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I'm a mommie to one and a Duran Doll to be. I'm...

I'm a mommie to one and a Duran Doll to be. I'm both nervous and excited as hell about the whole process... My quote from Duran is 3500 for lipo/bbl but if I want a TT it'll be 4600. I have no idea on what to start to get first...I'm looking for a sx or a travel buddy my sx is scheduled for Dec. 10...I'll post my pics as the time gets closer. I've been looking and condos and recovery houses and have heard mixed reviews on both...which one is best during recovery?


Hi Pink, congratulations on becoming the new you. I will be following your reviews and can't wait to see your before and after pictures. I wish you well with your journey and your healing process.
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My surgery is Dec 5th. I've been trying to get in touch with Angelas Recovery house for weeks! but no one picks up
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43 Days and counting...

Happy Sunday ladies...I've been sooooo busy doin overtime @ work that I haven't done a thing for my sx! So I went to Target ad got a few things but I need some help!!!! ????

First on amazon ad looking a fajas....which one am I supposed to get???

And I've decided to go with Real Recovery Armonia...hopefully I'll be able to get a nurse to stay with me at CIPLA....I've heard and read stories about how some of the nurses are nowhere to be found when you need them. And I'm also concerned about my personal items while I'm in sx...And one more it too early to purchase my plane ticket?
I don't want to over pack and I don't want to under pack either. What are something's that I can get while I'm in the dr instead of lugging them from Philly.


You can get a lot of stuff out there, there are mini and super stores just as long as u have the right person or driver to take u.
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Purchased my plane ticket in Aug! :-) Do it soon, that's holiday season and prices go sky high the closer you are to the date... Good luck! I get there on the 10th for pre op blood work. Keep in contact and I'll check on you ☺ Im a nurse.Also, I only bringing one carryon. Lots of gorls bring the whole pharmacy, but Im trying to travel light. Pack what you definitely need and cant find over there. Last thing you want is to have to deal with all that luggage post op. Good luck, girl!
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Okay, I have one's not a carry on though...I'm focusing on must haves...I'm purchasing my plane ticket on Friday. I'll def keep my eye out for you.

Plane Ticket....Check!

If it wasn't official before.....its def official now! Plane ticket has been bought so its no turning back now. All that's left is for me to make sure this iron level of mine is over 12.

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


Irked to the MAX!

Well was your day? Better than mines I hope. Well here is how my day went...I go into work as usual and see somethin on my desk about blacked of dates for vacay time. So of course it wouldn't be right it my time, who's was already requested, has now been blacked out. So no I'm at work all day irked as hell with a WTF face on. My first feeling was "Damn...I'm suck like chuck" I just bought my plane ticket over the weekend.

The first thing I did was call Delta...and all I can say is thank goodness for insurance. It's only going to be $150 to change my flight. The I was on my mission to get in touch with Elizabeth all damn afternoon....Finally around 4pm I got in touch with her and was able to get a date to the next time I can take that bulk of time off...April the wait is on again...can't lie I was def on my me against the world shit at first....but then once my day went on I had time to be rational and figured that there was a reason for everything...just glad I got a date on this side of my bday....never a dull moment...just another day in the life always def appreciate the support.....Smooches


I've got April 4 hope to see you there:)
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Hey Coke...are you excited??
what email address did you use to get in contact with duran Pink_Star
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The time has come...

Good morning ladies, it's been some time since I've updated. I was on my own RealSelsf detox...But here is my update since then.... I met my wonderful buddy Callmesexy226. She's been great to talk to and a wonderful support. My sx is scheduled for April 2. I'LL be flying down tomorrow morning. Myself and my buddy will be staying at Real Recovery Armonia. We'll both have a nurse stay with us over night at CIPLA. I've heard and read of too many stories of cipla nurses being overworked and not responding in a timely fashion. So hopefully the nurse will eliminate all of that. Callmesexy226 started her journey this AM when she blessed her flight so let's keep her in outr thoughts and prayers.

TWO weeks ago I ordered my labs through healthonelabs since getting through to my pcps lab was hell. I was was too anxious to wait. I ordered the CBC for $29.00 which I didn't think that was bad. So I went in to take my labs on Friday morning and had my results emailed to me early Saturday morning. I went straight to the hemo results. ......12.8!!!!! All that spinach, orange juice, and iron did the trick. That was 2 weeks ago so I'm homing now it's well over a 13 over been doubling down on my Irving pills and have been eating nothing but iron rich foods....I will be updating my before pics later ths afternoon.... Blessings & Big Booties ladies!


Hey girly who did you hire for your private nurse?
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I taking a nurse from Armonia with me to stay overnight
Prayers going out to you baby doll :) hoping for a smooth surgery for you and happy healthy speedy recovery as well:)

Booty Dreams put on hold...

Everything from the flight to Armenia was wonderful. Angel picked me up from the airport and we went straight to CIPLA to have my blood test done. And all was well. Then we went to Armenia where I met the lovely women that work at Armonia. As soon as I got there they asked if I was hungry and if i had any clothes that needed to be washed. I met multiple women having procedures done. All were great women. Theatre next morning we got up to get over to CIPLA around 6:30. I met Duran and had my consult. My consult was going well until she started to feel around on my stomach. She said that she felt like I may have a hernia. Now mind you I saw my PvP last week and she said nothing about anything of that nature. So the Duran suggested a tt so she could check to see if there was one. I was extremely adamant about not wanting a tt. She then suggested that I have tests done to check it out, but here's the catch therefore from the test wouldn't be ready for atleast two days, which made sense once I saw how outdated some of the equipment was. So at this point it as Wednesday morning so that meant that at best I wouldn't get results until Friday, and then have sx Monday with my flight scheduled for Tuesday. That def wasn't going to happen. So i rescheduled for June 23 I feel like that will be more than enough time to all to my pcp again. .

So I changed my flight to come Back on April 2. Was I upset...sure I was. Actually more frustrated than anything. But I would rather know everything is okay for sure than take a chance with my health. So if there is anyone who will be in the DR around that time I'm once again looking for a buddy. And I will be staying at Armonia.

Peace, love, and big booties ladies.


Better to know now then find out down the road and have to have a separate sx to fit it. Duran corrected my hernia beautifully.. If you need it, go for it :-)
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