We made it to the DR tomorrow i will be a Yily Doll

I'm super excited been wanting to get a BBL for...

I'm super excited been wanting to get a BBL for sometime now but life has kept me putting the Procedure off. Finally this year after the birth of my last child I decided to do it. And thanks to this forum and MMH I have selected Dr. Yily for one reason she does some fabulous work. Especially with that hour glass shape sculpturing. And also her prices are great. I've researched this for about 5 yrs and am so excited I plan on getting lipo to full back, abd, armpit, flanks, waist and chin. Thanks to everyone here I have complied a list of things I need and don't. My only question how much money should we take. I plan on staying at the recovery house. Also for me to call my family should I get a calling card. I have att cell phone so wouldn't it be a lot of money in chargers to talk on. What was you guys experience as far as the best way to communicate to our loved ones in the states. Thanks

Gd luck team Yily also going in April keep us posted. Oh and I heard if u download heywire to ur phone u get a phone # and u can txt any where for free
Im team yily also good luck with you surgery

Ok so my deposit was sent on Jan 22 and western...

Ok so my deposit was sent on Jan 22 and western union shows it picked up in the 24th. But I still have not rcvd my confirmation email stating she picked up money. I would like to send the balance of my procedure but I'm reluctant since I have not rcvd my confirmation. Yes I have called and spoke with Yily assistant but she confirms the date but hasn't confirmed deposit. Has anyone sent full payment in prior to procedure or us it standard practice of just paying balance when you get to the DR.

Still have not received my emailed confirmation of...

Still have not received my emailed confirmation of deposit rcvd but I have received a verbal from her assistant. I booked my flight my husband will be joining me after all I have already booked the hotel that Yily suggested.I havw my balanxe for procedure set aside for Yily.I'm a nurse so I was able to have my labs drawn it slowed I'm anemic and my hemoglobin levels were 10.8 and not the recommended 12 so for the past 2 1/2 wks I have been taking my Iron faithfully. I already new I was anemic but hate taking pills. But I will do what I have to do to get my BBL. I plan on having my labs redrawn next wk.
Can any one please let me know how soon after my BBL will I need to schedule for my first lymphatic massage.
April 1st Yily will recreate me.
I am told I am the first patient of the day. Yippee

Just got my email confirmation. I am all set for...

Just got my email confirmation. I am all set for my day.Yippee

So I've purchased my vitamins and the TROMBOCIL...

So I've purchased my vitamins and the TROMBOCIL CREAM . Researched ways to increase my hemoglobin and it was saying that eating 1 tsp of fenugreek seeds mixed with rice once a day for 2 wks will increase your hemoglobin significantly. So going out to bit my fenugreek seeds after work. Keep everyone posted on if it works
Try Proferrin for your iron...all of my iron levels were normal in less than a month.
Can any one give me the number to dr.yily im really lookin forward to the bbl.
How much is she charging, if u don't mind me asking. Thanks! I love ur white dress. :-)

44 more days and counting till I become a Yily...

44 more days and counting till I become a Yily vixen. I put on a corset today and if its any clue to what I'm going to look like I'm so excited. Can't wait.
Hi, do you need a prescription for Proferrin or can it be purchased OTC?
Hi, no you don't need a prescription just go to their website proferrin dot com and you can order directly from them. They are letting new customers try a bottle of 30 tablets for free and all you have to do it pay for the shipping and handling, I think its like $6 or $7 dollars. It's usually $20 somethin dollars for a bottle.

Passport arrived today yippee!! 3 more weeks. I...

Passport arrived today yippee!! 3 more weeks. I was cleared my Dr said everything was great chest X-ray blood work EKG and physical passed with flying colors. Ordered my chin compression for my chin lipo. Still debateing on if in getting arms done or just work then out at the gym.
Here is my list of what I have please let me know what im missing
Vita medica pre and post op pills
Folic acid
Vitamin c
Silicon scar strips
Kelo-cote advanced formula scar gel
Benadryl pills
Benadryl cream
Arnica pills
Bromelain pills
Arnica cream
Theimbocid cream
Nexium instead of omeprazole
A&D ointment
Bacitracin ointment
Paper Tape
Band aide
Measuring tape
Lipo foam(3)
Foam to make triangle
Iodine swabs(just in case)
Tylenol extra strength
Alcohol prep pads
Ted stockings
Boppy pillow
Cane chair for work
4 maxi dresses
Arnica Cream and Thrombocid cream are interchangable so you dont have to get both

Im officially 13 days away from my BBL with Yily...

