Dr. Yily for BBL? - Dominican Republic, DO

Me: 5'8" 160 pounds Desire: BBL atleast 1100 cc...

Me: 5'8" 160 pounds
Desire: BBL atleast 1100 cc per cheek

Hola! Newbie here. I've always been naturally curvy (shaped like the number 8!) but I don't have that Miami conk, bubble butt that I soo want, so I am having BBL done this fall. I recently had a consultation with a surgeon who told me not to waste my money on BBL because my butt (which is already naturally big/wide, but not the bubble butt that I want) would require more fat than I have to offer. He advised me to gain 15 pounds.
I stumbled upon this site (thank u lawd) looking for ppl in similar situations. Fell in love w Dr. Yily's results, amongst a few others.
If you have been to Dr. Yily - PRETTY PLEEEEASE HELP!

Did you travel alone?
Where did you stay while there?
How long did you stay in DR?
Is the commute to & from airport included in surgery price?
How long before you went back to work?
How much was your surgery?
Were all post surgery check ins done in DR?
All fluid drained before you left DR?
Did you have to follow up with you general practitioner once u returned to the states?
Did you purchase your meds in the states?
Do u think one can take the journey alone? (I don't want to let anyone in on it)

I'd like to spend $3500, which is another reason why I've chosen Yily....she's so affordable & good work.

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help.

Before Photos sent! Awaiting quote....

Hola ladies. I replied to Yily's email today, sending photos as she requested. I am now awaiting a quote. I asked to have lipo of arms, inner thighs, and abdomen. I want a bubble butt! I am already 13 pounds over my desired weight, so fingers crossed she doesnt ask that I gain any more. I requested October 11 sx date, which is a Friday.

Question - Did anyone loose weight immediately afrter bbl? Im hoping to drop 10 pounds after sx. Also, there is a faja shop in walking distance from where I live. Just for kicks I plan to go in and visit; probably buy my second faja there...just unsure of the size I should get?

Yiley & Baez - Quotes received

So I received quotes from 2 Drs via email.
Lipo of arms, abdomen, flanks, and inner thighs with fat graft to buttocks:
Baez $3,000
Yily $3,200

Yily's my girl. I plan to secure the date (Oct 11) soon. *smile*

Frustrated and Confused! I want to cry!

I was so excited about having bbl done and going to the D.R., but now I am contemplating whether or not I should just have the procedure done here in Miami.

Yily told me that there is a 10 day min stay in the D.R. after surgery. Well, I dont have 10 days to spend in the D.R.!! & I am sure Ive seen girls on this site that did not stay there that long after surgery. Where are you ladies? How long did you stay? Why would Yily tell me there is a 10 day minimum stay?? *cries*

If I add the costs of being there for 10 days (recovery house $100 per night), flight, and all other expenses I might as well just have the surgery in Miami!
I really love the fact that Dr. Yily does agressive lipo and her body sculpting skills are fantastical....but Im not even sure IF I really need all that. I just need more volume/projection..I dont know how skilled you have to be to blow up a balloon.

Im sooo confused. Either I spend 6 days in the D.R. and have it done there, or I find an affordable Dr. where I live and have it done here near Miami. I just need good results and affordable costs. Planning this procedure is turning out to be more difficult than I thought it would be. :(

Looking for others (GROUP) - Yily

Looking for others who are going to see Yily in early October or late September.
I am flexible with the date. I'd like to take advantage of a group rate if possible. Please Inbox me!!!
I recently purchase a "butt lifter" garment. Although its too big it gives me a little uumph! lol. Hoping sx does alot more for my backside. Took a pic while wearing garment and posted it.

Dr. Yily's Pregnant. The RUSH is on!

Soo Yily's Pregnant. The RUSH is on!

