Duran Doll London...- Dominican Republic, DO

Hey Ladies I am a future Duran doll from London.....

Hey Ladies

I am a future Duran doll from London...
My aim is to go 23rd of september.... but i will be travelling alone if i go for that date.

If i cant go on the 23rd, then i will aim to go at the end of november to begining of december.

The money for the procedure is just sitting in my bank account... i am sooo ready.

Duran quoted 4800

It consists of TT, Liposculpture & BBL

as soon as i have confirmed my date i will contact 1 of the recovery houses duran mentioned in the email... any recommendations beauts?

i hope you guys all support and follow me on my journey. i will be very imformative and be prepared for pictures of EVERYTHINGGGGG lol


Im going alone. On the 23rd. Im so nervous
My hemoglobin is 11.5 so im overdosing on iron and everything rich in iron

I paid my deposit today and confirmed my date with elizabeth (durans assistant) over the phone

I still need to book a recovery house... any suggestions ladies?

You can see pics and videos of my journey on instagram @durandoll_london


oh boy...

Im trying to get my hemo up. Spinach and meat every day until surgery lol

1 more week

All im doing is stressing out!!!! My hemo is 11.8 WTF.... huff


Had to double check my date is fine... eeeeeek

3 more days!!!!!!!!

Pray for me

airport bound!!

Im on my way ladies!!! No turning back now xoxo


Im finally here... thanks for all the prayers and love! Im soooo tired that 14hour journey is no joke, so im bout to jump in dis bed and sleeeeeeep lol

By the way The recovery house is so beautiful.. pics don't do it justice
Any way ill update and post pics 2mo xoxoxo


Hey ladies... sorry I took long to update you. When I arrived for my surgery last monday my hemoglobin was 10.6. I was upset and stressed but duran did her best to get me up to where I need to be. Duran is truly special. .. I have been here a week and I finally had surgery yday.

im in pain and sooo uncomfortable. .. I will defo give a full review when I feel better but heres a little sneak peak of how im looking.

before and after

heres some pic updates!!!

Im 24 days post op and healing great

pic update


3 and a half months post...

Just some picture updates...

sorry guys...

Sorry guys ive deleted my pictures... ive seen my pics floating around the internet :(

Check durans instagram and twitter.. some of my pics are on there

Inbox me if you want some before and afters but please dont be posting it up anywhere

Its been real realself but im done

I might continue my journey when I start my round 2
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Shes the best! Sweetest most caring doctor and shes turns you into one sexy doll #teamDuran

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Thanks hun for sharing, its great to read a fellow London doll's experience. My sx is in June, what flight did you go with .... wow 14 hours that is a long one :)
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Hey, When you arrived for surgery, did you do straight to Cipla or straight to the Recovery House? Because i'm trying to book my stay but im not sure when it should start because Duran said in my quote the first night stay is included.
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@tinyLondon..your first night stay at cipla is included in your quote. Not your first night at the RH. So if your surgery is for Sept. 29 and you get here Sept. 28, then you go straight to rh and they will get you to cipla on the 29. but if you get to DR on the 29 and go straight to Cipla to have your sx, then your stay at cipla AFTER surgery is included! I hope I didn't confuse you further. Usually a lot of girls arrive a day or two BEFORE their sx and just either stay in a hotel for a couple of days or just go straight to their RH, then have their surgery. It really is however you may want to do it. :)
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Got you. I understand now, thanks for this!x
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Good. I was hoping that I didn't confuse you even more. lol!!! Good luck with your sx. I'm going to follow your journey.
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Thank you!x
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Inbox me the pics. I'd love to use them as wish pics for my surgery next month. I hate that ppl have violated u like that! :(
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Dayum girl, now that's a transformation! Duran did an amazing job on you, you look amazing!! I emailed Duran nearly 3 weeks ago, with all the horrid pictures and still have heard nothing from her. Anyway, congratulations and happy healing!
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Looking good Ma!!!
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What all did u have done?
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WOW girl you have been beautifully transformed
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Wow!!! You look great!! I can't wait to be transformed!!!
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Absolutely stunning!!!!
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I have been trying to get in touch with Dr Duran for days, I'm becoming a stalker! Lol I would love to get a tt and bbl in March. I never thought I'd travel out of the states but after seeing her work and prices I was amazed!
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Wat was your pre op weight and whats your height
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Post more pictures please
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Wonderful transformation...u look amazing..
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I'm 27 days post op Duran doll and r healing better than I am plus u look incredible
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wonderful and ur tt scar is heaLING PERFECTLY!!!!!!!
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amazing!!! you look fantastic! congrats!
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Ur looking good girl!!! Congrats !!!!
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Wow you look so sexy !!!! What was your weight the day of surgery ?
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Wow nice! How was the flight back to London Hun?? And aftercare massages etc I'm Kinda concerned about that x
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Wow that is definitely a transformation! Congratulations on your new and improved BANGIN BODY!!!
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Hun you look amazing, Duran did that!! I would like to hear about your stay at Armonia bc I've read & seen pics some negative. Also i would love to see more pics if the swelling has gone down.
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