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Hello dolls!! I'm a 21 year old woman with a child...

Hello dolls!! I'm a 21 year old woman with a child. Ive never had a beautiful body per say but when I had my child, my stomach completely and forever changed. I have stretch marks and I honestly don't think my body will ever change without surgery. My family is against my surgery but I want this so bad. ive done a good amount of research and the best results are in the Dominican. yes, it scares the heck outta of me but reading stories from real women have been very motivating. I want the perfect body. the only thing I would not touch is probably my breast. but I want a small waist and big booty. who doesn't right? lol but seriously that has been my dream since I was about 18 years old. the pain is what scares me the most but pain is beauty. and if it wasn't painful then everyone will be doing it. & at this point im willing to deal with the pain so I can achieve my dream. the only factor here is the money but im working on that. now, the two surgeons that are on my list are duran and yily. originally I wanted to go with yily but ive heard so many good experiences that many women have had with duran. what do you dolls opinionate? im open for all opinions
Showing u some life n support :-* can't wait to hear who I choose :)
Hey Sincereboo, I believe its all in what you are looking for and what you want your results to be. Personally I think they are both phenominal ps, however, I am personally going with Duran because to me she has better results with larger females, of which I am one. Well, let me rephrase that, I have SEEN more of her bigger women results and I like what I see. I am confident that she can deliver to me what I want my body to look like considering what I'm giving her to work with. So continue to research the two of them, find out what they can realistically do based on your desires, and from there you should get a good idea of what they can offer you and make your decision based on their responses and your desire. Good luck and I will be following your journey.
Hi ms brownsugar (: thank you for commenting !! I really appreciate it ! And yes mam I will be taking all your advice and try to do as much research before I get my quote and send over my deposit. I really don't know which doctor will fit my body type cuz I'm not big but I'm not small. I'm just medium but I do want a big booty and I also love how Duran treats her patients ! Thank you !(:
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