Yily Doll_Feb 4, 2014 - Gettin Me Some CURVES for my 30th Bday! - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm turning 30, Jan. 29th (yikes) - i'm 5'2...

i'm turning 30, Jan. 29th (yikes) - i'm 5'2 -170lbs ( recently lost 38 lbs to get ready for this surgery) - i have a 2 year old son and gained 60 lbs during my pregnacy!! i had NO SHAME giving into those preggo cravings - 9 months and 60lbs later my son was born only 6 lbs 6 oz ! i kept telling the doctor " you sure maybe theres not another one still in there somewhere ?" lol - Now he's 2 and i have to officially give up the " i just had a baby " excuse. dammit. I decided on Dr. Duran - i'll be getting a Tummy Tuck, lipo of my full back and arms, and a BBL - she quoted me $4,800..and extra $200 if i want to get my chin done. ( hey why not, right?! lol ) I have no one to go with - if anyone is going the weekend of Feb 22 ( i'm leaving Feb 21 from Newerk ) and staying at the Real Recovery House Armonia. I'd love to buddy up ! i'm so nervous but it ain't stoppin me!


I'm leaving from JFK the 24th and I'm going with Yily but ill see you down there ill be staying at Armonia also. The days are inching closer lol and you'll be a doll very soon good luck again
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Dang it....I'm leaving from Nwk,but on the 1/28/2014
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Faja now or later ?

It seems like most of the girls who i've been reading up on buy a faja before the trip. I know they give you a faja included in the cost of surgery, i think having a second one is a great idea but..what kind ? I like the idea of the full body suit, with hooks in the front, high back, long sleeves and long leggins ( to the ankle ) - is that to much ?


You mean you have to lose wt before the surgery?
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before i even requested a quote i tried to lose as much weight as i could. It took me about 3 months to drop 38 lbs. Now i'm 170 lbs - i would like to lose maybe 10 more before i get there. i'm sure i still have of fat left over for the BBL
I'm staying at Upscale
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wish pic

I have way to much fun with this plastic surgery simulator app. LOL


And how much did she quote you?
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Nevermind I just read it lol! Oops!
Congrats! I'm excited for you!
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Boppy vs. Boppy-ish ?

So from what I've been reading a boppy pillow is a MUST when you get a BBL. This may seem stupid but I dont think I completely get why. To sit on it ? to support the small of your back ? Is sitting down on a regular seat that bad? Honestly, I feel like sitting on a boppy wouldnt be comfortable either lol Can anybody break it down for me ? lol ALSO, i dont have a Boppy- but I do have a " Gia " pillow ( sounds bootleg now that i think about it lol but its not, its just shaped differently ) I used it to nurse my son. Is that good enough or do i need to invest in a bobby ??


I'm planning to have sx on Feb 21 w Tanoa Medina she said arrive 2 days early, she quoted me $4500 for TT, BBL, & lipo... then I was referred to Eugenio Lapaix & he quoted me $3500 I asked for pix of results & he referred me to an inactive site, then I asked a few more question he seemed kinda rude he said to call him (we were speaking via whatsapp) unless he was embarrassed by the website issue idk.. what would y'all do go w the better price or the one who makes u more comfortable?
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I would go by results. Then by recommendations. Then price. Then how comfortable he/she makes u. I've worked with Dr's for over 9 years ..all types ..One if the top neurologists in NJ as a matter of fact, only lasted a year with her cuz she was a ^+*>** .. But my point is..She was only a bitch bc she was a no non sense person. She had a packed schedule every day and completely focused on each patient infront of her that day. When they were with her , they loved her. My point is, these Drs are SO busy over there. How they find time to whatsapp/ email back and forth 2,3,4 times with people who may or MAY NOT even go them is amazing to me. So if he seeme rude I wouldn't be quick to judge that. This site is perfect to get an idea of what the dr's are like for real
I don't know either of those Dr's but Good luck mama ;)

Yily Doll - Feb 4, 2014

Jet Blue Flight booked outta Newerk Feb 2 . Staying at Daisys Recovery House. This may be premature but I am SO HAPPY I'm staying there, Daisy has been amazing - she responses with in mins every time. Day or Night. And from the pictures I've seen it looks like a nice clean updated place.


I am glad I choose dr medina as my surgeon. She did a lipo and breast lift . I can be happier. I know you will if you choose her, recomend it as the best surgeon on the world.
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You should definitely go where your comfortable then, for sure
I did my TT, LIPO AND BBL with dr medina I love the results and six month later i did breast reduction. I look like a barbie know

Yily Doll- Feb 3rd- TTL, Liposculpture, fat injections in buttocks for roundness

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Yily Doll- Feb 3,2014-pics-TTL, Liposculpture, fat injections


Congratulations looking good
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Yily Doll _ 18 days post op

i had zero complications. incredible recovery. after the first 6-8 days pain was extremely tolerable. after 8-10 days any and all bruises were gone. Today is day 18. Soreness in my abs is absolutely nothing compared to day 1-8. I still can't sleep on my stomach or side but i've gotten used to sleeping on my back ( head slightly elevated) so sleep isnt an issue. My #1 issue is my skin sensitivity. It reminds me of the feeling when your clothes rub against ur stil when u have a real bad sun burn ( except your skin isnt hot to the touch obviously ). I love how i look in jeans but wearing jeans for a long period of time , especially if im sitting a lot is uncomfortable. Tolerable. but definitely drives me nuts about a couple hours. Leggings, velour pants, things like that do feel much better. i used to LOVE taking off my faja for a break while i wash it or for whatever reason but Lately my skin sensitivity has gotten to a point where i feel better WITH the faja then without it.
i'll be posting new pictures soon


Looking great post more pics thanks and hope you have a great recovery
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Looking good lady happy healing
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Yily Doll - feb 3,2014- pre/post op pics

I had a Tummy Tuck, fat injections to the upper part of my butt for roundness, lipo to my entire back, the back of my arms and my chin


You look fantastic!
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You look great. Can you post a pic of your chin, I'm thinking about adding it. Thanks
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Wow! You look amazing!
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Yily Doll - 2/3/14- chin lipo before/after

Lipo to my chin didn't hurt at all. I had no bruising , no one realized I got anything done at all. my chin is sore to the touch, on a scale of 1-5, it was at most a 2. Only when i press on my jawline. They put gauze with surgical tape on the area after they're done. Once I took off that dressing ( maybe 48 hours after surgery) i didn't wear a chin strap to compress the area afterwards which I think I should have. I recently started wearing a chin strap to bed - I think in a few weeks the results will look even better .


Can someone help me out? Does anyone know what Duran and Yilly's fat harvest technique is? Do they strain the fat? Do they do small injections in multiple areas? How long does it last compared to other doctors such a Cortes and Salama? Anyone know? Thanks so much.
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Thank u - so do u !!! I luv It
Thank u ;) - I posted some pics of my chin for you

Yily Doll- 2/3/14 - after pic

I got a Colombian faja with the cut outs for your butt ..it makes my but looks CRAZY . I say if u don't have a BBL but are curious about what it might look like. Get that kind of faja lol


Where do you go to get your massages in the US and how long did you keep your chin banded? I have similar issues as you did as far as height and weight. Thank you for sharing your journey. Def looking great!
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I live in central jersey - I found a massage therapist in Perth Amboy, with a lot of experience dealing with girls who has surgery , shes Dominican and works out of her house - she was great and her prices were perfect
Great! Can you share her info. I'm from Northern NJ but don't mind driving to get great service. Ty:-)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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