PICS,10 Days Post OP, BACK in the states and loving my Results :) Thanks to DR. YILY

Well I'm 24 year old weight about 183 5'3. I...

Well I'm 24 year old weight about 183 5'3. I always been a very petite about 120 pds. until I had a baby 1 year ago, I tried almost everything, but this is it! I been thinking about this for a couple of months now and have researched everywhere and everything brings me back to Dr. Yily, All her reviews, pictures, website makes me feel comfortable. A lot of people(family) are telling me to stop trying to take the easy way out but, I don't see it that way. I see it as a boost to a better lifestyle. I have a Full time Job, part time student and almost full time job, since i gave birth i haven't really had time to workout, I come home late put my son to sleep, do homework and eat VERY late. So that i definitely have to change that. I plan after surgery to at least work out for 1 hour a day and start eating as healthy and as early as possible. Ive learned that this is not going to be an easy process but, I've had surgery before and i know the pain i will be going through but, all is mental and as long as I'm optimistic about everything i will be fine.SOOO let my journey begin all I'm waiting for is for Dr. Yily to email me back for my quote, NEW YEAR NEW ME!!! I will like lots of positive feedback so don't hesitate :)

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So i finally got my quote and i think its pretty...

So i finally got my quote and i think its pretty decent, I have to pick a date but i would really rather share this experience with someone who is going through it with so Im about to check some of ya girls Dates and see who needs a partner One of the requirements is staying at the recovery house because i have a son to come home to and i want NO RISK while out there & come home GOOD! :)


I'm set for the 13 also.
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@Smile305..I will b arriving on the 13th but my sx date is the 14th.. If you want to share a room let me know..
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Never mind. I saw that you found a roommate already. :-) I wonder how many people per room. Do you know?
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Well I don't really have much to say, just been...

Well I don't really have much to say, just been reading updated Profile, Comments & waiting for my time to come.. Super anxious, but pleased with the reviews makes me feel at ease. I appreciate all the details and informative discussions, questions & answers glad i bumped into this website... GIrls Good Luck and wish all of ya a speedy recovery and to thosewho have done the sx already I'm happy yah keep us updated to get ready for whats coming for us...... MARCH 13, 2013 YAY :) TTYL :)

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Got a email today from Dr. Yily, she now has a...

Got a email today from Dr. Yily, she now has a PayPal account which makes it Sooo much easier:)

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So i Have Switch my Day instead of March 13th, I...

So i Have Switch my Day instead of March 13th, I am going on APRIL 8, 2013.. So anyone that is going that day please hmu if u want to buddy up :)


My Operation is scheduled for April 11 with Doctor Camilo in Santo Domingo (works in the same clinic as Yily) for April 11. ***I will be staying at Jacqueline's for 6 days, email me at if you want a travel and recovery budy ***
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So i was going for the 8th but Yily said she is...

So i was going for the 8th but Yily said she is full for that date, but she gave me the 9th a day after which doesn't really matter as long as its before summer cuz i cant do another summer with a girdle trying to hide my love So anyone who knows someone or is going on that day and want to buddy up hum :)

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Does anyone know where I can get the vitamins you...

Does anyone know where I can get the vitamins you have to take before surgery?? &, I really would like to stay for the recommended days which is 10-12 days but beings that i have a 1 Year old and i been mostly a stay at home mom its already becoming depressing and that anxiety of being away for too long i have decided to stay for only 7 DAYS!!! Any opinions or suggestion, so confused, but i have seen post that people only stayed for less than that, can i get feed back, The good thing is that my sister is willing to help me out a lot once i get back with my baby and myself :) so anxious :)


My vitamins I got from Cosco.. B complex and iron.. Or go to GNC... If u stay only 7 days u may have to go home with ur drain... Several ppl had to go home with their drains when you don't stay at least 10 days... I stayed 10 days.. My drain was removed on day 9..
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Well im starting to double think this, not because...

Well im starting to double think this, not because i dont want it, cause i want it more than anything but everytime i set a date something always comes up. I was scheduled for the 13th of March, & a family emergency came up, so I switched my date to the 8th of April which is in 3 days and i came down with one of the worst cold of my life that i had to miss 1 1/2 week of work(today is my 1st day back) So I spoke to Yily to give me 2 weeks to set my next date just to be clear with all.So as i was talking to my mom i told her te only thing that would stop me is if i get the Call i been waiting on for so long that i should have been getting this month anyway and thats for my new apartment, although that will make me the happiest person to finally get my own place with my own little family, me getting this procedure will make even happier.... what a dilemma i have.. On a good note once i set my date my mom said to let her know to see if she can take off so her and my baby can go with me and we have ourselves a lil DR vacation :0) until next time RS...
P.S. Too Much drama on here its starting to look like Facebook.. lol

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So I have came to a date MAy2,2013. I spoke to...

