I've been learning sooo much on Realself it's...

I've been learning sooo much on Realself it's ridiculous!!!!
I've also met a few awesome soon-to-be dolls & already made dolls!!!!
Now I think it's time I start my journey since I officially decided on the doctor.
i'm 44y/o. 190lbs, 5'4". I have 2 children 23 (by c-section) & 18 (vag delivery). I Emailed Drs Yily, Duran, Baez, & Robles. Only heard from Yily & Baez.
Yily quoted me $4300, Baez $3900 for BBL, TT & lipo. BAEZ IT IS!!!!! Quite pleased with Baez's reviews. Yily says I MUST lose 20lbs, Baez says 10lbs. I joined the gym last week & will lose the wt. needed to have a safe surgery. This journey is so exciting travelling with such wonderful ppl. I'm not trying to have a donk!!! Just want to feel good in & out of clothes. Oh yea, I haven't told my husband yet, lol. But he's wonderful & always want me to be happy & do what makes me happy. (so y haven't I told him yet? lol) Though, I will do what I want, maybe I don't want to hear his opinion as yet. I'm sure he's gonna tell me he loves me just as I am. My kids & my mom already know my plans

I've already started slowly gathering my supplies.

I'm looking forward to the new transformation that Dr. Baez is going to perform!!!!

Oh yea, I plan to stay at an all inclusive for 14days. Stay in RH 3 days then go back to all inclusive b/c as far as I have learned, we only need to stay in a RH x 3-4 days. I don't want to leave Dominican until my drains are out.


When is your sx date? I just scheduled mine for April 15th. Good luck with everything. My mom is coming with me as well (she's a RN) and I plan on staying at Upscale RH with my mom. It seems to be a good place for her as well.
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Dont have a concrete date. Dr.Baez emailed me last nite. She has nothing for mid-feb. ive been considering upscale for a few days post op. gotta see when Dr. Has availability in Feb. i want Feb not March
welcome, the best wishes for you
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So I emailed Dr. Baez on the weekend asking for my date. (Feb 19). After waiting 2 days, couldn't wait anymore. I called her yesterday & left a message with her hubby requesting my date. He passed the message & she replied to my email last night.
SHE HAS NO DATES MID FEB. Was that a disappointment or what? the only thing, she didn't say what dates she has. So I just emailed her asking which dates she has. I REALLLLLYYYYYY would like a date in Feb.
Wish me luck folks!!!!!!!!!!!!


honey, you would be go to dr. yilly o duran, her work is much better, i have long time check review and II can see duran and yilly working great. in the beginning I was go to dr. australia but, i dont know she dont have many girls here.
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Yily told me to lose 20lbs. I didnt want to deposit then not lose the weight . Duran never answered my email. I like Baez tho. Im really vibin her! Plus i inly have to lose 10lbs for Baez.

IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!! Feb 6th!!!!!!!!!

I'm on Dr. Baez's list for Feb 6th. Now i'm even more excited!!!!!!!!!!! Now gotta look into flight.


Hey Almondeyes--so wonderful to hear how much you have learned...and now you are sharing your journey--that's great! As Sexeeangel shared with you, it seems from your pics that you carry most of your fat in the abdomen. Hopefully, there will be enough fat to harvest to achieve what your looking for in the booty department considering your Doc's request for the 20lb weight loss......
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Actually Baez only wanted 10lbs. Which sounds more favorable to me after what Sexee told me.
Hello Hun...I'm sooooo glad that you are learning from this site...it's all about self help...self nurture...self care...Empowerment!!! The Womanhood...Bbl Gals rock...imma follow your journey...
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Told hubbie today

I finally built up the nerve to let hubbie know my plans for Feb 2014. He was quite good. (not that I thought differently), so y was I trying to hold out on letting him know till next year? lol I couldn't hold out anymore. I got my date this week & I am starting to gather my supplies etc. I just wanted him to know. His 2 thoughts were: It's dangerous, what if I die & what if there are complications. Quite ligit!!! I told him first answer, I have more of a chance of getting into a car accident. Secondly, I will save enough $ that I can take 1month off of work in case there are complications. I told him that I have my date then asked what he thought about it. He said, I already made my plans, so it doesn't matter what he thinks. (SEE Y I MARRIED HIM LADIES?, HE'S A SMART MAN!!!!!!) lmao He knows I don't just rush into anything. I also explained that I will pay 1/3 of what I was quoted here. I Love this man!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm a little obsessed with this site too but congrats to you ! Glad ur man is understanding n helping out $ (mine is too) . Ur day will come b4 u know it n ill be following ur journey. Very happy 4 u
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Thanx Bkllybeauty!!!

