EXCITED date set bbl to n lipo dra duran - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm looking to get a bigger fuller behind n hips...

I'm looking to get a bigger fuller behind n hips tummy tuck n lipo . I'm sold on Dominican Republic just hard to figure out where should I go. I have heard a couple of bad reviews n good but I'm huge in faith n I'm looking forward to bigger n better behind lol . I called duran n she picked up right away n gave me her email n asked me to sen before n after pictures

Looking for march surgery dare

I'm anxious to go get this bbl tummy done can't wait for 2014 summer

These are my wish pics

Virginia recovery home

I called to reserve she is so sweet so nice full of I formation on what to do love .. hospitality. .

My first package came in

I have been going crazy shopping on amazon .. my date is coming sooner and I am at 182 an I want to loose weight but don't want to loose the fat to put in my ass

wish pics

shopping for things

I have hit up dollar tree....and I have also gotten more of my shipments


My day is com in g soon and I can't wait to get the rest of my thing the experience on realself and the information given have been great help

I'm almost done getting everything

I am almost done in have a couple more things to go I need my passport and bye bye
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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