Hello I just sent some pics and wishes to Dr.Duran...

I just sent some pics and wishes to Dr.Duran in DR for a brazilian butt lift. Ladies who have had work done by her, what all do I need for this journey? Air faire and recovery houses, and etc??? What all should I book before the procedure? Any recommendations? I'm so new to this. Thanks in advance!!!

Dr. Fisher @VanityMIAMI

Sooooo!! I cancelled my consultation with Dr.Dillon after being ball park figured 9500 for a BBL with lipo to 5 areas. I have been back n forth with Alexandra at Vanity and she is amazing! I love her ;). Anywhooo, I'll be going to Dr Fisher for my BBL with lipo to 12 areas!! Yes 12 areas! My step mom and my dad are cosigning for CareCredit. So hopefully that will go smoothly. I was offered the full package from Vanity, which includes the Home Away from Home all inclusive deal. Will keep you dolls updated during the wait!

Deposit Paid and waiting on CareCredit

Still waiting on Care Credit. Price was jacked up higher due to the waiting game! So I put my lil $500 down whomp whomp.. Hopefully things work out!

I SWITCHED TO HASAN!! I'm serious this time lol

I switched to Dr.Hassan after seeing so many of his creations! You HasanDolls look AMAZING. I paid my deposit and I plan to pay another 1500 by the end of the month. Yes I'm "bird feeding" but it's my comfort level. I'm guilty of the bandwagon effect, but it's worth it and my mind is made up. My DR is Hasan for sure.

DR docs and TT. TF IS UP WITH THAT???!!

Every quote I have gotten from DR docs and docs in Mexico have recommended I get a TT... I have ONE kid and NO LOOSE SKIN. My belly is smooth and the skin is tight. Not loose or thin or sagging so the F do I need a TT??? Sorry for my rant but I notice a lot of women are being told this. I AINT GOING. Dr Hasan doesn't seem to think I need a TT, neither does Dr. Cortes... With that being said, don't waste your time recommending the EXACT same lay out to us potential patients and labeling the info as if per our own anatomy.. Same quote and emails to everyone..


Today I made a payment of $1400 to Vanity and was offered $200 off of my procedure! Bringing my total down to $3800. I'm at the half way mark and my coordinator advised I can set a date now. I think I might go August 13 may go sooner if I come up on more money before then. It's getting real ladies and I'm excited! Keep you lovelies updated. ????

Received my second invoice today....

Hey ladies quick update. I was emailed my second invoice today. Half way there. I'm getting excited! Oh and new wish pic! ????

SX Date Booked.

I set my date today with Diana my coordinator. I will be Hasanified official on 8/19/14!!!! It's real y'all lol. Stay beautiful my RS sisters! Ps: if any of you dolls have surgery with vanity around that time and would like to a SX buddy inbox me please :) we can share a room



Give credit where it's due!

Hello ladies, can someone please tell me how i can update my Doc? I wanna give my doctor the proper credit. Thanks in advance :)

Date Changed!! 6/11/14

Hi sisters! Just letting you all know that my date with Dr Hasan has changed. I am now going on 6/11/14. Anyone else going around that time and need a buddy let me know!!

Hasan Ladies

Any one been hassanified lately? I'm looking for some new reviews but I can't find any. Lol I love his work


Finally paid in full. Can June get here already?? Lol

Becoming nervous

Hello ladies! I am needing a little encouragement. All if a sudden I'm feeling a little nervous. I know this is normal but I have a little worry. Praying every step of the way.

Measurements pre op

Hello sisters!! I'm up and stalking reviews as always. I notice a few ladies post pre and post op measurements for comparison. I decided to do the same so here they are.
Bust: 38
Waist: 31 at belly button and 35 right below belly button
Hips: 45

Anxiously Packing ????

Hey ladies, hope everyone is doing well :) I decided to start packing today. Early I know but I'm soooooo anxious. Still waiting for my garment, vest, foams, and board then packing will be complete. Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

9 days!!! 7 till flight!

I will be leaving in exactly 7 days for Miami. I am sooooo excited and anxious. Haven't recieved my pre ops yet but I know what/what not to do. 9 dad till I'm on the other side!

Pre op instructions

1 week to go!