Make me heal Supplies ordered!!!

Ordered my pre-post op vits, Arnica etc. $185 later!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Im staying for 2weeks too girl!!! Good Luck on your jouney. I think a month off of work for the both of us will be just fine because its a sit down gig. If more time is needed I will be granted it by management no questions asked. I think it depends on the person because some of these ladies have went back to work after mommy makeovers 2 and 3 weeks post op...Muah xoxo
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You seem to have the same idea as me mama!!! Great minds think alike, lol Good luck again! 1.5mths for u!
Hey lady congratulations! But ur gonna need more than a month off having three major sx! Plz stay in dr til your jt tubing is taken out by your dr!!! Trust me on that one....oh amd also ur stitches! No american doctor will touch an international dr's work! Just heads up! Im so happy for you!
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Where is sexyjiggle?

Has anyone heard from her? I have been worried!!!! Nothing from her since she landed in DR!!!!!!!!!!


Hey I'm changing to Baez too!!! I'm trying to go in January I wish you the best !
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all the best Jay! Hopefully she isn't all booked. I thought I was sooooo far from sx date that i'd get the date I wanted. Was soooo shocked when told only had 2 dates in the whole month of Feb. Good luck again! Just don't b surprised if she has no dates till march.
OMG!!!!! Let me e-mail her right away!! Thx for the heads up

Make me heal shipment in today

Finally received my supply from MMH. Next order lipofoam & p-ez. Nowhere seems to ship the stuff to Canada!!!!! Might have to have my Niece order it to her house in New York & ship them to me!!! How frustrating! It's fun shopping for supplies. Makes this process seem even more real.

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The preview pic came out sideways, I thought it would post sideways, I wasn't able to rotate pic. Glad it posted correctly.


Good luck with your journey. Baez will work her magic on you.
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Thanx!!! I hope so!!! I'm not nervous as yet, I'm slowly becoming excited. I'm just kinda anxious re: pain/discomfort. I don't do pain well. I just can't believe it's less than 2 mths left.
Everyone is different but for me it was more uncomfortable than painful. Having the drain in is the worse part. The meds that Baez gives you work though.

Seasons greetings!!!

I just want to take a minute to say happy holiday to all my RS sisters!!!! Wishing u all a safe journey, happy healing, good health, prosperity, and BANGING BODIES for this season and the New Year!!!! Please be safe during the holiday & dont forget the reason for the season. I'm workin 3-12 hr days (24-25-26th) so its not joyous for me so hopefully you all enjoy for me!!!!


Congrats and good luck
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Thanx. Good luck on your journey!
I wanted to send you blessings & prayers on your SX & I pray for a speedy recovery!
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ITS OFFICIAL !!!!!! Hb 13.5

It's a goooo!!!! Saw Dra Baez today!! Hemoglobin 13.5. Wt. 180lbs. I was so nervous about my wt loss journey. Started at 190 lbs and couldn't for the life of me lose it. Joined gym since October, going 3-4 times/ wk, I juiced x 1.5 wks & had noooooooo carbs at all & noooo sugar x 1 wk. On schedule for Thursday. She's so pretty & pleasant. Her husband is very good with English/translating. No interpretor needed. Will keep y'all posted after sx. I am OFFICIALLY excited about the transformation.


Yeahhhhhh you did it bby girl!! Wooo hooo!
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I knoooo!!!!!! It's time!!!!
Im happy for you! U go girly!

My daughter had sx with Dr. Luis Lima today!

I never heard about Dr. Lima until a few wks ago from RS sister (righttightmarch2014). Thank you soooooo much!!! I told my daughter about him, who does bigger girls. She said the only consultation she wanted when she came to DR with me was with him. We came for the consult yesterday (4th). Did I say that my child did no prep b/c she did not come for sx. She only wanted a consult? Well he said her wt was no problem. Did I say her Wt is 230? Lol. He had a cancellation for today. Her hemoglobin was 13. EKG was great! Surgery went well. She had tummy tuck, butt lift & arms done. I'm in recovery rm with her until tomorrow. Upscale will pick us up & they will take me to my appointment for sx, take her to the RH, then I will join her at Upscale on Friday am.

