After all my googling and asking around on RS I...

After all my googling and asking around on RS I found out about Dr. Yily I'm 22 with 2 beautiful kids. Don't get me wrong I'm well endowed my mama blessed me with bty hips and thighs. But after 2 c sections my poor Lil shape not the same.

My mom calls me lazy and brags about how she bounced back from 3 pregnancy and 4 kids. I know she has good genetics her stomach is a flat as a board no stretch marks and ass sitting like a horse. But me on the other hand I'm fighting my dad genes with boxing gloves hell now they off. All the women on his side built like upside down bell peppers border line obese with facial and body hairs that will shame most men. My mom could have looked at the women on his side before they rolled the dice cause i see a 3 o clock shadow on the side of my lips Smh.

Any who I got approved with care credit and thought I was gon be shaped up by this summer to find out she doesn't accept care credit the hell? Now I'm saving and if my calculations are right i will have enough for the operation medication a 10 day stay at Jackie spa passport air fare and few hundred in september.

So you guys I'm watching y'all transformations and reading y'all posts trust me. I got a long time until o can afford this. Oh i forgot to mention breastfeeding my kids got my tatas looking like tennis balls in socks so I'm a TT bbl Lipo to the arms back full abdominals and a breast lift. She included breast implants in the quote but idk about all that.... Till next time my BBL sisters

I'm uploading another pic cause i need you ladies...

I'm uploading another pic cause i need you ladies suggestions. I want more projection on the top and i want wider hips but i don't want to look cartoonish but I want to look really curvy... What should i do?

I'm uploading another pic cause i need you ladies...

I'm uploading another pic cause i need you ladies suggestions. I want more projection on the top and i want wider hips but i don't want to look cartoonish but I want to look really curvy... What should i do?

Soooo much to do... Soooo little time

Ok I been gone but now Im back. Life does this right? I had to use my savings for my surgery on a new car and I took a 6 months absences from my job so lets just say my savings for my surgery is depleted!!! Any who ladies I now want to go to Cabral. I know he'll give me the ass an waist I want. Dont get me wrong yily work is immaculate but she doesnt gets the ass as big as I want it. True cabral has a checkered past Jenn85 died due to complications due to him. But it was a lot of factors that I considered and I dont have the same circumstances she has. Browbettyboop RuBiaBella and CrayCray went to cabral and their shape are super curvy. I want a shelf/bubble butt and I know he can give it to me. I got a quote for $5200 it includes bbl, bl (no implants), arm lipo, and tt. I don't think he gives a girdle and lab work is not included. But I've been contemplating and I have my mind set on him. I considered Duran but she is impossible to get in contact with! I would like advice on the item listed below from you guys

hat kind of girdle should I use?
should I get a girdle thats butt out?
where can I get the little triangle to get that perfect crease?
what medications should i take pre op?
what can I do to increase my hemoglobin?
where is a safe sanitary place to heal?

I also would like to go in either feb or march and I would like to buddy up. Sorry I'm all over the place with this update my girls screaming and I cant focus (sighs) kids.. until next time . Oh yeah Im taking down my pics because ppl are already trying to expose me smh.

Cant wait to get my sx!!!!

