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Hey guys I have been stalking this forum for...

Hey guys I have been stalking this forum for awhile now. I finally went ahead and emailed Dr.Duran. She replied to my email with a quote an hour later. She quoted me 3500 for bbl. I asked for implants also but she told me don't touch my boobs because they are beautiful. I was disappointed and happy at the same time that she thought so. But anywho, is the next step calling her office for a date and then send deposit? Or the opposite? I am not even sure how to call her because I don't have international dialing in my plan. All your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much !


Welcome future doll
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Welcome aboard!! Get your date 1st so that you can note it when you send your deposit. Buy a calling card to call out internationally since you don't have it on your plan. Then find a buddy & RSVP ur RH.... Good Luck Hun!
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Welcome and congratulations to you ! Trust her judgement she is a great PS ! Good luck on ur journey
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