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I have always wanted to have the Brazilian but...

I have always wanted to have the Brazilian but lift done I just admire women with a curvy body and have always wanted that shape. After liking at how well Dr. yily transforms Womens bodies I knew she was the one for me. I'm 20 years old and I'm to young to be so self conscious of my body. So I contacted Yily it took her two weeks to reply. She emailed me with lots of helpful info and also apologized about the late response but explained that she recieves 85 to 100 emails daily and while having to do surgerys and attend meeting so I completely understood. I Am 160lbs doing bbl fatty grafting

Booking my flight and Getting my passport together...

Booking my flight and Getting my passport together next week. Anyone whos done the surgery feel free to help me develop the list for things i should bring with me i dont want to over pack. Also would like to order from vitamedica saw someone say it did wonders from them with recovery. Also still looking for a room mate i plan arriving in dr May 27 n javibg surgery the 28th.

Will be doing fat grafting from arms abdomin and...

Will be doing fat grafting from arms abdomin and inner thighs to butt. Will put up before pics soon btw srry for the mis spelling typing really fast while at work
hey girlie. i went to the calender wondering if u wanted to buddy up send me a messages in the private inbox to let me know i go May 27th as well. i am looking for someone to stay in the hotels with,,,i dont evenknow how to work this site im trying to add myself to the calender i dont no what the hell im doing lol
L122 you have to create a blog, before you can be added to the calendar... You will need to click Write a Review and fill in the information and submit then RS reviews the information and Voila Magic you have your own blog....
How you doing gurl?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I love her work and have been following peoples reviews of her for months now. I'm confident that this is the right doctor for me.

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