Pre Op Pics

These are my last pre op pics that I will be posting. Next time you see me I'll be "HASSANIFIED" lol!!! Excuse my mirror


So I had to act black one time on vanity!! A few minutes ago I'm reading An update on Bri'Bree's review smh and upset for her. The next 3 mins I'm getting a call from Vanity telling me they never received my labs and I cannot have my surgery as scheduled. I'm trying to explain that I wasn't asked to so labs, I was told labs were included in my price and would be performed at vanity during the pre op appointment. The girl will not let me explain and is talking over me so at this point I'm livid and I hang up. I call Diana my coordinator and tell her what's up, immediately she's like yo she's new and I'll take care of this. 1 minute later Yisel the manager is on the phone with me, advising me that I am still scheduled and apologizing for her employees incorrect information. She verified my date and told me I'm good and that she will see me at my pre op next Tuesday.. So that's my very first encounter with a foolish vanity rep screw up..

Almost time

I'm will be flying out of Milwaukee on Monday. Arriving in Miami Tuesday morning. Can't wait!


I admit it, I'm addicted to Realself. The end lol

Leaving today

My flight is today. I will be departing my city at 6:11pm, arriving in MIA at 12:59am. I'm nervous, anxious, afraid, sad.., I'm a ball of emotions. I'm going to miss my daughter and my man dearly. I can cry now just thinking about being away from them for so long. :( hopefully it's a quick 7 days. Talk to you ladies once I'm boarding. Have an awesome day.

Taking flight

I've made it to the airport and I'm boarding now! See you beauty's in Miami!!!

I'm here!!!

I'm here!! Thank you all for being so supportive and wishing me luck! I really appreciate it. With all the nerves and emotions I was a wreck. I truly appreciate the support and encouragement. Btw, the ramada inn is kinda nice, there were some questions about it. Pre ops in the AM. Night beauties!!

At vanity

I'm here at vanity waiting to have my labs and meet Dr. Hasan. Nerves are still unsettled.

This please?!!

Please? I'm praying to booty heavens lol

Sx at 530am

An update ladies. I am the first to have sx tomorrow. 530am and I come out a new woman. I bought a garment also. :)

Dr Hassan

Dr Hasan has too many RSpatients. Lol he goes, oh so you've heard of HASSANIFIED right? I burst out laughing. He says any questions. I say can you make it extra big? My only question

At vanity

Good morning all!! I'm here at Vanity waiting. No ones here yet lol. It's 5:06AM. Nervous! See you ladies on the other side :)

I made it!!!!

Thank you all for the prayers that went up! God was with me all day and he's still visiting by my side as I type this :) I am officially HASANIFIED! pain is at a 2 no meds yet. But I will be taking them soon just in case. I will do a full detailed update once I'm feeling less dizzy. Just wanted to show a few butt pics. I was too dizzy to show my body standing and apologize for that but I will put them up ASAP. 5 liters removed, 4 liters of pure fat, and 720cc in each cheek. The nurse said my body couldn't handle anymore and my butt was "spitting" the fat back out. I had a little to start with so I'm fine with it :) with pads and garment and swelling my waist measures 29.. So I can only imagine what it'll be after. Thanks ladies see you all soon with more pics and more detailed info ????

More pics

Please excuse my bloody garment. It's pad city all in my garment lol! Shape is hidden by pads but you can get an idea :) I hope

Comparison Pics

1 month pre op vs 1 day post op. Still padded and swollen. 1st massage is today at 330 with Marian. I need this fluid off of me!!!


Hey ladies. I'm washing my garment, just had my 2nd massage with Marian she is awesome. I took my first shower today and dressed my own wound :). I need my garment to hurry, life is much more comfy with it on seriously. I'm in no pain really, just the hot fluid that annoys me in my back and lower tummy. My butt muscle hurt kinda from walking and numbing going away. Hope you all are having a good day :) keep smiling

I'm over it!

