But....I am officially a vegetarian! Well, the ones that eat only fish, lol. I just can't eat chicken or any meat that reminds me of the human insides. I'm so grossed out! Ok, I'm gonna watch a bbl getting done now. Later ladies


Thanks! My husband and I love them too, lol. They are extremely real looking. But they will look even better after I lose all this weight and of course my procedure.
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I love ur boobs now dat i hav the a$$ in wnt ky boobs to match instead of HANGING DOWN LOW..welcome to RS AN TO B BOOTIFIED!!
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Nice foundation hun! You're gonna look so gorgeous after! Oh, wish I never watched those videos.My mind is haunted now Lol! Watching that cannula use, Yikes! I can't wait to get this over with.We girlies are crazy vain! I know it'll all be worth it in the end though! Blessings on your journey!
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Changing Doctor to Dra. Cynthia Disla

Hey Ladies, it's been a while. Hope all are doing well. Yes, I have decided to go with Disla for my surgery. Beaz is supper sweet and responsive and I really like him a lot by what I don't like is her office environment. My husband and I have friends who live in DR, so we ask them to kindly take pictures and well we weren't satisfied and felt very uncomfortable with what we saw. So Disla it is, as you all know I already like her and her results.

On another note I'm losing weight, yayyyyy! So far 12 lbs :) Disla wouldn't even really consider me and give me a real quote until I reached close to 185lb. She needed to make sure I was serious about my weight loss and surgery and I appreciate that honestly. So I have my quote from her which I'm pleased with and will making my $500 deposit in 2 weeks for March 2014....which if financials are as a hope ( and they will....just putting that in the universe) them I can more the date to the last week of February taking advantage of those big sweaters for a couple of months in the "A".

Later Chicas!!!!


Congrats on it weight loss OMG queen! Super proud of you!
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Please excuse all the typos in my update!
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Does anyone know how to change your Doctor on your review page?
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For the ladies who want to change your doctors name on your review

Pasted from Q&A
Why Do I Have to Email You to Change My Doctor?
We manually add links to a doctor's profile in your review, so we need to know if you've changed doctors so we can change the link. Also, most people don't change doctors mid-procedure, so it's not a common request. We're happy to make the change for you... just let us know!


Good luck on your journey. I'm a bit addicted to sx now lol I want some lord lipo & im Considering her
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Thanks! I'm excited.
What does disla's quote include?
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Deposit Paid!

$500.00! It really hurt to transfer that money, lol. I hate spending money. I did it through Western a Union online bank transfer. NO FEE! Scheduled for March 12th.

Still on my weight lose journey, doing well. Finishing my Masters and searching for a new job (sigh). I'm tired or being tired, ladies! Wish me luck in my job search....I'm shooting for before Thanksgiving find my job. Wish me luck, blessing, whatever you got, lol.



did you ever get your surgery?! :-)
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Im scheduled May 26 :-/ looking for a buddy. From NY
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hey how are things going? you havent posted in a ahile, just checking on you! :)
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Cynthia Disla is actually my surgeon.

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