Duran Doll 1/16/14 - Dominican Republic, DO

I've been on here for a while stalking doctors &...

I've been on here for a while stalking doctors & patients decided to go to Duran in september. Locked in my date in October and now I am less than two weeks away. I am 25yrs old 212pnds 5"8" Duran told me to lose 30pnd but I've been trying and was only able to lose 10. Looking forward to this a bit nervous.

Does anyone how long they let you stay at Cipla after surgery?

Does anyone how long they let you stay at Cipla after surgery? do you get released the next day to go home or are you allowed to stay there 2-3 days?

Durans work tt ba

just saw this! Duran is the best!!! cant wait one more wk.

My before pics

I cant wait for the donk..one more wk

Helpppp Does anyone know of a nurse on call?????????????

Hello to all,

Being that I am staying at my family's place to recover and just found out CIPLA only allows you to spend one night, I was wondering if anyone knows of a nurse I can call to visit me at my place to take care of me for the first 5 days.

Iron-rich Foods wish I would've known this 3 wks ago

If your hemoglobin is low, focus on eating iron-rich foods, such as fish, eggs and beef. Non-animal sources of iron include beans, apricots, broccoli, spinach, asparagus and farina. Vitamin C-rich foods help your body absorb iron, so eat citrus or tomatoes with iron-rich foods

I checked my hemo 2 saturdays ago and it was at 11.2 now I'm trying to raise it to 13.

Decided to stay at Recovery Armonia (RH)

I luv this RH free transportation they will pick me up from airport and take me anywhere. 24 hr nurse on sight several nurses. Place is clean and one block from CIPLA . I can't wait great deal for price and suuper clean place. You can check it out on FB

Real Recovery Armonia
Website: http://realrecoveryhouse.wix.com/real-recovery-house
FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Real-Recovery-Armonia/184685655025856
Phone: 849-205-2018

-$85 per night/ $75 per night with Buddy

-You are not charged a fee for your room rental the day of your surgery, since you will not be using their accommodations for that day and you can store your baggage there free of charge

-They have their own massage area overlooking the sea. The massages are 1 hour, 45 min for the lymphatic, the rest is divided between paraffin, anti-stress massage, and ultra sound vibrations. Each massage is $25

-medical professionals/doctors on staff to come to your room to clean and unblock drains and dressing change and assist you 24 hours

-They do not have one set menu, they ask the patients what they would like to eat. Includes 3 meals and 1 snack created by a nutritionist

-free transportation to all medical appointments

-free broadband internet and Plasma TV with cable

-each room has a safe to store your personal belongings safely

-24 hour security surveillance and the entrance is restricted

-air conditioners and hot water in every room

-Free ambulance and laboratory if needed

-Assistance with getting meds from Pharmacy

My wish pics

I think its attainable


starting to pack

Cipla Entrance

Arrived getting my check up

Bad News :(

My hemo came out 11.1 Im so nervous Duran had to turn down the surgery. She has me on treatments for 5 days. I had to pay $369 for this treatment hopefully it works. So check up is on Mon to see if hemo goes up.

lack of attention

I dont mean to be negative but I have not had a chance to meet Duran for a 1on1 consultation I went to Cipla twice and she just gave me advice on the juicing and the treatment for like 4min. Im so upset cuz I told Elizabeth Duran asked me to come back today to see her for a consultation and long story short i was in Cipla for 3hrs and while doing the treatment for my hemo and still no sign of Duran when i go back down her office was close. I just dont appreciate the lack of attention even after i paid for my sx yesterday.

I switched docs

Back and stomach lipo. 2,000 Cc on each butt cheek. I day post op. Luckily Im not in pain. Hemo went up to 13 and fell to 7. Also did breast reduction. Lluveres Freites and his staff made me feel so comfortable. They wery attentive plus have over 20yrs of experience in surgery. Has his own private clinic. I love them


I hope this butt stays recovery with both breast and butt is no joke. Definitely not laying on my breast but I still want to keep my new booty so Ive modified by placibg pillows on my lower back

Lluveres info

10 days post op

5 months post op

I'm loving my results. Every time I go out I get hit on left and right. All my friends and people that seen me before tell me I look great!!!

5 months post op

Loving my results

My doctor was DR. Rafael lluberes Freites

My doctor did an amazing job. I am so happy with my results. I get compliments from everyone.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Looking good hunn
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Was wondering abt u! So glad ur happy
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You look amazing doll! That's an hourglass! How did the boobs finally heal up
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Boobs are good they healed well
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When you first schedule your appt with Duran did she give you email confirmation or was it a verbal confirmation
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Happy healing! Keep us posted
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I hope you're healing well doll! Xoxo
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Still looking GOOD please continue to take care if yourself to maintain & ensure your results
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How r u feeling?
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Happy healing luv, keep us posted
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I can see the curves over your clothes,I love the curves. You look nice, how are you healing?
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How's d recovery going
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horrible stitches broke from breast cuz i was vomiting
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On noo! Sorry abt that. Hope they are healing now. R u still in DR and with ur ps? What caused d vomitting
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Wishing you a happy healing! P.s how do you check your hemoglobin levels? Thanks!
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Love your results!!!! Can we get Dr info? He did a good job :)
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That's why I'm waiting to get my BL afterwards...happy healing hun
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hop all is well, happy healing!
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Happy healing luv
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U look strong even on your first day post op sorry to hear bout your hemo what happen what did they do it's a wk and I hope healing is going well for you and pray for your progress girl I just want to know how bad is it having the boobs and butt done at the same time...when u feel up to it pics please..keep us posted....
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He has WhatsApp as well
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Sorry my phone has a mind of its own and sent the msg...I was saying he had what's app and put curiosity I sent him my pics for a quote, he quoted me $4,500 for tt, full back Lipo and fat grafting with bbl. Can't wait till you post more pics! Happy healing!
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You look great, which breast reduction method did he use?
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Hey happy healing so question how much did ur dr charge u for the bbl and reduction ? And does he have a website I have never heard of him ? Do u know how many cc u got in bbl ?
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