So I have came to a date MAy2,2013. I spoke to Yily herself today. I have everything . Started taking my vitamins Monday. Bought everything online, medicines, dresses, vitamins, squeem compression girdle, sleeve compression, I mean everything. Only thing missing is my flight which I will be checking the prices everyday since it seems to go up & down Prices. I will be staying at the SPA for the First 4 days then go to a hotel for the rest of my stay out there. Its finally Happening :) SO NOW IM LOOKIN FOR SOMEONE WHO IS GOING FOR THOSE DAYS TO PARTNER UP WITH. HMU IN MY INBOX, Good Luck to those who are getting close to their dream Body, And wish a speedy recovery to those have been through it already.


OH and where are your PRE OP pics girl? lol :-)
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Good luck with yily. Gss ill c u at jmspa:-)
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Likewise :)

Finally Its Going down!!!! The FAct that i Have...

Finally Its Going down!!!! The FAct that i Have everything makes this dream so realistic & having the support of my family and my Hubby(which paid for literally everything!) Makes me feel so happy and confident about this! I was actually surprised when he said he "got me"! cuz when i first came up with the conversation about getting this done, he was not with it! He just got at me telling me that I'm always looking for the easy way out, but then he started noticing how bad i wanted this and how miserable i was becoming and my self esteem went from 10 to like 6 and the way i cried when certain clothes wouldnt fit or not having that big bootylicious ass he finally gave in and said " i just want to see you happy and if this is what u want to see my baby happy again then this is what you're getting" after that my frown became a big ass, but when he said he was going to pay for everything that smile became a cheesy ass smile from ear to ear. *** I just had to share how amazing he is*** MADD CHEESY BUT O WELL ITS MY BLOG I WRITE WHAT I WANT!!!LOL


Awww tht ws sweet of ur hubby:-)) I dnt get y ppl say lipo is the easy way out. Yeah it's easy but I c it as the smart way out. Exercise shrinks ur fat cells nd lipo removed ur fat cells. Wht other better way to start from scratch?? Duhhh There is none lol. Good luck honey gss ill c u n the Dr. Ill b at the spa on the 1st.
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i still havent put them up... i decided to put them up all in one shot the before and after ;)
oh okay....yeah i arrive the 1st already made reservations at JMspa also, cuz i heard sometimes its overbooked too.Thats Cool see u there then :)

10 More days!!!!! :D well this week has been a...

10 More days!!!!! :D well this week has been a roller coater ride, I must admit NOT smoking has had me mood, BUT its been a week of soberness for me especially this weekend. BUT Im happy I did it! A liitle sad cuz my mom and my son wont be coming with me, although she got the week off she said she rather not spend that money and give it to me for any emergency and she'll stay home taking care of him :) which makes me feel secure cuz he is one spoiled brat and she loves spoiling him ^_^...On another note, Taking those vitamins somehow makes me a bit nauseous, I wonder if it does to anyone else?, Maybe cuz I was trying to take all at the same cuz i started dividing them and feel much better.Well Im off This, about to do more online shopping :) Everyone enjoy your day.


Thanks :).. LOL i know, and the whole fact that its a process and still have to maintain better results its not in no way easy! Everyone is different, when my sister was pregnant after birth she went right back to her normal size, NOT me :( and i was way smaller than her, So this has not been easy at all. Hope to see I am also arriving at the Spa the 1st and staying there until the 6th then heading to the Hotel Plaza De Sol, the one Yily recommended as well. Are u staying at the Spa your whole trip?
Yeah we still hav to maintain the results nd pretty much take on a much healthier way of lifr nd how we look at food. No not staying at spa the whole trip. Prob may 1- may 7. Havent completely decided so i gss itll depend on how we feel. But we will go to marriot renaissance the remaining days until the 13th. Still trying to figure out whts best for us. How long r u stayin.n.DR?
EXACTLY!OH okay u have a buddy , thats great :) well Im staying until the 11th ill take the afternoon flight so i can see Dr. Yily the morning before I leave. Have u reserved at the Marriott, If so how much?? Im going to the Hotel cuz i heard its around the clinic way and there is shopping area/food 15 minutes away,NOt sure still trying to figure it


This is especially problematic in hospitals, where there is a greater likelihood of catching the highly potent and contagious staph infection known as MRSA

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So there is someone on here who got a Staph...