The issue I am having is finding a buddy. I REFUSE to go to another country alone!!!! My cousin said she wants to have sx and one of my co workers but neither one of those heifers have a passport or even a doctor in mind. I honestly would like for them NOT to have anything done so they could cater to my every need lol. Honestly that is only one of the few reasons why I have been postponed my sx. I work at a male prison been there for 2 years and I have to put up with alot of shit from inmates due to my curves now ( the masturbation is crazy I write at least 6 cases a day...but they masturbate to anything with a vagina in that place) I wear my killgaurd basically its a big smock that covers your shape and still get drama. I desperately want perky breast a small waist and my butt to be higher but I am afraid to get it and go back to work. I know I will get even more dirty looks from female officers. They already dislike me cause I simply keep my eyebrows arched and nails done. Seem simple right? No.. They figure if you do anything to your appearance you doing it for a inmate. Before I started working there I kept my hair, makeup, nails and clothes nice before I leave the house. And was told to remain the same by the warden because change will bring about suspension. The only way you can wear your hair is off your collar so I always have a ponytail. I change from a Chinese bang to a side bang but all. no sassy short 27 piece lol, swing bob none of that because I want to remain consistent. It kills me in the inside cause I love changing my hair. The pressure of the prison will consume you its inevitable. Im around inmates 60 hours a week at least and its been like that for 2 years. They don't know my first name, That I have kids NOTHING about me I only tell them what to do and how to do it. the shortest sentence there is 5 years and they have nothing but time to analyze ANY and EVERY thing about me. If I change my perfume, handsanitizer, drinking water or even something as minuscule as chewing gum it will become a conversation piece for at least a month. They (inmates) even found out the car I drive. I know I'm rambling but long story short I dont want to be caught up in the prision drama. I hear the remarks from female officers in the parking lot when I take my killgaurd off about how I need to tone it down ... WTF??? I dont wear make up at work... my skin is naturally clear.. excuse me for daily cleansing.. and is it my fault you can see my hips and ass through my baggy ass pants? Beyond the drama I love my job I love the benefits and everyday is like a episode on Lockup RAW lol seriously. How many people you know can curse they boss out and still remained employed? My warden is a big flirt he said " I want to take your silky black ass out" lol WTH lol I told him he can kiss my black ass and give me a sergeant rank then I would think about look at his old white ass... just like that. He let it go in one ear and out the other. If someone with a higher rank makes me angry I let them know how I feel Its a really unprofessional setting I LOVE IT. If the inmates dont like the food, the quality of my work ethics ( rolling doors, giving mail, serving chow) I just say if you dont like it go home I know it seems cruel but you have to have that type of attitude to survive and stay prayed up!!!! But if I get the surgery I know people (inmates and officers) will tell the difference. I dont want to deal with people associating it with me trying to entice inmates or married male officers. Its a place filled with rumors its so high school lol. I dont want a modest booty its already big to begin with I want it higher like a shelf and rounder like a bubble basically a deelishis booty and the state of texas employees and inmates will definitely notice my ass. It will make my job alot harder but Im in school for nursing and I dont plan to make being a correctional officer a career but I plan to transfer departments and become a RN in the medical department they make 25k more then the rns at the hospital due to them receiving hazardous pay. I'm guaranteed the position once I receive my degree so I cant screw it up. I need suggestions ladies no one really checks me out anymore and comment but I really need advice. I'm in desperate need of a tummy tuck and I have the image of myself in my head and with a flat tummy perky breast and big bubble butt without all the drama

My weightloss the gain the loss lol

Ok so I uploaded some more pics SuperthickKrissy inspired me... there you go lol... My weight fluctuates within the last 8 months I have been between 174 and 235 yeah! I honestly dont have a idea weight I have a shape in mind. I want a small waist and my ass to poke out like it did at my heaviest lol. I will update a little later I have to got to work in a few hours... I might even wear a some chapstick with a high gloss or put on a heavy coat of it to stir up drama lol later realself

I have a travel buddy I have a travel buddy *doing the dougie*

And I dont even care if people don't do the dougie anymore... So my bud is the one and only caring, compassionate, beautiful (inside and out), supportive, angelic, optimistic, "you can cry on my shoulder while I wipe you tears away and tell you your strong" attitude having superthickKrissy!!!! I can not wait to make a drastic change in my life and I would love to have that experience with her... I do consider cutting cost when I initially considered a buddy but compatibility comes before anything and she fits the bill!!! Thanks girlie. Well that is all for now RS later gators

ugh I need to proofread !!!