Everyone at Dr. Lima's office is nice/pleasant/friendly. There are a few staff members that speak English. Libby's assistant (I think) lived in the USA. Is very helpful & informative. I am using my translator app. Wifi isn't the greatest, but it's better than no access! Libby gave us a rm with a shower b/c she knows I have sx tomorrow & have to shower tonight & tomorrow am. I think dr. Lima only does up to 4 surgeries/day.

My daughter says she is not in pain. She says it's discomfort+++. She got pain med x1. Which knocked her to heck out x 30mins. She's trying to cope thus far. My turn in am!!! Good nite!


Good luck and happy healing for your daughter
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Post op pics of my daughter.

We took pics last night b4 sx. But they are on her phone. She is not out of bed yet. I've been moving her around. Sat her up to side of bed x1. All in getting her comfortable & preventing DVTs. I promise to post better b4/after pix righttight sis.


Loved your review maybe because we have Similar situations (kind of) I have sx on the 28 leave on the 27th yep less than 20 days and still haven't built up the nerve to tell the hubster (don't know why.....we'll maybe I do, I will get the eyebrow then the puppy dog eyes, then he will go out of his way to make me feel beautiful without it and in turn, I'll change my mind) I'm so excited for you and your baby girl!! Sending positive vibes and a safe recovery to you guys :)
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Good luck
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Good luck and happy healing to the both of you.
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Baez Babe !!!!

Sx went well. DR Baez gave me 1500mls in both cheeks. She said I needed hips & a little bit of inner thigh lipo so she did it with no additional cost. Sweet sweet doctor. She came to see me yest. eve before going home and again before starting her day to check up on me & the incisions.

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Got to Upscale around noon.

Every one here is nice & friendly. Always willing to help.

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First nite

I had no pain. I itched like a b....!!!! It was driving me nuts. Today, it's just a slight itch tho. My back is super sensitive.


Yeaaaaaaaaa! Happy healing love! :)
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congrats to u and your daughter! ant wait to see post op pics!
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Good luck
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Hemoglobin Post-op.

It's a good thing I was 13.5 pre-op. It dropped to 10. Not bad at all


Congrats doll.
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Wow congrats to both you and your daughter! Wishing you both a smooth recovery, happy healing ladies !!
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Day 2 post op

Massage day

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Still day 2


Day. 2 post op. First ultrasonic Massage. Wasnt too painful. Back was very tender. Felt like water underneath. Bruising on inner thigh & upper back. Body soreeeer. Massage was good. She will be back tomorrow am. No pain no gain ( i guess). I dont know what else to write for this review. Later!


You said she was conservative with your BBL, did you ask her for a natural look? Do you know how many cc's you got? Your waist is snatched! Happy healing.
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Thanx. I got 1500 in each cheek. I asked for natural,enuf for my size. I got 500 in hips.
Oh ok. Most doct won't do more than 1750 cc's per cheek in one round. So your near the max.

Dr. Baez came to see me after sx...

Dr. Baez came to see me after sx, before going home. She came to see me the next morning to discharge me & see my incision sites & make sure i was ok. Anytime i called with a concern, she promptly returned my calls. Saw me if needed, and f/u when she said she will f/u. She is conservative on the amt of fat given for BBL but she at least gives to your size. Today is 19 days post op and this abdominal swelling is insane!!!! I thought i'd be better by now! Had my 9th massage last night. This faja is definitely not my best friend yet!

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Pre and Post-op Pics!

Just thought id see how i look in my wrkout gear now. With faja on. 21 days post op

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Pics of TT & Belly Button taken march 6th (approx 1 month post op)

I tried making a video of my seroma so that y'all can see what it looks like but it doesn't let me post. I will continue to try. It's about 10 seconds long so not sure why. I went to get it drained last night. DR drained 60 mls. I have an appt on Monday with a general surgeon.

I still have lots of itching & swelling & stiffness& tenderness & stabbing pains (not Very painful). I still haven't stayed off my butt. It's soooooo hard. I try using pillows under my thigh then my butt still ends up on bed. Or I wake up on bed. Whatever. I'm not gonna let this ruin my life. I refuse to obsess over this. Last night was my best night. I woke once. The last month I woke every 1-2 hrs all night. I woke to pee then was soooo stiff & swollen. Had to get comfortable back in bed to wake 1 hr later.

I was supposed to start work today. My doctor does not want me back yet. I need $$$$ so I will try to go tomorrow, lol. I saved for this sx & the time off but now I need to go back.

I hope this was informative!


