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I had my boobs done a year ago and was going to go...

I had my boobs done a year ago and was going to go back to my same doctor for brazillian. But after seeing his portfolio of butts; I decided he would do me no justice. Does anyone have after surgery photos of butts done in DR? I'd like a figure 8 big booty... is that even possible I wonder? Looking at November 2013 surgery. Does anyone know how far booked out the D.R. docs are?? Anyone who has already weathered the journey, I'd greatly appreciate your help. Thanks


I've chosen Duran. Trying to get ahold of her desperately! I'm ready to go... here are my wish pics

wish pics



Is anyone going to cabral mid October? I'd like to go with a buddy or at least someone who speaks better Spanish than I do... If anyone is interested in buddying up let me know or inbox me. Thanks


the pics I have are of me after gaining about ten pounds; my normal weight is 145. I am 5'11.

To ensure my weight gain my Puerto rican husband keeps checking on me and bringing me plates of food every chance he gets. He's an ass man :) lol.

The other day he made dinner (lots of rice these days) and gave me a super huge portion. I ate about half and was like I cant eat anymore... lol. He looked at me very seriously and said "do you want an ass or not" haha. Needless to say I ate the rest of the plate. Haha

Does anyone know of weekly rentals or any furnished houses for rent in dominican republic?

I am taking a nurse with me who is a family member. I just need a place to rent that's furnished and cheaper but decent. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. THanks. Going to surgery with cabral in two weeks:)

wish pic

surgery buddy santo domingo dominican republic the week of oct 7 2013

ok so very last minute guys.... but wanted to know if anyone is having surgery this week and also if anyone wants to split a room at a recovery house. I leave to Dominican republic tomorrow and am going to look at recovery places for myself when I get there. But wanted to know if anyone else wants to make their stay during recovery cheaper as with a buddy cost is almost split in half for daily rates. Thanks and inbox me if your interested! xoxo

got my ticket! leaving tomorrow!!! yeyeyeyey!

well I am booked packed and ready to go! so excited!! I will be meeting the infamous cabral tomorrow morning woohoo!

out of surgery

Cabral hooked me up as far as I cab tell do far although swollen my shape looks nice. I'm staying at cipla nurses have waited on me hand and foot I mentioned I liked some tea I had for breakfast and they called cafeteria to have a pot sent to my room. No one says this in they're posts but if you staY at cipla drainage massages are included in price, Dr Cabral checks on me every morning before he goes up stairs to work ... Well for the past two days at least. Mary isabell his assistant is awesome upon meeting her we became instant friends she showed me around Dr and helped me find supplies I bought her lunch and she is just wonderful to know. We had lunch and I asked her about her life here she comes to check on me all the time. I told her she could stay in my room with me while I'm here so she doesnt have to take bus so far at night. Dr is dangerous at night mind you and she said she probably will stay with me... She keeps asking when I am coming back to visit her... Which will be when my sis comes to do her surgery in January. These people are so wonderful and between us most of them are on a wage of about 1.50 an hour! Yikes. So to buy someone you meet here lunch and make a new friend is priceless. Sorry for misspelling typing on phone


Ok so like I said before massages are included in stay at cipla I have had one so far next one in a few minutes. I must say to feel the warm pussy fatty fluid run down your body is a nightmare it's so disgusting. My first one I closed my eyes and visualized icecream on a hot day to keep from barfing. Why icecream? ...because that the first thing that came to mind. Mind you I don't really like icecream lol. Maria cabrals asst just left she is bringing me some tea before she goes to work. They really work her too hard it's nuts. Last night they found out she was staying in my room and called her to work at 4 am to help English speaking patient. I told her don't go screw that you have to work in 4 hours. She probably though as Americans we are too lazy lol. Anyway still glad to have made a friend. Going to send her a thank you present when I get back.