*your tears* * I did consider cost*
Since I'm back on here I should just share my life right now. I love posting pics on my FB and IG but my last pic or update on any social media website was 6/13/2013 and the reason I did was I wanted to be off the scene for a while and just pop back up looking like a million bucks. I will post a pic with something either fitted or a bathing suit attached with a pic saying "courtesy of squats, cardio and clean eating" . Dont get me wrong I always keep it 100 with everything but this one thing will be something no one besides you ladies on RS know. So after my picture journey I will take my pics down.

I did not proof read again.. but I'm not correcting my errors this time lol

I'm pretty sure yall correcting my errors as yall read anyways

hey yall

Ok so I had so much stuff happen since my last update. I'll do that from my laptop. But I've seen jhonni blaze on a lot of girls wish pic and I see her in person often. Her body is crazy I always thought it was fake then ppl that grew up with her said she always been shaped like that (sidenote: I think that's what people will say about me when I go back to bartending after my surgery) but I saw one pic she uploaded and I think I see a bbl incision and her body has the garment imprints on it. I promise I thought it was a real self pic. You Ladies can be the judge. I'm not hating by any means I already stated I wouldn't tell anyone about my procedure. I just want to see if yall see what I see.

anyone in the greater Houston area hiring??? lol

No but seriously the caca hit the fan ladies. Sooo I'm updating from my phone so work with me cause the text prediction creates sentences sometimes. Ok so yall know I work at the prison and I planned on being a correctional officer until I become a RN and move to the med department. So the unit I work is SUPER short staffed I work 12 hrs 5 days and get this with no break. And you would think its not that bad but packing my lunch everyday to eat healthy for my surgery is a hassle when they dissect everything to check for contraband with no gloves. Everything has to be see through. But any who I already shared with you Ladies I'm the meanest nastiest person whenever I'm in the prison its really the only way you can survive. anywhoooo I work different blocks everyday and each block has aprox 180 inmates in it no less than 130 and that's the block that are segregated from general pop usually because they are openly gay, transsexual, or get raped often I love that block no one ever masturbate but I do see too many consensual sexual acts yuck!!! But yeah its usually 180 inmates and me for 12 hours with a sorry ass can of co2 spray (it's like pepper spray on crack) I was sprayed with it in the academy it'll put you on your ass but it's no match for all of them. Ok so its usually 80-90 of them in the dayroom that's where they have a television pay phone tables for them to sit and play games ect. And the rest of them are either at work yes they have jobs or school or in they cell. I have to conduct count every hour I count all the living breathing bodies. So I count the day room then I count the rows. It's 3 row (stories) in each block with 21 cells and 2 men in each cell. So I'm always up and down the stairs for chow shower commissary library ect they move around alot. Im always cautious about where I'm at I never get complacent. I been there for 2 years but I always act like it's my first day I trust NO ONE. Even the trustee they have interaction in the free world like drive the cars clean the warden house all kind of stuff that I wouldn't be comfortable with a mass murderer do!I always get off topic lol. So a few weeks ago I was rolling doors to put 2 row in the day room for chow. Oh I failed to mention every opening locks. And its a control picket with a CO in it to open the door. Imagine walking through your house and every time you go from the kitchen to the living room to the dining room through hallways you have to call someone to open it. Its smart because if you lose a key a inmate can have access every where. But the control picket opens the doors. They switch the operator of the control picket by the COs that are on overtime because it's really laid back because you don't have to deal with inmates Be cause only another officer can tell you to open a door. Back off topic again lol. So inmates constantly pop locks because they sneak out and to traffic and trade or do other stuff that got them there in the first place. So when I open the day room door which is the only door I have a key to I always put my back to the hallway which remains locked unless I call the picket operator. Been doing it for 2 years no problem one idiot decides to pop the lock and I walked into him. YALL when I say he took full advantage and groped me he touched my breast had his dick on my ass grabbed my waist all that in a millisecond. The entire time he kept saying my bad boss lady you bumped into me you good. I sprayed his ass so much I got myself too. I tried to empty the can on his ass. Then the gas is mixed with oil so it sticks to your skin oh it burns like hell. I screamed from the picket boss she open the door I stumbled for it and shut it behind me. Omg... so I write a report and include everything that took place I was super descriptive. I knew something big was going to happen cause one I made a big deal about it I couldn't let him get away with it it's NO reason for a inmate to touch a officer. Plus I don't want to lose the respect I gained from being a bitch with the other inmates. The inmate served 18 years on a 20 year sentence. he got 15 years for touching me cause it's considered staff assault. So now he had 17 more years left instead of 2. Here's where the problem comes he was respected around the prison and he known to put hits on COs other inmates that have life sentences or 30 plus years do all the stuff other inmates who have less time won't do for food or favors. I never been afraid to go to work until that happened. I took off from my job like 3 weeks. Krissy has been so supportive with this situation. I just ferl uneasy they get quiet when I'm walking up I only have to say something once, they even check each other for instance if I tell one to do something and if he looks like he want to protest another inmate will say "that ain't what you want she sentencing left and right". I went back today cause I need as much money as possible for my sx. But yeah that's been my life since my last update. I gained weight again I'm 240 ugh I'll upload pics. Till next time

