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I have been wanting a small waist and big butt for...

I have been wanting a small waist and big butt for as long as I can remember. I had a tummy tuck 10yrs ago and had a baby 3yrd yea...need work I decided that now was my chance to finally get that booty my I have always wanted. I am sorry I haven't been posting prior to now, but I leave in 17 days and I'm getting nervous. I will be going with my sister and a friend.but we need someone else. So if there is anyone who needs a buddy plz let me know.

OMG....the time is starting to fly by. I am...

OMG....the time is starting to fly by. I am getting butterfly's in my stomach. Just thinking of all the things I will need to bring. I ordered my fajate couple days ago, so now it's getting hygiene supply's. what is this funnel you ppl speak Not being funny but idk. And the meds I can purchase there at the pharmacy right???? Any way I will try to post everyday until sx date
Hi Queen35!! thank you for sharing your journey with us :D! The funnel is the lil' cup thing you use to pee. Some people have trouble going to the bathroom after sx. There is one it out. Now, the meds-you can purchase them through Yily or have your doctor write you a Rx for them. The vitamins you can purchase at any drug store and you don't need a Rx for them.Your time for SX is around the corner!! Hope you have a great sx and an even grater
sorry-my bose was coming torwards me and I panic and click enter! lol. Hope you have a great sx and an even greater recovery!! Hoping for the best. Please keep us posted it! xo
Thx so much

So were here and waiting on our ride from jspa ....

So were here and waiting on our ride from jspa . boy was jr supper late picking us up. We get to jspa to only find out we have no room . We rsv a whole month ago I'm so mad. Now we get to yily to only wait three hr just to get our lab work done. This is not good. So good thing I theirs other doctors in the building that I could go to. So I did. My new dr is dr haliro . I love her she sweet and she make time for her patients unlike yily. She also speak English unlike yily she alo have her work posted of befor and afters unlike yily in her office. Dr hilario also have a big office unlike yily office which is super small. So now back to the jspa we go they fed us and told us we were going to a hotel for just one night and jr would be back at 6:30 am to bring us to Surgry ,well they never showed up and I miss my Surgry . Now to find out that yily and jspa are friend . We were suppose to have a room the next day and they tell us they have no room for us. Wtf wow so that's how they do . O not to mention us three was not the only once who left yily to go to dr hilario it was three other girls. So far yily sucks and jspa. I got in a cab from the hotel were jr dropped us off and my doctor still did my Surgry yayyyyeee team hilario . She is the bomb. And she takes out more fat yily only take 15 cc's wow that's not good. Well I will update u guys later have a bless one.
Does she have a website? Dr. Duran.
How much does she charge... guesstimate for bbl? Is this done under local, conscious sedation or anesthesia?
Updates? =)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I am having my surgery on April 5,2013 and I am looking for a room mate at jspa. I will be staying for 8days.

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