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Hi there, welcome!

Have you had a consultation/gotten a quote from Dr. Duran yet? We'd love a little more info about your journey so the community can support you and share your experience. :-)

Anyone willing to give up a May Day ???

I really need a date for May !!! If anyone is willing to give up your date please let me know
I plan on traveling to get a tt bbl in september or october if anyone has plans on traveling these dates I'd. Love to have a traveling buddy its nerve racking traveling. By myself
I think you shouldn't come alone your gonna need a lot of help the first week
If I get accepted for the loan I plan on trying to get my bbl in September with Fisher!!

Loving my New Body

I finally got my bbl yesterday I'll be uploading pictures soon today after my first massage dr fisher gave me a k.o.d booty lol , didn't feel so much pain till this morning but the pill took it all away , it was soo worth it ! The lady from recovery was soo nice and very helpful I had to stay there a bit loner cause I got very dizzy when I went to the bathroom but she said it's normal cause I was moving a lil to quick !
What was your surgery quoted?
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