Only the year is new.... same people

So I recently ended a 7 year relationship on our anniversary. Time couldn't heal the damage that was done but an anywho why he said if I die on the operation table it's because God don't like ugly. .... Pump the breaks hold the hell up I know he didn't just say that. I already was a lil paranoid about going to cabral if it was on a scale from 1 to 100 I was 2% scared that's why I wanted to go 2 days before my surgery to meet him. I saw 5 his bbl n lipo which is phenomenal but I only saw 1 tt pic and it was from a person on the larger side by larger I mean 350+ si maybe thats why. But I wanted to meet him and I prayed about it if I wasn't 100% before my sx I would look else where. Just a small rant. I hate shit like that its sad I'm super emotional I hate negativity why would someone even release that in the atmosphere? Ugh he can kiss my ass and I got alot of it then when I get back he can kiss my even bigger ass lol. Stay blessed yall!!!


I saw way more then 5 post op reviews on his bbl

I'm torn :(

I found out my hemo is a 13.6 WHOOP WHOOP and I stayed taking purabsorb which is disgusting by the way today. But my sissy superthickkrissy is leaving March 11 WHOMP! I have yet to find someone at my job that will take the days that I requested off :(. The state has its schedules set for a year so my superior told me I have to have someone cover what I requested. I can't imagine going without her weer only been knowing one another for a while but this bond is serious I don't want to do it without her :'(. I don't know if I'll have a travel buddy or get someone to take my days. Till next time ladies

I need to start writing names down smh.

So I have this nasty habit of reading a review or seeing a pic on a review and don't know where the hell I saw it. I read on one girl review who went to cabral that he changed his price after her consult. She took it pretty well but me on the other hand I won't understand saving all these months to get the amount he told me then when I get to another country his ass go up 200 to 1000 more then what was said initially. So I sent him a message on whats app today asking will my price still be honored despite the fact I got it a year ago and he replied different price. ... Thats some baby back bullshit.... Sorry I curse alot due to my job. I'm praying on it cause my youngest starting to pick up on that. I asked how much and he never replied so I'm playing the waiting game. I'll keep you Ladies posted ;)

Keeping you ladies updated as promised!

Ok so cabral finally return my message via what's app. I included a pic. And yes I did call her my friend instead of saying I read it on a review on RS lol shhhhh ;). That's a 500 buck difference. But I rather it be said a month before vs while I'm being marked up. I probably won't get a breast lift I have to see some pics or patients first. Plus I feel like it will make recovery harder. But then I saw mostdesired3 review and was like ok I need that in my life but I don't want implants despite me being the chairman for the itty bitty committee

Hey yall....