I have to mention the pain from this surgery is so severe not a day or hour has gone by yet that I haven't felt like vomiting from pain. It's serious Shit.

not included in surgrry

Some extra fees to.keep in mind are 200 in surgery meds and another 200 after surgery medd. I brought 5600 with me 4200 dollar surgery and have already used the 1200 extra. But all is paid including stay at cipla. I did get a discount though ;). And I do have money on reserve but I still didn't expect to.spend it all I guess


I tried to stand up long enough to post photos took one photo not even a good one. I almost fainted was out two hours glad I made it to the bed. It's not a good photo...

didnt upload

Phone says file size too big lol

bbl post op

cabral bbl post op

post op

post op

Stupid phones only letting me bring up one at a time thank god I'm bored. I feel so far he did me right although the first day I was so miserable I layed with my butt in the crack of the hospital bed I'm sure it was weird but it was the most comfortable thing I could and rest of month is lay on stomach time


swelling has gone down tremendously

Ok my small faja no longer fits except on my ass. Where my figure 8 dips in I have a lot of extra material. So excited and it's only been 4 days. Feeling so much better! Due towWiFi connection issues I will post photo tomorrow! Coming back to Cabral in Dec for vaginoplasty and nose job quotes 4800. Fyi Cabral trained yilly and Duran! Just so ya know


New pics not completely healed yet. Cabral 3 weeks post op.

Lumps on bottom of stomach area.

My stomach is soft and mostly healed only on my rib cage and the inner part between my ribs. The bottom half of my stomach is bumpy and hard and I am unable to bend In that area as it is still healing. My bf massages me everyday and after a massage the bumps are gone. So I do believe once healed I will be smooth. My measurements are 40 30 40

Gosh my stomach is still swollen and lumpy .....does anyone know how long it takes to heal??

New cabral pics lumps going away with time

New pics

yilly or duran?

Cabrals the Shit

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look good hunn .. you should update us :)
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I finally found a Cabral doll as tall as me! Your results are awesome! Now I know theres hope for me bcus I was worried I wouldn't have enough fat. Im 5'11 175lbs. Thanks for sharing your journey!
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Girl you look fiyah!
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You look great
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You look great! I'm at awe with your waist!
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you look really good is your stomach now? also what is and isnt included in cabrals quote? overnight cipla stay? garment? or nothing?
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He originally quoted for 6100 and then 6500 and then I asked why. He said I needed 200 for faja and 240 for meds so he made the quote 6500
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Thanks hun
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Your results ate getting EVEN better.
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Amazing sexy new pics!! Congrats! Thin with a huge donk ..! Hopefully I get that with round 2.. Love ur legs . Want that.. garment did u use if u don't mind
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I used the one they gave me at hospital and when I started to shrink I just wrapped my body with extra towels an sheet to sleep. It actually is the most comfortable thing to do rather than buying smaller. I have sensitive skin and I can't take wearing the faja all the time. The plastic surgeon that did my boobs told me that by wearing a faja your results won't change he said it is just a matter of comfortability. I did however but a cincher to wear day to day. This too will not change your shape permanently just keeps you swelling down.
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You look great!!!!!! Ugh amazing body! I'm scheduled with another doctor but will like to switch to Cabral I already have quote he gave me a couple months ago can I just go in to cipla and get consultation and hopefully sx next day with him? I don't want anyone else to do my bbl but him. Please help doll :( I leave to DR tomorrow night btw..
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I heard you can, a lot of people do it.
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You look Great!! Did you try a heating blanket on your belly for half an hour than massage? I read other girls say it helps!! Happy healing you look Awesome!!
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Great curves!
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Did you have a tummy tuck or just Lipo? You look GOOD!
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Lipo and bbl
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Who did your boobs:)))
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Bassins dr Mendoza
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Thank you, they look gorgeous. Did you kinda have boons prior ? They look so natural.
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My friend went to cabral and unfortantly has the same lumpy stomach. She looked into getting it fixed and was told by several docs she'll need a tummy tuck (muscle repair)
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How long ago did your friend do it
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