I am extremely tired but only sleeping 2 hours at a time. I gotta pee so much and every time I get up the hot fluids swish around my back :(. I need Marian to go extra hard on tomorrow's massage. Happy healing beauty's

Garment too tight

My garment is creating a tigh crease :( any suggestions? Am I able to wear just spanx and a cincher yet? Vets please respond. I've also added some new booty pics. In leggings with garment under :) still stuffing foams and boards in back and tummy cause my garment is loose on waist

Back at work

Today I am back to work. Working from home of course. I'm really frustrated, I'm hot and very inefficient. I can't do this but I need the money :(


So today makes day 6. Time is flying. I'm loosing booty and I'm not happy about that. But hopefully once the while fluffing thing happens I'll be satisfied.. If not I miiiiiiiight do a 2nd round. Big maybe :) here's pics for my lovelies.

Stupid phone.. PICS!!!


I'm starting to worry. My right cheek has more oomph than the left. It's noticeable :(. I don't want a lopsided booty!! The right seems more perky and projected than the left :( Is there anything I can do? Please help

More pics :)

More pics for my beauties. I haven't forgotten About the details on the surgery day I'm just lazy lol :)

Butt out garment

Hello Ladies I have a question. Is it too early for me to start wearing a Butt out garment? I need more projection and I feel like this garment isn't helping. It's too loose and doesn't mold me the way it used to.

Finally put some clothes on :))))

I decided to put some clothes in today. LEGGINGS OF COURSE HAHAHA! I'm obsessed with my own body and it feels amazing. Never took so many selfies in my life :)

The pics

Darn it how can I forget the pics?! Excuse my messy room and the hole in my leggings. They're old and my fat days wore them down lol


A member asked a while ago for my post op measurements. Immediately after I was 34,29,46 as of today I am 32,27.5,46. My butt measures the same pre, immediately after sx, and the same today.. Not sure how but I guess Dr. Hasan just filled it out??? Idk and I'm not complaining

Salome Vest


Long overdue

Hey ladies. I'm suuuuuper late but as promised, here is my surgery experience and some new pics too!
1 day Pre
I arrived at Vanity the day prior, met with Dr. Hasan and had lab work done. Dr Hasan advised me that because I had a kid, I may have loose skin after the lipo. He also stated
That he wouldn't be able to get me board flat and that my bit would not be able
To hold much fat. I understood and told him to make it as big as it can get. He smiled and nodded. I was told by Maria before leaving that my surgery was scheduled for 6am and to arrive be 530am.
Day of
I arrived at vanity around 530am. No one was there lol. About 10 mins later Dr.Hasan's assistant pulled up and let us in. I was taken straight to the pre op room where I was asked a few questions and told to go pee. I returned, put my socks, gown, and hat on and waited for the "Bartender" lol. About 5 mins passes and the Bartender came and introduced himself. He attempted an IV but my rolling veins blew out and immediately my left arm bruised. He tried the right arm and was successful. As we were discussing the meds used, Dr Hasan stepped in and asked me how I was feeling. I told him I was nervous and sweaty. I was REEEEEEAAALLLU sweaty. My but crack was even sweaty lol ugh I know!! Dr.Hasan's assistant took photos and then Doc marked me up and took a few more himself. To the OR I went. Nurse scrubbed me with iodine And I layed on the table where my arms were strapped down. The bartender asked if I was ready and injected something in my IV after I said yes. I remember saying something like "should I be feeling it this fast?". Next I was out. I woke up shaking hard and freezing cold. I shook so hard it hurt. A woman's voice told me to relax and that she was going to put me in my garment. I must've passed back out because I don't remember feeling her put it on. I woke up again and a nurse asked if wanted some Gatorade. Took a few sips and passed back out. The final time I awakened and told to go pee. I was helped to the bathroom but nothing came out. I had my funnel and everything. Nothing! I felt it there but it refused to come out -__-. Once I was back in the recovery room i was provided my belongings in a bag and escorted to my ride. I felt good, no pain. And my coordinator said I walked as if I hadn't just had surgery done. Fast fwd to the hotel... We arrived and I pretty much slept and sipped Gatorade the entire night. I had my first real meal the day after, my first poop on day 6 lol, and my first real break down when I sat and thought about how my body was before and how grateful I was to finally have what I've wanted so badly. I'm grateful to Dr.Hasan for giving me my dream body. And I thank The Lord for allowing me a safe surgery and a fast recovery. As of today I still swell as soon as the garment comes off. My feet look like little piggies, and my back has swelling that resembles bra rolls. I no longer have fluid thank goodness. Every day activities are easy, showering, cleaning up, cooking, and etc.. My weight fluctuates daily. As of today I weighed in at 194.4 and my measurements are 32-26-47.5. Oh yea and as for fat, 5000 liters total and 720 put in each cheek. Thanks for following on my journey.. It continues :) happy healing and as promised pictures!!!