So my passport came in Yayyyyyy! I'm feeling like oh ish getting real. I found someone to cover my days and now I have to do 5 free sew ins lol oh well. So I'm back on board with my sissy I just have to call Maria to get my date changed

I found a groupon.

I saw groupon for all expenses covered including airfare for a resort in DR. Depending on what Krissy want to do we'll be relaxing on the beach before we leave. Another thing going on in my life is that I had my braces for almost 3 years due to me needing a surgery on my lower jaw (because it's bigger than my top jaw) which sometimes is painful but anyways I had a orthodontist who put the braces on but he got fired so then the office that hired him wouldn't keep up with my appointments and told me that I needed to find another dentist office but they would take the braces off for free. I only had a gap between my two front teeth at the top. And my teeth couldn't close which I thought braces would fix but only surgery can. Now I have spaces almost between every tooth on the bottom row smh. Idk what to do now :( I lost a close to 4500 dollars on the braces and now I have to start all over it makes me so sad. I don't know how to handle the situation lol. I don't wanna walk around with spaced out teeth. I guess I'll fix my body then worry about my teeth later. Plus I'm thinking about my getting my boobs done but my issuse that made me not want to get them done the first time was that some of the lifts I seen from the DR is either a hit or miss. I'll be ok with a scar but if my nipples looked cock eyed or they shaped boxy I don't know what I'll do. I emailed Maria and changed my date one day after Krissy cause I wanted to care for her the first night the language barrier is real cause I have no idea what the hell she saying in this email

ughhhh I'll try again

So I wrote a long update about my life and how things are going then I get a text and when I return to my uodate it's blank -____-. I'll just upload some pics from my phone and get on my laptop for my review. So here are some pics of what I want. Cinna_bunz walking around with my dream ass and it's not fair lol. LadyB2011has the perfect breast!! I have seen cabral BA but not his BL. Plus my breast are small so I wonder how they would look I don't want them any bigger just hover

ughhhh it did it again

Just higher. I wonder how they will look.... DR bl are unpredictable. I don't want to walk around with cock eyed titties

I'm beyond sad

I need a buddy now :(. Anyone leaving around the first week of March and staying at least 8 days (I want to be there 10) let me know.

hold up... wait... whaaa?

I'm a real friend.... whoop whoop :)

Help Me!!!

I need info on RHs. Worst case scenario I'll travel on my own :(. I need info I have been looking at reviews but I'm coming up short

I'm gaining like crazy

Do anyone have suggestions on methods I can use to jump start weight loss? I want to lose 30 lbs and I can't seem to get the Stubborn pounds off. I'm open to any suggestions

So I have ASS SHOTS now??!!!??