Im officially 13 days away from my BBL with Yily so i was wondering for those that did not stay at the RH where did you stay and if you stayed at the hotel Yily recommends how was your stay? Im traveling with my husband and am looking for a safe area to stay in and close to the CIPLA. Please give me your experience for those that have already been to the hotels in santo domingo
If you are looking for an area where you and your hubby can walk around once in a while to stretch your legs I would suggest you look into a hotel in La Zona Colonial. It is safe and at walking distance to whatever you need.
plaza de sol is definetly good. i stayed there the night before sx. its ery close to cipla and is cleana nd staff are very friendly and helpful.

So its official one week and counting for my Bbl....

So its official one week and counting for my Bbl. Im super excited I know going into this all the risk and complications associated with any surgery especially elective surgery and I am especially well informed on post open care since I am a nurse myself and have treated many post open patients. So all I can hope is for a safe and speedy recovey I am fortunate to have my husband there with me who is also a nurse and can aide in my recovery process and can assisit me with everything he has been a godsend and supports me in my choice to have this procedure. I originally was going to go alone and stay at
the recovery house but he insisted on coming and stated that he wants to be there to take care of me.
I am going into this with the knowledge that Yily may not give me a big bootie. But she will do the aggressive lipo I so need and will sculpt me a hour glass shape that has eluded me since my 20's and pre 5 kids. So with that being said round 2 may be coming next year if I get greedy. Lol.
I received all the meds from Yilys Med list except for the Heparin does anyone know how much the heaprin will cost in the Dominican Republic. It only cost me 15 dollars for everything with my insurance.
When you have someone that travels with you were are they while you are prepping for surgery are they able to stay at Cipla while you are getting the surgery and what time will thy be asked to leave Just curious. Also those that stayed at the hotel yily recommended is it in a safe area and are there shops around to pick up food and supplies smile staying at the hotel.
Good luck boo. Wishing u a safe uneventful sx nd a complication free recovery;)
Good luck girl your going to look fantastic! I'm there May 2nd so I will be following your updates closely!

So i packed my bags today. Made me an abdominal...

So i packed my bags today. Made me an abdominal board out if cardboard,foam and ace wrap. Also made my triangle piece. All packed and set to go. Just need to pick up my chair for work to sit on and order a waist cincher,and another garment. But i can do that once i get done with procedure don't want to order the wrong size garment.
Good luck Sweetp123 My date is the April 3rd, my husband is also traveling with me. He's going to stay with me at the spa for 8 days and than we're going to a hotel.I wish that I would've known about the abdominal board sooner, I would have try to make me one.
Lol, stop it, you go in as 160 and leave 130.
OH MY GOD girl that's on Monday! Best wishes! Wish I was goin Monday :-/ Oh & how tall & weight are you? If you don't mind sharing :-)

So I'm driving into NY city today to take my...

So I'm driving into NY city today to take my flight to the DR super excited. Hubby and I will sight see Sunday pick a few items for our hotel stay.
So I was able to get a script for the live ox instead if heparin and that has completed my list of medications.
I downloaded the magic jack application onto my tablet because it allows you to make free calls over wifi. Don't want to take my iphone a rack up a thousand dollar bill. I didn't buy an extra garment yet I will may get another one from yily or order a new one when I get home. I've read where people have had the garment taken in while there so i will check into that for the days I am there.

Meant to write lovenox stupid spell check.

Meant to write lovenox stupid spell check.
Happy Travels!! Wishing u the best
Good luck honey. Wishing u a uneventful sx nd a happy recovery. Thnx for the magic jack app info i will make sure i.download tht:) xoxoxo
Sending Prayers your way Sweetp123 hope you & ur hubby have safe travels. I'm getting in 2mrrw afternoon, so happy the time is finally here See you there!

It was a uneventful flight arrived safe and sound....

It was a uneventful flight arrived safe and sound. Now I will prepare for tomorrow.
Have an uneventful surgery! Good luck!
Good luck, Quick question is Yily okay with lovenox ? I sent her an email asking this question still waiting a response.
I never got a response either however my Doctor at home stated it would be fine and he preferred lovenox . They are the same thing except lovenox is just a low molecular weight heparin they both serve the same purpose.

In the room in my gown and bonnet waiting for the...

In the room in my gown and bonnet waiting for the doc. Saw a few of the April 1st Yily dolls getting ready to just wanna say hi and good luck to you all.
Hey doing my rounds and noticed you havent posted in some time Are you ok? Sending up healthy healing prayers hope to hear from you soon.
Are you ok??? :-(
Checking on ya sis! So very happy you made it!
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