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So ive been researching BBL and lipo, id like to...

so ive been researching BBL and lipo, id like to get those done, don't really need a tummy tuck. I know id like dra duran because ive been seeing more yily bad eviews. the hell I want someone operating on me with an attitude? ive read a reviews where she gets attitudes with her clients ad other things. besides I like dra dura shes a sweetie and I love her results! ;) I know what I am looking for like what type of results id want!
thanks girl! really appreciate it!


a little about me! I am 5'2 weigh 143 and my measurements are a 36DD 32 40
I believe I can get the result I want..JUST BELIEVE! lol so yes I do want to go around june 2014 I have to wait of course because of pre pregnancy things etc.
ive been doing so much booty research on here its like (__)(__)
Thanks for that bit of info. I've just done some more research and TT IS OUT but definitely a BBL
Lol smart girl!!!
your welcome hun! and yes TT is OUT and DEF BBL AND LIPO! :)


im starting to plan my list of what id need, so Ive been browsing other peoples blogs of what they brought and what they actually needed. im still confused on fajas like I know they give you a compression but than you need to buy your own faja after. sooo...someone help me on that! I hope I get a travel buddy too when it comes time!! because I wanna make girlfriends and be able to say 'yeaah...we look too damn good' lol
im not sure when you make you deposit too, I don't wanna be carrying all that money to DR god forbid! I wonder if I can pay most of it and than carry certain amount of money..


forgot a perfect pic
I will buddy up with you.
hey! what are you gonna get done?

about recovery info

I know girls stay in DR for 8 days, but what if I wanna stay like 13 days? after you leave DR and your back home, how many massages do you get?
do you girls keep your faja on for the remainder of the month?

whats the best pillow type to get your butt for when you go on the plane ride home? suggestions?

ive look at recovery houses and im sayin I like real recovery armonia ,ive heard its getting very popular and I know when I get a recovery house, I want it to include transportation! :)
ive been told to message NJPRBEAUTY because shes opening her own recovery house sooo I must message her about it! aahh...

im about to look into the medication lists of what other people have been using ..


so im calculating everything to get an idea of how much ill be spending...

I mean its worth it!! haha just look at the bod ill be able to have! ^_^

so im putting a list together of medications,vitamins
recovery house expenses, faja expenses, clothing and materials, flight expenses ..

yeaaah im the type to have a game plan A, B and damn C :)

im young still 22 and im short! im 5'2! I know so tiny! im not that huge ,but even when I workout I feel like I have no ass!
I cant wait to meet other dolls though, because I can get great advice and new friendships ,you know how girls are these days I don't see why they gotta be in so much competition..
my boyfriend thinks I don't need liposuction because hes a boxer and he believes if I workout with him ill get my good figure back and im like 'babe shut up! it doesn't help lift my ass cheeks no matter what!'. know boyfriends are when it comes to plastic surgery..
im fine with my boobies they measure 36DD from what the lady at Victoria secret has like I thought I was a 38C ...*shrugs*
Ladies plz inquire abt " upscale " RH Igave u the info below, also she is trustworthy and has direct contact w your doctor u hve chosen. Those RH advertisement says one thing and whn u get there you're lodging in rats,roaches,sleeping w the owners pets and buched up in someones living room! Njprbeauty opens jan 15th!! The cheapest isnt always the best! She gives discounts for travel buddys too!
I def messaged her girl for the info and got to see the website yayy! thank you very much!

talkin about surgeries with my bf

ive been talkin to my man about these surgeries and he doesn't like it because its risky. ive read haz love profile about her experience with dra duran. she lost feeling from her buttcheek to her toes on one leg. im praying her recovery gets better god forbid! I see paying extra for blood transfusion is worth the money god forbid something happens you know?
hmm... im gonna go do more research and browsing through recovery experiences.

cant wait!!

so I still cant wait to go to duran for my mommy makeover in the summer of 2014!!
right now im 150 because I want more fat to put into my butt haha
and im collecting the things ill need my supplies. ive read ' gemmy ' s experience so im in love with her review because she has a video and lets us future dolls know what to expect the real deal in the flesh!

I know I want a ass just not a ghetto huge badonk ass cause I have a small frame im 5'2 :) im gonna go for bbl and lipo because im sure I don't need a tt but we'll see what the lovely duran says ") I might stay at yasmins recovery or njprbeautys recovery house that's opening in 2014!
good luck on ur sx ive pushed my date back to 6/2 also we might run into one another
yayy because sometimes when I think about it too much I think ughh I don't wanna go alone so it be good to have a sx buddy !


so ive saved my money for sx and supplies etc. I already know to wait on buying the second faja because you wont know what size youll be.

either in june or july august the latest for my sx. and that's only for bbl and lipo!

:) im excited yayy!!
Hi lovely kiss! I dont know if i got several ? 'S u inauirex about above n your journal but you ndd to stay n your garment 90days! 24/7 only every three days you take it off for only an hour and at that time you wash it and take a shower. U r having a TT, FULL body LIPO and BBL AND FAT GRAFTING DO EALK BENT OVER PLEASE FOR THIRTY DAYS! SLEEP on your SIDE,SIT ON YOUR SIDE, DONT SIT ON YOUR BUTT FOR 8WKS, NO SEX FOR 6WKS!!! GET A BOPPY PILLOW TO TAKE W U , GET YOUR VITAMINS BOTH PRE OPT AND POST AND START TAKING UR WOMENS ONE A DAY AND IRON bcz for D.R if your iron levels isnt at least 13%a u will have to get a blood TRANSFUSION and n the d.r....hmmmm oh boy!
Typo....inquired about
no sex for 6 weeks my goodness my man will feel some type of way but hey if im told to not have sex than I will not mess u[ my new butt! lol im not gonna get a TT though. thank you for the info angel! I will get my hemo up because I don't want a blood transfusion god forbid! some of what duran list asks for those injections the docs wont give in the us because I hear it can take their job away for that?

realistic booty wish photos

I better save these realistic booty photos so I can show duran lol
hey i just read your blog if you want info on everything you should check out geemmy her info is amazing she goes detail by detail she had before and after pics also she has 2 videos on her page and one of the vids is like 45 min long explaining and talkin about everything you should deff check her page out asap
thanks, I check her blog very helpful! I seen the 45 min one long but worth the watch to know what to really expect the only thing I was wondering was about the water some girls were saying to buy water?

massages questions??

I was wondering, when your in DR I think they say 2 days post op girls start getting thei lymphatic massages. now their stay in DR how many do they get before they leave? I wanna stay 12-14 days there and I hear 10 massages are recommended. does this mean 10 massages throught that course of month? or 2 massages every week? a massage everyday? im clueless on that because I know after care is extremely important as before. someone help!
Hey what's your quoted price for the BBL I'm interested in Duran and Jimerson
not sure what the exact quote will be with duran, im going with duran shes thee master sculptor for thee booty :)
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