So I have put on some weight and it always havwent to my arms ass and thighs. My torso is also long so it does not look semi okay (clothed)! I saw a girl who hair I style often and b she said "damn everybody getting ass shots with they taxes" bihh what?? Ok so it's 2 ways you got me all fucked up one I haven't filed yet (which is annoying btw) and two I came out the womb with ass... my mom will give buffy and deelishis a rilun for they money with her perfect hourglass and washboard tummy. Don't let the flat asses on my dad side fool you. Few days later I'm getting texts from 2 girls who hair I barely style due to them being too damn cheap (I'm not licensed but my work is worth every penny) and I don't work for damn near free. Any ways yall know I get side tracked then I go to meet them at one of the girls house ( I don't do Hair at my house fuck all that your kids running around with no damn home training breaking my shit up and rough housing with my daughters) I knock she let me in they just looking I'm like ok who first. Theyb look at each other for a while then one of them blurt out "we really Jay called to ask you where you got your ass done I didn't want to text you and ask you cause we wanted to see your ass for ourselves. At that point in like wtf "I waste my got damn gas coming over here to do yall hair thinking yall had yall taxes and would finally be able to pay up and yall wanna know about some damn ass shots" I was so pissed I told them to go get silicone from home depot and slammed her door. I know about pmma and all that but this shit is getting out of hand. Plus I could have used then 200 I'm unemployed yall. Long story Short I went in after all the commotion with the sentencing how about they still had me on his block????? So I went and did a cell check in his cell when he went out to his job. His dirty ass had 4 peanut butter jars full of shit(feces)literally,urine, bleach,blood (that other inmates said he traded 2 months of commissary for because it was hiv positive) and chopped up razor blades that they shave with.... so what he was going to do is throw it in my face I would have paniced and wiped that out of my eyes which would cause the sharp pieces to cut me and get the blood shit piss and bleach in the openings. So I get in touch to the CO over that inmate job he gets questioned then he admits. He even went as far as to say he wanted me to die slowly like he was and I don't deserve to see my family cause he can't see them and he was so close. Sir you should have thought about that before you put your hands on me. I'm no one's bitch if I had a riot baton I would have beat his ass instead of spraying him. Even with the evidence all he got was 10 months in segregation high security which he told me he'll do on his dick smh. Ok fast forward to 3 weeks after that a young inmate who was transferred from where my dad was born and knows my dad asked to talk to me. I always curse inmates out for wanting privacy and get real loud so everyone(COs and inmates) looks at them and taunts them. It had gotten me written up because the last 2 times both inmates was trying to tell me they were being raped by they celly and didn't want to be seen in the office cause that an automatic giveaway for "snitching" but I hate to be so blunt is either they ass or mines. Cause once you seen being private with sn imste you will always be labeled as either someone who's having sex with them or lenient. Its so stupid I know smh cause even if you have proof that all yall talked about was him getting raped your superior will ask why was he so comfortable with telling you,why are you approachable knowing damn well its for his privacy so he won't get his ass tossed by more than that one man for being a snitch smfh. But any way he know my dad I remembered his face but never let him know I knew him I thought he was calling Mr over to tell me he knew me I already prepared myself to tell him I don't know him and if he talks to me again I'll write him up for attempting to establish a relationship that's a 5 year sentence and if they coming up for parole they will be denied even if they are found not guilty so yeah saying that is a big deal. Anyways he tells me he only giving me a heads up and drop a sheet a paper on the floor. It was my name with a halo on it. To a regular person it wouldn't look like a Halo but in the academy they trained us to see the unseen I guess. Anyways a Halo means you have a hit out and in the prison it always end in either death or a near death experience. He then said I'm only looking out for your pig ass cause your dad looked out for me. My heart dropped yall. So I didn't even finish my shift I went to HR gave them my belt with my gas and cuffs name badge all that. I even went as far as to give them my uniform its mandatory to wear a undershirt and I always wear tights cause the material is thin and it sticks to me when I sweat in the summer or the wind tearing through them in the winter. I told them I want to resign. I did some boss shit when I strolled up in the wardens office (you have to go through a chain of command to talk to the warden) and said I appreciate everything tdcj has done fire me but I'm resigning braise my well being is at stake. Why when tube warden asked me to stay and just take time off and he'll approved it paid I politely said no and walked off. My phone was ringing of the hook when my shift was over from COs wanting to tell me I shouldn't turn the warden down. Word travel quick in the prison. When I finally decided to one of the girls I was cool with she told me exactly what happened nothing added or taken away smh is seriously no secrets someone is always watching. So yeah now I'm jobless and my dumb self can't get unemployment because I quit smh I should took that LWP the warden offered. But back to my booty questions I'll attacha video and leave it up for like a month and yall tell me if a bbl will make me look crazy it isa thing add too much ass.

ughhh this video won't post

I recorded this video a million time do my face won't show. I would hate for my video to show my face while I'm showing titties and ass ijs

