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Hello Ladies! Im new to this website and im VERY...

Hello Ladies! Im new to this website and im VERY happy i found it. A little about me im 24 years old. Currently 5'3 130pds. I use to have a nice booty and curves but weight lost and being lazy with my workouts has made my body loose and im just not happy with the size of my booty! I have decided to go to Dr. Yily because i love the pics on her website and shes right in my budget. I have just started the researching process so i would apperciate any advice and tips you have for me :) also if any anyone has gone to YILY i would apperciate if you can show me pics and tell me about your experience. I want to share my journey with you all, i will post some wish pics and before pics of me soon!

Grrr i still havent gotten a response back from...

Grrr i still havent gotten a response back from yily!! i emailed her again today, hopefully they answer me soon im anxious to start my planning!

Ok so i deceied to use my translation app and send...

ok so i deceied to use my translation app and send the email in spanish and.............i got a response back!!! :) she apologized for taking so long as she has been very busy, she said she will get back to me with quote in 3-5 days.
Team Yily!
Hey girl I'm the same height and size as u lets stay in touch n b sx buddies
Ok sounds good! When and with who are you getting yours done?

June 10th? waiting for confimation but it looks...

June 10th? waiting for confimation but it looks like thats my date! ahh im nervous and excited! i need to start saving and im thinking i should try and gain a little weight pre surgery( maybe 6 pounds). what do you ladies think?
Hi Ladies, Glad I'm not alone in this. I'm also considering going to DR in March to get Lipo (stomach/arms/ back) and fat transferred to the buttocks and hips. I got a quote from Dr. Manuel Espalliat and Dr. Yily. Both quoted me at $3,000. However, I’m confused as to who I should go with. Dr. Yily does great work (as seen by her patient pictures-hopefully they are not Photoshop) but does anyone know of Dr. Manuel Espaillat. He mentioned to me that he does not post patients pictures up because he believes in patient privacy. HELP!
Yily n in march
Yes I know! I think im gonna tell her may 8

Ok so this is getting real! :) I'm starting to eat...

Ok so this is getting real! :) I'm starting to eat healthier already and I will start toning up my legs and arms. I have a friend who did her BBL a couple of months ago and then gained like 15 pounds and it all went to her arms! (Gross) lol anyways if anyone would send me a lost of the essentials I need to bring I would appreciate it. Also if anyone is going June 10th let me know!!!
Omg!! Did dr yily say you are a perfect candidate for the bbl. I'm only asking bc I'm actually still waiting on her to get back to me and we kind of have similar bodies!
Hi, Yes she did. I am actually all set and just have to get back to her as my date get closer. I am scheduled to go the first of September. She has been fantastic with getting back to me. She did mention that it may take her 7-10 sometime to get back to you. Be patient she will get back to you.
Goin in may to yily
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

i found out about yily through this website and also looking up her website.

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