Gained more weight...postponed sx date

I've been MIA for a while. During this time I gained 7 more pounds!! Eating good lately lol. I am now 167 pounds at 5' 7" (actually almost 5 8")
I've been told I look "badd" but I feel really bad at this weight.
I've decided to postpone surgery until Feb 2014 so that I can travel with my sister and a friend who are also having some things done (I'm recruiting bishes! lol) I also want to see what changes I can make to my body with weight training until then.

I had really bad anxiety about the procedure before I decided to change my sx date. I should've been excited but I was honestly extremely nervous which never happens to me :-/
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Hi a friend and I r going October 1st we r going to yily and getting a bbl, lipo, and tt
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You have a nice body with or without sx! But keep up the posts and continue your journey to a beautiful you!
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Girl your body is perfect already lol omg i wish i had your shit right about now!!! Be careful going over sea's ive heard some crazy experiences, some good reviews and some bad. also try to pair up with some one that you can trust just for your safety.
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have you heard from dr yily? is it true shes due pretty soon?
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Ur pre op oviduct is amazing ! U don't look 167 at all ;) good luck with new date sis! I have 34 more days to c Duran :)
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Ur pre op * body (darn auto correct) lol
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Hi im scheduled with dra yily october 3rd as well me and another doll missShay are buddying up and staying at thre Real Recovery Armonia hope to see u in DR :-)
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Good luck :-)
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R u looking for a buddy pm me. Ill be arriving oct 1. For bbl.
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Check you inbox miss cute
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replied, Jules thnx.
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Girl your before pics should be my wish pics. You got a banging body honey!!!! Girl you gon be killin em when you get BBL!!!! R.I.P. lol lol.....
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right lol you must be tryna get you a basketball player or something cuz after surgery you can get anything you want
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Thanks ladies. lol I've out grown the need for a "cool" guy or the shht that comes along with one thats semi celebrity even. I'm just a fan of self improvement. Good luck to you girls. I will be following your journeys :)
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When is she gonna stop doing surgeries??
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No idea. I hear shes just a few months so I assume late this year/early 2014, but I'm just speculating.
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Love bernice body n love ur pre op bod 2!
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Thnx girlie! Bernice's body is bangin
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And I know u might not wanna hear this but being cheap to your body is not smart u go have that body the rest of your life don't short ya self
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I agree. It's not about being cheap, it's more so about worth & being reasonable. A bigger butt alone is just not worth over 6k to me...I'm not in need of sculpting or hips. I'll be there for a total of 7 days, 6 days after sx. Dr. Baez said 6 days should be fine...Yily disagrees. The flight back home is less than 2 hours & I'll follow up in the states. We'll see how it works out :/
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Make sure you tell yoour doctor what u doing and make sure he will touch u when u get back mines did but alot of girls have issues but your so small I think you'll be fine make sure u have your test done before u leave 2 girls died like a week ago and the hospital was closed by health department yily cares about our health some others only care door money that's y those girls are dead and I wouldn't do a RH I would go to hotel and order nurse trust me the RH is full of shit
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Please call me and your not gonna find tilts work any where spend that money my sister was small to but u should see dat ass now she looks amazing 21630088533 for anyone that needs questions anwserd
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I came home in 7days. My sister is a nurse she took my drain out u really don't have to stay she just monitors your white blood cells and. HG.levels but of u do go home early any complacations a doctor might not see. U I had my SC with yily June 7
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Thank you
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Hey Doll, I'm going to Yily soon. She recommends you're there that long but I would say a minimum is 8 days. She's really particular about being able to monitor your aftercare in the Initial Stage. Don't fret, Babe! If you truly feel Yily can grant you the kind of results you want to see, just focus all your energy on that, see what the longest is you can stay, and you can make it happen!! YOU CAN SAVE A LOT OF MONEY by only staying in a recovery house for the first 3-4 Days, then going to a more affordable hotel or home off Airbnb. A lot of times you can find someone to help look after you if you're going alone. You can hire a nurse, or stay with someone off Airbnb that advertises physical help and cooking as part of your package rate. If you want more info, hit up my inbox- I gotchu!! Good luck regardless!!
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