I Think I finally uploaded the video

I really want you ladies advice. I don't want to walk around and my body screaming at people ASS SHOTS lol. I honestly should not care because I already hear it and since i put on weight it has gotten bigger. I want it higher so if he could just maybe add more at the top or maybe its the bottom... I'm confused but I am certain about wanting a shelf booty I know that. Sorry for the ratchet twerk at the end lol I really do need help. I am starting to get cold feet slightly... I have this image in a head I believe its achievable but then I have those what if moments... what if my breast come out cock eyed... what if my ass is too big... what if my stomach doesn't come out the way I want it too... what if I die during surgery... what if I get an infection... I could spend this money on so many other things... I have been praying about this. I know Cabral has a dark past I asked God to give me a sign if it is not meant for him to perform my surgery. I always get these little tingles in my body when a situation is not right and every time I ignore it I find out that the situation is ALWAYS negative in so many aspect. If i feel a little tingle I will walk out of his office and go somewhere else. I know he does bomb ass bbl and I see his pics of his breast and tummy tucks nut I wanted to read at least one review of a girl who had a tummy tuck with him. Its a few ladies who went to him that has reviews on RS with results that make my mouth drool I have yet to see one I did not like. I guess we all have those moments of uncertainty at one point or another. I have not received me w2 from a part time job I barely worked last year so the tax money that I plan to use for extra expenses probably wont be in my account before I go to DR. It is really annoying I had a certain time I wanted to be healed by plus I had my online classes taken care of for that time. If its not one thing its the other. I have been on a super low calorie diet 1200 and finally exercising I also take phentermine once a day its an appetite suppressant and the only explanation I have for it is If I was to ever try crack it would be similar to it. I have endless amounts of energy I feel like Im moving 100 mph I cleaned my house from the base boards to the ceilings twice. I forgot to eat saturday because the having feeling of satiety my stomach never growled and I take vitamins so I didnt feel weak. I also drink half of my weight in oz I been drinkin I been drinkin lol sorry 120oz a day. I started this on the 10th I was 243 today Im 234 I know its probably not healthy but I feel good and I know my bmi will be under 35. I think thats all I have to update you guys on now. Later yall

Today is the day

I know the title is misleading lol false advertising lol. Two very important women had their surgeries today. My relationship with both of them has went beyond realself and surgery. I talk to them about EVERYTHING. My sis SuperthickKrissy made it to the flat side with the smallest waist I'm so happy for her. Even with the swelling she's the shit!!! My sis Siomy marked up and already took the blue pill cabral about to create a monster. Keep them lifted in your prayers for a speedy recovery. I love you two ladies.

Too much negativity

I absolutely live RS. I have received so much valuable info met many nice girls some who I even consider friends. I haven't had sx yet but I have been reading posts and comments scaring me and almost getting cold feet and letting go if my dreams of havong a flat tummy. I will not be uodatung or coming on RS until after my sx I love you ladies and the support but I dont want to go into sx with negative thoughts. I'm covered in everything I do in the blood of Jesus. And I read this multiple times about sx is sx no matter where its performed. Beverly Brignoni died of a Pulmonary Embolism I think she died during sx in the DR. I dont think it was at cipla. But my PCC brother in law died during sx of the same thing and that was performed in Texas by a board certified physician. Many things can go wrong some things are unpredictable. I have a good feeling about this. I know going to a third world country makes the stakes a little higher but I love the results and the price is good as well. I'll update after I get everything together mentally and physically. Im praying for everyone one going into sx recovering from sx and considering it. Thank you lovely ladies for all the support advice and prayers. I will definitely keep you updated once something happens

Quick update

Ok so I was off the cabral wagon for like 2 weeks because I didnt like a tt scar from a patient of his. I was going to yily but with the recent passing of her patient I decided to go to my number one choice. Honestly sx is sx and all I can do is pray about it. My flight is booked for may 19 to june 5th. My cousin will come with me to take care of me. I want to stay at cipla 2 days because its included with a tt then a recovery house for 3 days so my cousin can see how to put me in my faja and their draining method then off to hotel plaza de sol or maybe florida suites I'm not sure yet for the remainder of my stay. I want to get down to 205 im 230. Its crunch time im just praying and I'm fasting 2 weeks prior to having sx. Sorry of im all over the place im updating from my phone and my baby gave me a cold my body aching I have a runny nose and a hard cough ugh... but im praying for the ladies pre and post op who took the steps to fix things they wasnt happy with. I will update 1 week before sx.


