Attention:Wake up Duran Dolls!!! Where are you???

I'very been looking for a PS and I ran across Dr...

I'very been looking for a PS and I ran across Dr Jimmerson. His results look great but very pricey. So I kept searching and saw a lot of reviews on Dr Yily in the DR after contacting her she gave me a price of 3900.00 for lipo,bbl and i booked my date with her called the airlines to get a flight couldn't get a flight for the date I booked with Yily. I than emailed Yily trying to get another
day but it took her 3 days to get back to me,well flights were going up day by day.I had heard about Dr Duran as well I liked her work so I emailed her she responded the same day which was later that night. She ask me to send pic so I did. Duran gave me a price and info I needed I than booked my flight and emailed her with my flight info. she gave me a date which worked perfect for for me. Now i am looking for a buddy early May. Send me a message if you want to buddy up...My surgery day may 2, 2014


Good luck.....Safe travelling.
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Hi Duran Dolls!! I have found a very Sweet Buddy...

Hi Duran Dolls!! I have found a very Sweet Buddy to room with today. I feel much better about going to DR, because we both were going alone so now we can support each other. We have been communicating all day getting to know one another. It has been great!! I thought for a while I wasn't goi g to find a buddy so for those thats looking for a buddy keep searching dont't give up.


Glad u found a buddy. Good luck on ur surgeries. Duran is def the one to give u ur dream body. #DuranDolls!
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Hey do you know Duran's Instagram? Im trying to find pictures of her work and can't seem to find anything. I tried looking on Facebook but her page doesn't have much of anything.
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She has a lot of pics on Twitter. I have a few on my post as well.

21 Days and I will surely be a Duran Doll!!! Count...

21 Days and I will surely be a Duran Doll!!! Count Down
Ladies the time is getting very close and I'm so ready to be sculpt
by Duran!!! I will be posting before pics soon and will b sure to keep you
Dolls updated. I will be leaving out on May 1st so I'm all packed
and ready but I don't know why I feel like I'm forgetting something..oh well
Anyway you dolls keep me in your prayers I will do the same for you all!!


Yeaaaaaa! Did you get it all in a carry-on??
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I have her instagram on

Well ladies I'm like sooo ready to become a Duran...

Well ladies I'm like sooo ready to become a Duran Doll!!! 15 days and I will be on my way. I posted a couple of pics so, you dolls can see how I look before sx and I will be sure to post some post op pics also...littleinthemiddle (my buddy) will be taking some pics of me to post. Bra rolls ,flanks and tummy has to go! I am so tired of carry all of this around. I know a lot of you ladies can relate. I have changed my eating habits a lot, because in order to maintain this new body I will have to.I refuse to go back to being over weight and out of please pray for me that I can maintain the new me...I look forward to seeing the rest of you dolls as you embark on your new journey!!


Hi girl !!!
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Your wish pic is very realistic for your body type. I think you'll need successful in achieving that. Good luck! #teamDuran
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Thanks..Sweet of you to say...I hope so I really need to be

Duran Dolls what is going on with the post op pics...

Duran Dolls what is going on with the post op pics on RS we need to step up and show Dr. Duran's work! I have to say Yily dolls stand behind Yily all the way. If you look on RS you see tons of post op pics of Yily dolls. I know that Duran does several surgeries a day and you girls might not be able to post right away after surgery but you all need to as soon as you can so that we can support each other through sx. So ladies all I'm saying if you believe in Duran and love her so much and think shes the best than post her work. I know I will be having sx on May 2. I will be posting my results as soon as I can for you future Duran Dolls!! If I can't my Buddy littleinthemiddle will take pics so I can post for you all to see. I will be in worst shape than her because I'm getting more done than her anyways dolls please take time to post after sx pics...Remember you was once on this side and you wanted to see before and after results!! Love you Dolls!
If you are on RS


We will be on the Operating table at this time next week!!! woohoooooooo
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I am a Duran Doll!
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Hi i was wondering about The girl in your wish pic purple panties...who was her ps?
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Ladies, Ladies, Ladies I'm so excited and ready to...

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies I'm so excited and ready to take off to the DR!!! 4 days before I'm enjoying my new body(YES). I am so tired of carrying all this EXTRA BAGGAGE if you know what I mean. I'm so ready to meet Dr. Duran and my buddy!! I will arrive in the DR around 3:30 but sadly I won't get to see my buddy until 10:30pm that night, but I will be up waiting for her arrival. So we will be keeping you all posted we both will have sx May 2nd so you have a Duran Doll & Yily Doll that are buddies D:) so keep us both in prayers ...thanks dolls


So what happened? Are you alright?
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Hey how are you?
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prayers your way
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6 months post op

Sorry ladies!! I know I've been MIA , but I had problems after returning home. I had an infection before leaving DR but I have to say Dra Duran was on top of it. The infection was on side of my rt thigh. After returning home I got a seroma and had to go local to a PS for about a month and a half to have it drained not to mentioned the pain in my back/ stomach from lipo Omg terrible like lightning going thru your body but Im much better still hv pain from time to time and my stomach swells doing activity don't ask me why....but I thank GOD for bringing me this far!! :-)


What is Durans Facebook page address? I've been on there no pics..
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I was hoping to see more pics of plus sized women
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I was thinking the same thing. Maybe they've become too diva and forgot about posting pics..just living!
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Answer my emails and questions quickly. Very patient and sweet of the phone...She speaks a little bit of English and she does listen to you.

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