DR. W.Robles; TT, Lipo(chin, arms, Waist, Back), and BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm torn between Dr.Duran and Dra. Robles=/ -...

I'm torn between Dr.Duran and Dra. Robles=/
- Breast lift
- Tummy Tuck
- LIPO suction( arms, waist, back, thighs)
**I got a quote from Robles; she said i couldn't get everything done at once- just TT,BBL, LIPO(arms, waist, back)$5000Package**

Nothing from Duran yet...

My goal date is October 17th, 2014.

Pre-op recommendations

Dra. Robles' recommendations pre-op!


OMG, this is all surreal!!!
It's happening!!! =O

I CHOOSE Dra. Walkiris Robles!<3

Because of her team and her talent of course; Dra. Robles is my #1 pick!!!!????????????
Her and her team have given me the attention, assurance, and confidence I hoped to find in this process. I am sooo grateful!????
** Thanks so much Laura!**



Back to being confused again...=x
Dra. Yily is charging $6000
Dra. Robles is charging almost $10,000
**They are both board certified and in Santo Domingo!****
- Breast lift
- Tummy Tuck
- LIPOsuction(chin, arms, waist, back, thighs, legs)

Paradise RH

Hey dolls-
I was talking to Laura today... So she is the owner of paradise RH! I had no idea!=O
I'm 99% sure that's where I'm staying- but I told her I want a tour of the houses before my surgery!
(She said the chofer will take me)

** take a look at the pics she sent me of Paradise**

Let the countdown begin!

OMG in freaking out! This is happening in less than 50days!????????????????????


45 days till surgery????????????
Starting all my vitamins now; I want to ensure I'm healthy and prep my body for this procedure!!!

Vitamins II

Hey dolls;
Just a fun tip- this little thing is helping me keep on track with my vitamins everyday!
Try it!????????

NEW IG- @mimun2doll

Follow my surgery on IG.

Deposit sent!!!

OMG this is really really really happening!
**When you send $500 deposit, they deduct $200off your quote!**
>> I will pay $4700(-$500+-$200)



Hi dolls,
Soo I discovered my new favorite app- plastic surgery simulator.
>> also if you want to follow my surgery in IG- @mimun2doll


**sorry guess they didn't load the 1st time!***
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Robles is good. Check out Sandra361 journey it's very informative and well documented. On youtube look at Randomkim86 26.
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OMG thanks soooo much!!☺️☺️☺️
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Sandra361 on realself?
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Hey lady, Congrats on your choice. I recently decided to go with Robles also but I wanted to know how you got an extra $500 off. I received the discount for $200, just don't want 2 miss out on a deal lol. Good luck with everything!
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Hey girl! >> I just received $200off my quote for sending $500deposit. =)
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Okay, now I get it. I thought u meant 500 + 200 off and only paying 4700. Cant wait to see your results!
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Hi where having our surgeries around the same time im oct 15 staying at paradise how about u
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OMG my surgery buddy!!! Me tooooo; paradise for 10days!!☺️☺️☺️
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Hey!! Heyyy!! I need some credit here!!! Jajaja u can tell I've been going in deep on RS!! I found her and as soon as i saw her date i knew my doll KK was going around that time as well!! So i gave her your name so you can buddy up!!! :)))
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Hahaha thanks Zuly28!
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Thank you
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Congrats! I just got excited for you lol. I'm going to dra.robles beginning of march and I send my deposit next week. I will definitely be following your journey your going to look great!
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OMG IM MEGA EXCITED! Thanks soooo much for the support and comment=) Goodluck to you too!
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I'm excited for you and am also considering Dr. Robles. Please update when you can about the experience. I am having mixed emotions, I really want it done, but also nervous and worried about complications! Good luck!!!!!!!!
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Hi doll☺️ OMG of course I will; I'm going to try and video every single moment(bring you girls along for the ride). >> I'm nervous, anxious, scared, excited, happy, etc. Etc! Hahaha >>> I think I speak for everyone; it's part of the journey! But it's what we want an we will all be okay☺️☺️
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Omg im excited for you ^_^ best wishes . Keep us posted ♡
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Yeyyyy!!! Thanks me tooo!☺️
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So exciting!!! Congrats and be wishes!! I will be following u!! Can't wait to see ur amazing results!! Xoxo
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Hi Doll!! Thanks soooo much, I will be posting as much as possible!☺️☺️
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Awesome!! Thank uu
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KKdoll, Zuly28, Bayberry34, and Foreign chick3 I will be filling ur journey as well and praying for you all.
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Thanks hunn!! =)
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