So there is someone on here who got a Staph Infection, and at first that made me a little skeptical but not doubtful about Dr. Yily, So then I read this article today and felt the need to share. Im not doing it to defend Dr. Yily but doing it so people can be aware it can happen to anyone, whether its surgery their going through or Not!

Here is where my eyes open WIDE, While bedbugs have not been found to transmit infections to humans, they leave itchy bites after feeding on people’s blood, which can lead to secondary infections when victims scratch, opening themselves up to bacteria. This is especially problematic in hospitals, where there is a greater likelihood of catching the highly potent and contagious staph infection known as MRSA.

Here is the Link incase anyone wants to read the whole article,


Yeah we hav our reservations at jmspa. I'm still trying to figure out exactly where I want to stay tho. I c U changed ur name:-))
Yeah, who is this?? lol Smile?




Whoot whoot!!! Dr here we come!!! We r sharing all the same emotions rt now lol. Good luck baby love. Wishing u a uneventful sx nd complication free recovery!!! Xoxo
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Likewise luv :)

Okay so basically this is what has happened during...

Okay so basically this is what has happened during these last 3 days, first of all I was suppose to fly in Wednesday , ended up missing my flight so had to pay $150 extra for next day, I called Yily immediately since my sx was the day after on Thursday. She said it was okay beings that I was taking the early flight I'll be one of the afternoon girls, so I get here Thursday straight from the airport I went to Yily got here around 1130 am so I get all the test done and waited until 5 pm, Thank God my level were just on point( I think everyone is real sweet, especially yira who hung out with me most of the time) anyways around 5 Yily comes in marks me up and gives me the 'blue pill' she suggested for me to get a tummy tuck but I refuse. 1 because I do plan on having more kids 2 my plans wasn't to get TT & 3 she ask me of I was planning on wearing a 2 piece I told her no, I never wore a 2 piece and wasn't planning too, she asked me that because of my stretch marks, I never really cared about them because it reminds me of my son which I miss line crazy. Anyways back to what I been through so after the blue pill I remember being taken to the sx room, after that I KO, I did wake up during sx and remember telling the doctor that I couldn't breathe through my nose, so he told me calm down and put saline drops in my nose then I KO after that, I remember waking up around midnight shivering I wasn't cold but for some reason I couldn't stop shaking from head to toe...yesterday morning was the worst that pain was unbearable from 1-10 it was def a 10. I'm glad I had a couch in the room cuz I got on my knees and was the only way I was comfortable. So the nurses come to clean me up and put the faja on it wasn't as bad as I expected maybe because the pain was taking over. So I get to the spa and as soon as I get here they offered me food which was the best cuz I haven't eating at all the soup they give u in cipla is nasty or maybe Is because I don't eat soup -_- so after I ate I walked up to my room BTW if ur upstairs u can try walking up the stairs side ways it's better than walking straight up. I didn't share the room so I got a room all to myself. Well last night I couldn't sleep well. And it wasn't because of the pain but because my ass was itching a lot the nurses stuffed it so much I literally took my comb and started scratching with it to the point where I made a hole in my faja UGh. I cried about 3 times but I think it was more about me missing my family and wishing one of them were here. I can't wait to get a massage which is until Wednesday. As of for right now my back and my ass is in pain yesterday I was face down today ill try to remain face up. Watching tv. I'm going to try to rest I will update more and try to upload pics also right now I can't cuz I'm still in pain, maybe tomorrow it will be a better day:)


Happy healing!
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Girl I'm here too. If you want me come visit you them PM me your real name & which room.
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So I got back home yesterday, definitely missing...

So I got back home yesterday, definitely missing some BBL buddies i met at the spa :( Loving my results :) As far as my trip back home it was pretty good,beings that it was only 3 hours i got to sleep most of the time. My family are impressed with my results, especially my Husband he loves it, he says i have to introduce him to this new body of very swollen but from before and after there is a big difference, cant wait to get these Massages started which I am Thankful for Mothers Day since that was my gift from my hubby(love him so much for being very supportive)HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE MOMMIES ON THIS,,,, HERE ARE SOME PICS :) HOPE YOU LIKE


what was the total you spent in all? Airfare, room, surgery etc.. hope you're felling better
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In total about $5,500 still came home with $ 200.00
Same here like 5500$
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I Chose Doctor Yily because of the great reviews and feedbacks about her but, not only the reviews also the pictures are great :) I found her on this website "real" and also read more about her on her website.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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