Beginning my Journey... -Dominican Republic, DO

Alright so much like many of us I've been lurking...

Alright so much like many of us I've been lurking and finally decided to go through with this procedure for sure, set up my page and document my journey. I'm 5'3 160lbs even though it may not look like it. So far I'm thinking about going late March, early April and I'm very excited except for that fact that so far I have no one to go with me however I'm hoping that will change by then. I want to get my list of items slowly starting now so that it doesn't feel so overwhelming so if anyone had any tips or ideas I'm open to hear them.


Damn that's crazy ... You're making me rethink now lol I had no idea he taught dr Duran ! Omg do you guys know where I can see his work ? I heard he did this girl jessica mericee body and her body is snatched lol please help me I'm researching too I new to see more photos please can you guys help me
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Sure! Look up Cray Cray, DollFaceAngel and RuBiaBella to name a few.
I heard he does an amAzing job but 2 girls died after idk how or why they died but you should see what were the complications on why they died
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Getting nervous!! What's going on???

So I wake up this morning and do my daily "uuuugggghhhh" look in the mirror only to notice that it appears to me that I'm slimming up!! I took my original pic only a few days ago and now all of that fat that I believed would go into my huge stallion booty is gone!!!!!! Could it have been sodium in my diet? Like WTF??!!!! -_- I sounds weird but I hope it returns! LOL!!! I need all the fat that I can get! HA!!!!

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Still waiting.

Not much shaking right now still waiting to get clearance from my mom if her vacation from work is approved so that she can watch my baby while I'm gone to the DR. As soon as she lets me know I'm putting that deposit down and setting my date! Meanwhile I'm getting the things I need like vitamins etc so that I'm not completely stalled. Still super excited!!!! Just waiting....


I hate being negative but just fyi cabral's nickname in DR is "el mata perro" which translates to "the dog killer". I agree that his girls come out with great bodies, but some get very sick. I know not 1 but 2 girls who had surgery with him. One girl almost died during surgery bc she lost so much blood. Thank God she's fine now and yes her body is hot. The other girl got a tummy tuck and her incision never closed. She got a terrible infection and had to get subsequent surgeries to correct it. I'm not blaming him... who knows who's really at fault in these cases. But just think about it. When you're in dom rep, please make sure you feel comfortable with him and the hospital. Only you know what's right for you. I'm Dominican myself and I'm getting surgery too, but I'm not going to cabral - i don't care how amazing he makes girls. My family would never let me go to him and i just wouldn't want to anyway.
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Yeah, I understand where you're coming from. I have a friend who went to him also and she's perfectly fine. I think that once one educates themselves on the doctor and their past they can make an honest decision and I feel ok with him. My sister & I were disscussing a point that you made also. We honestly don't know where the blame should really be placed so I am going to like you said go, feel the situation out and go from there. :) I definitely have to feel comfortable. Don't want to lose my life for a butt! LOL
Congrats girl! I'm going to Dr. Cabral as well in July. Have you checked out his Instagram? He truly is the Barbie king lol
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Moving forward

It's looking quite possible for my mother's vacation getting approved so I messaged Cabral to see if we could lock a date down. *deep sigh* It seems to be becoming more of a reality to me! Soon I'll have an actual date to work with! Then I can book my flight and reserve a RH!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! I'm leaning towards Yasmin. I've heard good things about her. I have to get my birth control shot the day before I want to leave. I hope that's ok.

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It's Official!

It's official! I'm scheduled for March 12,2014. I've got almost everything I need and what I don't have is in the mail. I'll make a list of what I'm bringing when I get home. I'm obsessed with booties! Like for real! I don't get much sleep lately for researching what to bring, what to take and what doctor did what to who. SMH It's insane. I'm bouncing from RS pages to IG pages to images in google search... It's bad, but hopefully soon my body will pop up in that BBL search and I'll be used as a wish pic! LOL I honestly feel like starting to pack. Can't lose that way right? This way I can pack calmly and think long and hard about what I'll be taking with me without feeling pressured. Now to secure my flight and my RH. *deep sigh* It's getting real guys!!!! I'll post my list when I get home and officially update my sx date in my profile. :)

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My List....

Ok I'm home now so I'll post the list of things that I'm taking with me. I'm taking the bare minimum because I only want to bring a carry on. Briefly I want to add that during a conversation with my mom she let me know that she felt uncomfortable with the fact that I was traveling internationally alone so she said that she and my baby may join me!!!! That made me feel such at ease. The thought that they may go with me makes me SO happy. Anyway, on with the list:

Bed pads
Dial antibacterial soap
Compression socks x2
P*Ez (female urinal)
Maxi pads
Arnica salve & pills
Slip on house shoes
Pajamas x2
Sundress x2
Granny panties x5
Hospital tape
Stool softener
Boppy pillow
Baby wipes
Flip flops
White tank tops x3
Iron pills
Vitamin C
Meds (if I can fill the prescription here in the states)
I'm traveling to and from the DR in the same jogging suit

There's my list. I think that's all that I will need. If you see something that I may have missed please let me know. Thanks!

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I forgot...

I forgot to add Lipo Foam to my list

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Ok so this is my honest journey. I'm going to be honest about my experience. I love Cabral's work but his post sx communication is a little poor. I got my date confirmation from him via WhatsApp. He's very prompt with his response, however once my date was confirmed I was lost.... I'm like ok... Now what. What time is my appt? Should I fly in the day of or the day before? What should I do to prep for surgery? Do I need bloodwork before? What should my hemo be? These are all natural questions in my opinion that if it weren't for RS or a friend of mine that went to him I wouldn't have the answers to. So I asked my friend who went to him, "Now what?" She said to call his assistant 2 weeks before sx to make sure all is still well. I'm like ok. He didn't tell me that and he definitely didn't give me her name or number. SMH So I stumbled upon his assistant's number (Maria Isabel) on RS (I could've gotten it from my friend but I stumbled upon it here). I called her today to find out the time of my appt. 1st call she told me to call back in 30 minutes. She speaks English fairly well. I called back in 30 minutes and she took my name and number down, asked which date I wanted. I'm like ummmmmm I thought I was already confirmed.... Ok. Anyway I tell her the 12th. I ask her what's my appointment time? I'm trying to book my flight. She says once my flight is booked, call back. I'm like..... Ok.... I guess my appt time depends on my flight and my flight doesn't depend on my appointment time.... Ok. So I will try and get a flight for the 11th so that I can get there in the evening and be ready on the 12th. I was really expecting a call from his office or even an email once I was confirmed providing me with the time of my appointment and pre & post sx information. I guess it's so inexpensive because I have to come up with all of that by myself. :-/ Anyway....... Moving forward. Looking for flights. I'll check back in later.


What is his name on instagram??!

Can't sleep...


I'm going to him on the 12th too. See toy there
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Yaaaaayyy!!!!! Yes! See you there!!!!
A lot of ppl call to schedule appointments but never show up. Maria told me once I book my flight call her back with my info and she will then give me futher instructions.
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Bad news...

My mother informed me today upon returning from her doctor's appointment that she needs back surgery. :( I hate for my mother to have to go through this but this also means that my sx will have to be postponed because not only was she helping me with my baby but also because I'll need to now help her. Oh well. Anything for my mother. I hope all goes well and I'll check back in when I'm back on the road to sx. Good luck guys!!


Does Duran and Cabral have Instagram? I was considering getting my Bbl done by Baez.
Dr. Hector Cabral

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