I am a spiritual person and I asked GOD to show me if this surgery is not meant for me to show me. My aunt called me and told me how her niece step sister died from pneumonia. okay strike one. then my cousin called me to tel me that a girl family was on the news trying to file a lawsuit with a doc in DR for killing a 23 year old a week ago. okay strike two. Then I'm on the phone with my other cousin helping her plan her best friend baby shower and she told me my uncle had a vision of me dying and the doctor dumping my body. strike 3. Now here is where the issue lies with me I asked God to show me and I feel like that could be a sign but then I hear a voice saying would I get those calls and "vision" if they didn't know I was going?. I honestly do not know how to feel or what to do. my flight is booked and I am beyond ready to go. I am considering getting a tt in the states and going out there for a bbl later. I do not know if that will make a difference cause sx is sx. Yall I'm over here shitting bricks I have 2 girls to live for I would die if I die lol. Seriously I am going to pray and fast on this and see where God leads me. I;m going to pray for a clear sign. Till next time ladies!!!!

I just re read

My cousin step sister dided from pneumonia after a tummy tuck that she had done in the states is what I failed to mention

so much to update on

I have to update you guys soooooo much stuff has happened and I'm in a good place in my life right now. I will update from my desktop either tonight or tomorrow night.
Dr. Hector Cabral

I know he has a past. I have done my research just like you did so please DO NOT post any negative things about him thanks in advance!!!

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Praying that you come to the best decision for you. You seem to be going through a lot these last few months and I know through prayer everything will work out in your favor. Just believe and stay prayed up.
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Thank you so much Bigdreams2014 that means alot and I've been praying alot lately. I know if I follow what God tells me I'll be fine
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I absolutely love your review. Stay positive everything will work out.
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I love yours as well Texasfinest. I will remain positive. We must see ome another while we there
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Best wishes to you!!! God will lead you and protect you!!! Good luck....keep us posted!!
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Thank you so much MzDivatransformation. I will definitely keep my Realself family updated on everything with my sx
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Intuition will be your best guide. Do what you feel is right! Best of luck to you. :)
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Thank you MKCT110261526. I will follow my intuition.
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I am keeping you in my prayers
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Thank you keddywillow I can never have too much prayer
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Best of luck to you sis!
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Thanks sis. I need your ass. You look sooo good
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cant wait to see your results! I pray God helps you make the right decision and protects you wherever you decide to go :)
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Aww thanks Misscurves that means alot to me
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You know what i had sx on Tuesday and I had the sign when I came here Don't overthink it , you will know when he will speak to you last week in my mind I was not getting sx and came here to support my friend , just keep praying for answers and let god see your heart your vulnerability . With all the prayers I went fine and prayed even on the table lol god is good.
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Aww thanks bodyparty30. I need to read your review. I'm just going ti keep praying
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You booty looks good....wish I had that much!!! I would go to Dr Cortes for hourglass tt and a BL....THAT'S all I see u need!!!
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I sent you a PM yani1
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Have you considered Dr.W.Cortes here in Houston. I was gonna travel to Atlanta to see Dr. Curves, but I live here in Houston and was very HAPPY to find Dr.Cortes.I would love to keep in touch with u.
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I can understand that feeling. I say with everything you're feeling going overseas might be a bit too much for you. While you are suppose to be nervous, excited, etc , I think that with what your feeling might put you into overdrive. Does that make sense?
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I understand I think. I'm equating you saying overdrive to over thinking. am I right?
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I do the over Thinking sometime too...I'M believing in GOD, I will be OK!
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Yes! Overthinking is definitely a better way to say it. Not that it's bad, though.
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I think your right appleshapedgirl
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I say stay in the states
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