I've Become a Yily Doll - Dominican Republic, DO

Ok, RS divas... I'm about to become a Yily doll......

Ok, RS divas... I'm about to become a Yily doll.... I've been an inactive spectator butt ;) now, I'm all set up for my sx. I have a great supporter, my boyfriend. My ex-husband was totally against this and anything else I wanted for ME, so I am a liberated and happy woman. My specs... I am 5'3", 127 lbs and a mother of one. I've put on 13 pounds and I'm fighting to get to 130 before my approaching sx. I am really looking for a sx buddy...email me! After reading about other dolls' sx buddies and how great it is to have one... I'm totally psyched about getting one! The hardest part about this first step is posting my before pics...Lord give me strength


Your body is a PS dream. You are gonna have very good results . I am having surgery the same day with doctor Baez hope to see you there. Where are you staying?
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Thanks Dilly!!! I TOTALLY needed that comment because I do NOT want to go thru all this time and expense for naught. I can also see the inner Kim K in your pics. I'm staying at Angela Valentin's recovery house: 809-595-3109. She seems really nice and I've read nothing but good things about her. Maybe we can buddy up!!!
I send you a PM, check it our.

Supplies, etc

Ok. I am the Dollar Tree Diva. I got approximately half of my supplies from there. I used other RS dolls' supply lists to get my supplies. My boyfriend hipped me to Goodwill. I bought nightgowns, dresses and loose pants all for the whopping total of $25. Now, I bought the Anne Chery faja with the butt out for a good price only to find that...it's too small. I bought the xtra small faja and it actually couldn't get past my thighs...soooo, I'm selling that on ebay... The surgery is nearing and I was replaying every worst scenario in my mind but I am now making it a priority to send out positive, healthy vibes into the universe.
I am drinking "Equate" - the Walmart version of Ensure. The supplies that I didn't find at Dollar Tree, I found at Walmart or Online. My luggage bag looks like a medicine cabinet. I got my Boppy pillow on sale at target... I told my brother about my sx, who told my mom... it almost became drama, but I squelched that right away by reminding her that I'm a grown A-- woman. Really... geez. I love and respect my mom but it's time I got her tentacles from off my throat and lived my own life..geez.(I'm soooo glad this is anonymous :). OMG in that first pic, my ass protrudes almost less than my stomach... my boyfriend was like that is NOT you. I was like ahhhh, actually it is.... I showed him an after pic on this sight and he nearly started to pack my bags for me.... I am so excited and hoping that my "after" comes out scrumptious.
Ex hubby was so against it - he thought I would get super sexier and leave him for some Adonis. I left him anyway... Ahhh haaa. Just kidding... he was anti-happiness and life is too short... Aside from my boyfriend, brother, mother and three super trustworthy girlfriends, I've told NOOOOOOOO one. I can't wait to start clapping my ass and acting the plumb fool. Yily better do her thing :). I'm going to say, Yily... I went through a lot and now is my time.. girl, work those suction tubes like you never have before...pump me up, Boo.


Good luck girlie
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Cant wai to see your results I'll be getting my body done on the 15th next week im so geeked !
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Sorry for typos, im typing with one hand.
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im here

im typing from my phone so excuse my typos... so im at cipla n im waitingn im nervous. i have no reason to be but i am... i saw two girls who were done by yilly n they look great but im still a bag of nerves. i miss my boyfriend n the people here r soooo ruff sometimes. its fine. as long as my results are good n im healthy.


Your review is cute ☺ Hope you love your results!
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Safe journey and recovery, God bless.
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Good luck. You are in my prayers. Hope everything goes as planned.
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Im a Yily Doll!

I love my results. It's a shame. I haven't been on RS because I've been enjoying my results and I kinda like to be incognito waith it. I have this one gross friend who told everyone at her job. I was so embarrassed - people I didnt even know were asking me questions about the procedure and I'm a private person, so.... I kinda was turned off but I'mm post pics so you guys can admire Yily's craftmanship. I couldnt remember how I looked before but then I saw my before photos and WOW... what a difference lol.


Any pictures?
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" I love my results so she gets 5 stars, but I wasn't treated the best by some nursing staff while they ADORED my lightskinned long haired roommate, but hey, it's the Dominican Republic, so... " smdh I guess they are out ofitians... touch wit their history. Those Spanish raped Africans/Ha
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Thanx beautiful sexintel...good luck with your sx dreams... Yeah, they are out ofitians... it's crazy everywhere but crazier there...

No longer a box

Love my results. Very natural.


Posting.. just for you. I owe it to my real self dolls who inspired and supported others...

More Meat

I think this pic shows the volume most. This is how my old panties fit. I look smaller but I'm two pant sizes bigger.


You look amazing!
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Thank u, Choclate xoxo
Yily gave u a nice big bun I love the way she shapes ppl, and I can't wait until it's my turn.
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I love my results so she gets 5 stars, but I wasn't treated the best by some nursing staff while they ADORED my lightskinned long haired roommate, but hey, it's the Dominican Republic, so...

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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