A face to this Review

No one shows their face. I guess for confidentiality reasons. I thought I'd add a face to this review. Make it a little more personal. :) I dress more, I live more, I'm happy more, and best of all I SMILE MORE!! ????????????

Updated eating

Hey ladies!! So today I thought if share my updated earring habits post bbl. Breakfast is usually whole grain oatmeal with fruit, bran flakes and soymilk, or a protein shake. I've had a egg white, tomato, and turkey bacon sandwich on a whole grain muffin today. By far my fave ???? Lunch is ALWAYS a salad. Today I had a strawberry, cucumber, red onion, and walnut salad with grilled chicken and lemon for dressing YUM!!!. Dinner is mostly chicken, shrimp or salmon with brown rice or whole grain pasta and a veggie. I drink ensure on the days where I'm hungry but too lazy or too weak to cook. Tonight's Dinner consists of the same strawberry salad :). I've completely cut out soda and juice. I enjoy water, black coffee, and fresh brewed unsweetened tea. Both cold and warm. Snacks I've had are Greek yogurt with fruit or nuts, almond and a slice of cheddar or mozzarella cheese, I've had carrots with hummus, and also Luna bars are pretty good and quick too. That just about sums it up. Happy and healthy healing gorgeous ladies!!!! ????

Damn auto correct!!!

I meant share my eating habits! This smartphone is a retard

Omg! These question marks

Please excuse the question marks ???? I'm excited not confused lol

Round 2

Hey ladies. I've noticed a few things about my butt, Other than the different size cheeks. I notice I have a dent in my left hip that's VERY prominent. I've noticed the shape of my but is triangular and kinda flat at the "cuffs". Also the right cheek is wider and more spread out toward the hip than the left. The right so has more projection than the left both at the top and bottom.I contacted my coordinator to inquire revision prices and she told my to send pics.. Pics sent and I am awaiting a response. However pics don't do justice. Hasan will have to see and feel in person to know exactly what I mean. Anywho I've put up some new pics for my ladies. Some good, some not so good, ie the ones that show the differences. I understand that butt Cheeks are sisters not twins but damn... I mean do they really have to be soooooo different?? Also my vedette latex cincher came in today!! Excited about that :) happy healing!!

Vedette latex cincher size xs

The cincher didn't post sorry

Omg!! 3rd try lol

Last try

F it ????


With vedette and ab board on

Sharing a few pics of myself wearing the vedette and my ab board. I swear by the ab board and I love it. It makes me feel soooo flat. Tbh I kinda want an 2xs vedette already lbvs. I easily fastened it on the second row of hooks. But I'll take it slow, I don't want to look ill lol.

Last one :)

Last one.

Today is a big booty day!

Today is one of those days where my butt looks big :))) sharing!!

New garment came today ????

Hey loves just a quick update. I am about 1 month post op and I ordered a thong type garment to start wearing. I love the lift that the post op garment provides my butt, but it's too big and I've taken the wait in 3 times since my surgery. I ordered the Vedette 111, size small because it has no hooks it's a pull on and it's smooth :) now I can wear tight clothing without the bumpiness. Just wondering how ima squeeze it over my hips lol. Once I do I'll post picks and tips :)

Vedette 111

I'm uploading a few pics. Me wearing the vedette and some randoms lol. Ladies go check our vedettestore.com they are sooooo affordable. I got a size small and wish if gotten a large. dammit it fits my waist but it's a pull on Garment so I had to stuff it on over my head because we know I wasn't gonna smush my precious booty. She's still fragile and under construction lol. It was Hard as hell to get the garment over my wide shoulders ugh!! Wish I could lipo them mf's lol.

No garment today

Today I stepped out without my garment on. I'm a little swollen but I wanted to wear a dress. I feel a little sensitive to touch but other than that I felt quite normal today ???? my butt is forming dimples lol I guess that means the swelling is going down more. Round 2 scheduled for 1/19/15 with Dr Edgar Contreras.

