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Just confirmed my appt with Dr Duran June 3, 2014....

Just confirmed my appt with Dr Duran June 3, 2014. Super excited. Originally got quoted by Dr. Yily never heard back from her. Got good vibes from Dr. Duran though and SHE RESPONDS.. A plus! Kind of worried about staying for 10 days. Hoping I dont have to stay that long, I'm getting liposculture and a bbl so I'm thinking 6 days is good but I guess I will see if Dr Duran will allow it.
Excited to see the new me this summer!
Looking for a sx buddy...


Hey girl, congrats on booking your surgery :)). I have been desperately trying to book mine but not been able to make any contact with her office/assistants - I have emailed, text phoned, tweeted, Facebook with no luck. Can you advise how you went about it - thanks and good luck xx
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Good luck boo! Duran is awesome at what she does:)
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Thank you I'm so excited but so nervous at the same time lol

Length of stay

I'm scheduled for liposculture and bbl with Dr Duran.... A friend of mine had tt, ba, liposculture and bbl and stayed 10 days. Because I'm not having as much work as her, is it normal to stay less than 10 days? I was hoping to stay 7 the most.


Congrats on deciding on Duran... I'm In the process of emailing her to get a June date as well... I have been emailing her weeks no response but I will try the hotmail address... Thanks for the email hopefully she gets back to me... I've been stuck on dr salama but after seeing Durans Instagram I'm like I need her in my life
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I keep trying the hotmail address it comes back no known recipient , I do not have Instagram but I am going to get one n try contacting her that way , hope we all can get in touch with her !!!!
I emailed Dra Duran at the hotmail email and it was returned saying recipient unknown !?!?! Someone help I really want to contact her and book a six date !!!! I wish you all well ,her work looks great and all who have a date or who had had their sx , I am so very excited for you all !!!!!!!
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A lil confused

After surgery You'll need:
So Dr Duran sent me a list of things I will need post surgery. A lil confused on what some of this stuff is and where to get it. HELP! I seen "Surgery Queens" and "Make me heal" offer kits and packages, should I purchase from them or buy them individually on my own. I'm new to all this so I need help :)
-fraxiparina o mexaprin
-amoxicilina con ácido clavulanico
-hierro (Iron)
Vitamina C, B12
Proteína (ensure)
Lioton gel (heparin gel)
Arnica (tab y crema)

toallas sanitarias (pad)
Franela o t sirt cotton (blanco, white)
Toallitas húmedas (wipes)
Ropa cómoda (confortable clothes)


Anybody going by january 16
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Congrats on your date !!!! i emailed Jazmine and i sent her my info so i am waiting on her to tell me what the next step is ,i would be delighted to go in June , i am ready !!!!! i hope she gets back to me soon !!! i know you will look amazing ! i see the list some is in Spanish , i cant speak or read Spanish , i want to start getting things in order now just in case i get a call and a date ! Good luck !!!!!
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happy for u another duran doll !!! great!!! she will hook u up !!
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Why do some girls hire consultants. What's the benefits. I've done everything on my own so far.


goodluck i will be having the same procedures hopefully by april :)
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hi! im a little new to this, but i got a quote for duran for a lipo and bbl. i wanted to know what is a liposculpture?
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As I understand it liposculpture is when she sculpts your body to give you that curvy look ,flat stomach hips etc, if I am wrong please elaborate dolls .....


For you ladies scheduled for June, when are you booking your flights? I was told to wait until a month or so before the date of sx becuz the prices go down but I the price from jersey to DR went up $50 from 2 weeks ago. I'm anxious to book now but idk


book now cause the go up in june cause of school vacation
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I feel like with getting flights it's hit or miss. I got them when I thought the prices were good. I monitored for a week then just bought them. They could be cheaper a month before you leave but they also could be higher.
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Hi do any of you dolls know of a great doc in DR that does restylane or juvederm injections for the lips?


Duran fat graphs to lips :)
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Hello Hun, I'm going June 11th can't wait to see your results. Also did you find a doctor to do your lips? I'm also interested in doing mine
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Hey how are you, do you know the best way to get in contact with duran, and what is her whatsapp number?
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