Breast Lift / Lipo Sculpture in 4 Days!!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

I leave in 3 days to go to DR for sx in 4 days...

I leave in 3 days to go to DR for sx in 4 days with Dr Yily! I'm getting a breast lift and lipo...I'm fortunate to not need any butt work done! The info I have seen on this site has helped me get over most of the nervousness I felt. I even saw good reviews for the RH I'm staying in. I can't wait! I will definitely post before/after pics and a full review. It's only right that I do so since other reviews have helped me! Keep me in prayer!!!!
be blessed your covered. Look to your strength above. everything will be fine. Can't wait until you post pic. I'm trying to get my sx date with Dr. Yily now.
I hope your recovery is going well! I can't wait 2 c your post op pics!!
I hope your recovering well and have good results
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