Dr Yily Too! June 2013 - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi everyone So I'm 22 years old and after a year...

Hi everyone
So I'm 22 years old and after a year after giving birth I want to get my body back!!
After lurking around MAke me Heal and realself I decide to go for dr yily!!
So I have Been in touch with her and my quote is of 4700 dollar for
Breast augumentation .
Now my problem is that I weight 140 pounds for 5'5 so I haven't got much fat to play around with but she told it is fine!
Well I'm still going to gain weight I still have 5 months to gain so won't be too much of a problem.!!
So anyone going in June let me now please :)

Well it sucks can't post lots of before pics...

Well it sucks can't post lots of before pics because of my tattoos oh well dunno how to erase them
Still gaining weight now 142 l I was 132 so high five to myself lol
4 months to go now till surgery my goal is to weight 155
I still don't know if I should have BA with yily...didn't see much girls doing it...

For the weight gain after giving birth I lost a...

For the weight gain after giving birth I lost a lot of weight.so now I decide to re gain it.
I cut down on the cigarettes I tend to smoke up to 5 a day but now only about 2 a day gradually I will stop !!
I try to eat up to 3500 calories each day,by eating more calories well more fatty fat for me lool
So in the morning

Toast have and cheese sandwich with avocado on the side
Whole milk hot chocolat and an organic fruit juice I found to have a lot of calories in it and is good for you too

Before lunch I snack on chocolat, biscuits and anything I can find
Lunch will be
Pasta with red meat like beef with a peppery sauce I then add butter on the pastas with a glass of juice
Desert rice pudding.

Until dinner I will have more snacks more juice and some milk

Dinner again will be rice with a tomato sauce and red meet and couple of vegetable.
Juice and milk

And some late night snacks somedays I will just eat a small meal again

I try to eat bigger portion of everything,it is the key and of course snacks . It is hard but I manage to gain weight

I didn't have a big appetite and with university I will not eat until I came back home somedays. So to wake my appetite more i took some fenugreek pills to help me eat more. You can buy them at health stores or check it online it is all natural. It's a plant and is also use in indian cuisine and in North Africa too. The big problem of this is the smell but a good deodorant eliminated the smell for me.
My weight before was 132lbs(jan)
Today 140lbs (feb)
In June hope to 150lbs

Do buy a scale to monitor your weight.

Sorry I made a mistake I weight 142lbs today not...

Sorry I made a mistake I weight 142lbs today not 140lbs

Hi everyone!! I now weight 154 lbs So happy I...

Hi everyone!!
I now weight 154 lbs
So happy I will try to post some pic of myself shortly
I will also send the deposit this week I need to be sure on how to do it properly PayPal or western union?? No idea I send an email today tried to call no answer!!humm
Well will keep trying!!
Hope everyone is doing well x

Humm still haven't heard back from dr yili I want...

Humm still haven't heard back from dr yili I want to be sure on how to send my deposit!! A bit annoying hum oh well have to wait anyway

Feeling a bit down today ... didnt hear back...

feeling a bit down today ...
didnt hear back from dr yily and it is now a week since i send the email... tried to call the office but no answer.
anyway have a bless week guys

Dra yily

Did not have the surgery yet!!

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heyy gd luckk . what are your measurments?
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Hey gorgeous, I'm June 7!! What day are you?
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Hi I'm going June 3!
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Hey.. Ive heard great things about Yily.. I just got my breast augmentation with Dr Hungria from CECIP in the capital.. So far good and tomorrow ill post before and after pics.. Good luck with everything :)
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Thanks Hun x
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Hey Hun I will be going to Yily June 14th :)...
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Yeah good!!!
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I'm going June 25 hopefully
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See u there maybe?
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Hey I had no idea your from the UK too??
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YES im from london
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Aw wicked my fellow Londoner! There's not many of us on here! Lol Can't wait to see your results xx
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I'm so silly I just looked on my profile and can see we had this convo a couple of weeks ago! Lol forgive me I have a terrible memory xx
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Lol it s fine honey!!!xx
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hey girl!!! we are the same age! lol.good luck on your journey i too am going with dr yily!
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Lol great when are you planning to go?
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Hey girl.. How are you gaining The Weight ? What are you eating? I need To know because im trying To gaim Weight myself please let, me know. Thanxs :) .. Hopefully when i do gain The Weight maybe i can be your buddy over there In june.. We can Support eachother .. Please let me know asap.
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I did an update check it up .
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Congratulations and welcome. I am also going with Dra yily after long debating and much research.. I love her results and her prices are reasonable. Good luck and God speed!!
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Thank you so much :) Me too loved the results and tiny waist cannot wait!!wish you the same !!
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Can u contact me so we can talk about yily's process. I want to go to her but I am so lost !
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Yes Hun?
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Well hello, I need da dr. Info im try to get started I want to go n June as well!!
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