Side by side

Although I have booty greed and a desire to have a more defined waist my before and afters really do make me appreciate what I have already. To be honest I don't think I'll ever be fully satisfied. After Dr. Contreras's work I'm hoping to be content cause dammit I'm running out of paper lol

Another garment free day

Hi ladies yesterday I attended my boyfriends family reunion garment free! I ate all day and I didn't swell at all. Usually my back starts to hurt and swell but it didn't this time. Also I've been sitting lately without my foam roller and etc. I was tired of being paranoid and looking like a freak lol. My measurements haven't gone down, I've actually gained some butt so the sitting myth is bs. My current measurments are 32-25-48. So to all my ladies at least a month post op PLEASE HAVE A SEAT AND STOP STRAINING YOUR NECKS PERSUING LIFE ON YOUR STOMACHS LOL!! ???? if it hurts however don't sit but that airy bubble feeling is normal we have to get used to that. Happy healing my beauties. I will be starting my journey with Contreras pretty soon. I'm scheduled for 2/10/15. Hope you all are having a great day and killing em with those amazing new bodies!! ????

Quick Update

So last night I decided that from now on I will only wear my CG at night for bed. It's hot, it's makes my pastry bulge out like a weenie, and it creates thought marks that shows through my clothing. Today I wore my cincher only, and it left some ugly indentation marks :( but hey I'll try foams with it*shrugs*. Not much to say, round two still a go until proven otherwise lol. I've included pics of course, I'm trying to wear the same clothes and from the same angles when I update so you all can see differences in my body if there are any. Enjoy :) and as always happy healing! ????

Thigh marks no f'n thought marks! C'mon apple do better with auto correct!

Darn auto correct

I worked out today ????

Hey beauties! Just coming today with a quick update. I took the leap and did some working out. No booty exercise and noooo cardio, just weight lifting and core strength. I wore my vedette cincher during for added compression. I'm trying to sculpt my back, arms, and tummy. It's not easy at all hence the surgery lol. I'm a lazy mazy and I take the easy way out of things but I'm broke so I gotta work out the hard way until I get my pockets together lol.

New garment and pics

Hey ladies. I recently purchased a new garment. It's a Fajate shapewear brand in black. Panty style garment with removable straps. It's excellent under dresses and allow you to wear short shorts and tight pants without the double thigh affect. I'll post the pics when I get home.

Pics in new Garment

Few pics in garment. And some nice side curve/hip pics. For my vanity vets, the butt of the garment is exactly like our post op garment. Very stretchy material with lift in the inside. The garment itself has hooks, a zipper, and powernet fabric inside. I got a large so the butt would fit. It's big on the waist so I wear garment with board and foams. I'll have to get it taken in as I'm retiring these damn foams ????????

First time in a bathing suit

I took my daughter to cool waters today. I wore a bikini and cover up dress!!! I was a little self conscious at first but after seeing everyone else not giving a f I took my cover up off and enjoyed our day out :)

Old faithful

No matter how many garments I buy I absolutely LOVE my vanity garment. It's been thru the worst with me. I've taken the waist in 3 times, Marian had to cut me out if it my first massage because it wouldn't come past my hips, I've sliced off the thigh bands lol. But honestly I feel most comfy in it however only wear it to bed now alternating with my black panties garment. I just noticed it matches my bed set lol ????????it gives a nice bottom lift as well.

Mini mirror photoshoot lol

Hey ladies, I did a tiny bit of mix and match shopping and took a few pics for you all :) I took a billion and a half but I'll only upload a billion lol!


Sorry the pics are side ways ????????

New Garment

I know I said I wouldn't but I've done it again ????. Today I ordered another garment. It's the full body Leonisa butt lifter garment from leonisa.com. It costed 35 dollars and it shipped for free 4 hours after I placed my order. Yeah!!!! I'll post pics from the website. Only con is the sizing is limited. S/M or L/XL. Anyone who's had a BBL knows that ish won't fit every curve. It's gonna either be tight on your hips to be able to fit your waist or too loose on the waist to be able to fit your hips ????. I'll gladly take my garment in on the sides if this is the case.