Congratulations, happy healing and great transformation!
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Look at you! Happy. Healings:-)
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Hi Almondeyes! I'm looking into Lima. Does your daughter have a realself page? If not, will she allow you to send me or post additional pics of Lima's work?
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5 wks post op

This itching is still rediculous. I wrked a 12-hr day yest. Came home so tired. Showered as soon as i walked thru the door b/c this itch is maddening. It did not help. It was so crazy i went to sleep without my faja for the first time. I refused to put it on & itsc more & couldnt reach it. Hubby put back on my faja this am b4 he left for wrk without a prob. It went on like it missed me, lol. I'm 173lbs. Seroma seems to be doing well. Swollen++ but dont feel or see the fluid since being drained monday.


Congratulations to you, and your daughter, hope you're both healing well.
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Thanks. We r doing as well as can b. 3 wks & counting until you're snatched!
How did u know u had a seroma.wats driving.me crazy is the swelling in my right side back . And dont know what to do for it I been getting.my massages.

5wk pics

Still swollen+++. Itching+++. Hubby massages me every night after shower with Bio oil. I use biocorneum on scars.

I wish I knew how to put pics side by side to compare pre & post op.


Congrats to u and ur Dtr! Did ur Dtr do an arm lift or arm lipo and does she have a review on here
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It's so hard to stay off my butt. I hope I didn't kill cells. Ive been on it since sx. I honestly have been trying hard to stay off since starting wrk last wk. I wake sometimes & I'm on butt or hips.
Ur welcome

My daughters arm lift

Since a teen she had the arm flap that she wanted to get rid of. Dr. Lima cut it off for her. She is happy now.


Looking fabulous......great transformation.....daughter's work is on point as well, Happy Healing!
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Many sisters wanting pics of my daughter

Since ive been getting sisters wanting to see Dr. Limas wrk. I decided to post a few. She now has a hematoma that they said wil reabsorb. She never did keep
Quiet once we got home. Again, she's 24. He did sx on her at 230lbs. She knows her results would have been better if she was smaller.


Thanks for the pic of armlift!! It's good to know he does tt a lift and bbl together !! Was he reasonable in price!! ? Can't wait to see ur Dtr bbl !! Is she happy with her results?
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Thanx booty!
Thanx April. She is happy.

Upclose of daughters tummy tuck

Just took this with her lying in bed.


I wanna go to dr Lima how much did he charge your daughter if u don't mind me asking
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Atarax works great for itching. It's a prescription oral medication that also makes you a little sleepy, great for nights especially.
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Fade cream anyone?

Does anyone knowa good bleaching cream/ scar fade cream to put on these 5/6 black incision marks on my back? I've been using my scar cream but it's doing nothing for these dots on my back!


I love the arm lift work he did on ur daughter how much did he change her?
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$4200. TT, arm lift, she got 500 cc in butt
wow thanks really cheap of all of that i wish he had pics of his work so I can see.

Week 8

I am still extremely itchy. 24/7. I takes the Neurontin 600mg three times/day. It only works for some time then I have to raise the dose. I just started taking 900mg but last night was my 2nd time. I took it mon am & it knocked me to heck out. Thank God I wasn't working. I took 600mg as 2nd dose (had to work at 3pm) then 900mg at night. Not itchy right now. But once I start taking the 900mg regularly & it becomes ineffective, I will have to change Meds.

I didn't hear that any of u sisters are this itchy all the time. It seems as though theirs is intermittent & bareable. Benadryl does nothing for mine. It seems to wrk for others.

My back is still sore & the pins & needles, sharp cutting pain is mainly when I'm getting out of bed or the couch. I'm fine at wrk. I'm going to be 9 wks post op in 2 days. This seems to be an everlasting hiccup. I'm soooo annoyed & tired of this.

Here are 8 wk post op pics. Not much different to last post. Swelling is down.

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Didn't mean to post

Accidentally pressed post review. Meant to post more pics


Congrats to both of you:-) def looking great:-)
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Thank you! Its sooo hard to keep anything on my itchy back.
Can only imagine but itching is good cause it's a sign of healing:-)

Thanx abillion exoticvibe!!!!

Nothing to add but i love love my new pieces. Didnt take pic of butt-in shorts.


Did your daughter get a bbl?
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Yes. A small one. 500mls
Hey lady !!! If u don't stay out of them jeans til you're six mos and after !!!
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

What I liked about her was her quick & personalized response. Though some of the quote was generic, she answered my questions personally within the quote. Another plus for her is that she only does 1-2 surgeries per day b/c she does other things at the hospital. I feel that she will not be rushed to "meet a quota".

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