Today I weigh less but my tummy bulges

Earlier I was telling an RS sister about my belly and how it isn't always as flat as it looks in pics. I decided to weigh myself. 186.4 as of today yet my belly seems bloated and my waist isn't as cinched. Just last week I was 191 with a much flatter tummy and more cinched in waist line. I don't know what's going on, hopefully I'm just swollen or bloated. The pics will show you that it's not always as perfect as it may seem. My butt even looks smaller today than it did last night in my pjs.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My doctor is Dr. Anthony Hasan of Vanity Cosmetic Surgery in Miami

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You look great....glad everything went well for you ...I thought about using this surgeon but saw someone died under his care ...kinda scared me off...but you look great !!!
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Hey boo how are you doing today? I think yout tummy looks amazing but i understand that feeling of what other people see is not what im seeing. Your still going to Dr for round 2? have you looked into Dr diaz? I got a quote from him that was 3800 which included BBL + 8 days stay at cipla. But i dont want to leave the country lol The BBL with him is originally 3K. which is a great price but naw im good lol
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You look awesome,question did you get the recovery package,bc I noticed that you stayed at the hotel
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Hey sexy mama!!!! Girl my abdomen is giving me issues too!!! If I keep the garment off for too long, I swell and start getting this tingling, burning sensation in my flanks. The minute I put the garment and foam back on, I am fine. Maybe the lipo part takes longer to heal. I bought another 929 in a smaller size because that is the most comfortable garment I have used thus far. I really need to find one that puts a lot of compression on my abdomen. You look phenomenal though :)
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@Beautifuleyes2013....im having that same issue and called them. They advs that it will be 3-6 months healing time for the lipo spots..but everyone os different. When I take my garment off it seems my tummy looses its shape. So I keep it on as much as possible and will be getting a squeem and an ab bord this weekend. Good luck
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Yeah...my abdomen does the same thing. It looks flat underneath my shirts but when I look at it, I can see the "inflation" start to happen. I live in this compression garment all day and night!! LOL!!... I have one that I wear to bed and one that I wear to work. Seems like my body will never graduate out of these garments :(
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Girl your stomach still looks smaller. That ass still noticeable in pajama pants. I need two ab boards and flank boards to get close to yours. You might just be a little bloated.
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I think your tummy looks great. Just waist train. It seems to work for alot of females on here. I know it should be alot better to waist train in the winter because its not as hot
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Omg babes you look absolutely fantastic. And yes..your waist is very nice...you fina make me go buy an ab board cause I want to look like you...lol. I have a few lumps so more work has to be done. Keep up the good work and please keep posting because you are motivation
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Oh OK thanks I really wanted hips and I just got a quote today from has an at first I was thinking of going with fisher because he does hips I need hipssss baddddd lol
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How much he quote u
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3800 same day cash 4000 if I drop 500 today regular price 4500
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OMG.......Are you sure you need/want a round 2? You are the BOMB.COM
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Thanks girl!! I'm not 100% sure yet but I'm going if my butt doesn't fluff out lol. I want an exaggerated body, I want people to question if it's real lol
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If you don't mind me asking all together how much did you pay? I was looking into Fisher but has an might be the guy you look amazing!!!
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Thanks love :) I paid 3800 for the surgery
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Girl your waist to hip ratio is CRAY!!! Have u measured it yet?? I'm definitely requesting a 24" waist and more fat xfer'd 2 my hips since I have none... And that ass is POP'n baby!!!! LOVE IT!!! That gray long sleeve crop top is cute as hell 2! Where did u get that from??
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I dont think hasan does hips if he dont that ish suck
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@Swayzee93 I'm not going 2 Hasan I'm going 2 Salama but I love her form so at least now I know what I want!!
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Thanks ladies!
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Thanks girl! The last time I'm measured my waist was a 25. I got my top from forever21 a few days ago lol. Hasan doesn't do hips but he will make it appear as if you have them by injecting fat into the lateral gluteus. That's the only reason why I didn't mind choosing him. I don't have hips either, I have a tiny boy now. Round two I will def get hips done
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Gd luck again:-)
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Thanks :)
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Great transformation! I am curious to see your wish pics for second round???
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Thank you!
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