Bbl Fat Transfer to Hips and Outer Thighs - Dominican Republic, DO

Well after looking at her reviews, I think I'm...

Well after looking at her reviews, I think I'm going to go with Dr. Walkiris Robles for my BBL with fat transfer to hips and outer thighs. Will keep you guys posted! I sent a email and got a email right back with some forms I need to full out and send back! Will fill out and send back Monday, will keep you posted, I'm so excited lol, can wait!!

Hey there, welcome!

Were you able to get your forms sent back? When are you aiming to have your surgery done?

Good luck! I need fat towards my outer thighs too


After reading about those girls dying and infection in DC and CIPLA close down, I am having second thoughts
:( now I don't know what to do
I fully Understand you are scared but you have to look at the reason she passed....she skipped as well as her doctor allowed her to skip a test that she should have got done before sx. Get all your tests done and be in the best of health before you go through with it! I was turned away twice before Cabral agreed with anesthesiologist to only do two areas because my hemo was low! Just like after care is up to us to maintain and is before care! Get all of your test done before you get to dr to see if you can go through sx. Many complication that can occur with elective sx....or even non elective...just take care before and after and you should be fine!
Yes girl!! I was starting to talk myself into the DR but scared now :-(
Thanks :)

Ok got my date my fight and rc house :)!!

Hey ladies I got my date September 6, with dra Duran!! I am staying with Dominga for 8 days, I am excited about staying with Dominga, she speaks English well! Ooh, I also got my fight. I have a sugery buddy but we are staying at diff places, she is staying at a hotel and I'm staying a domgias, anyways I am excited and scared, I decided that I'm am going to DR but if I don't feel comfortable I won't get the surgery!! Ooooo I gain 5 lbs so far, 10 more to go

I forgot I'm 5'8 161 I want to be 174 before surgery

I hope I gain the weight

Can someone help me change my doc to Duran

Plz change my doc to duran

Pre op pics

1st bbl with dr.j

Wish pic

My wish pics
Good luck to u future Duran doll! Will c Duran for my bbl and breast lift with implant (nov 5th) :)
Thanks girl :)
I am in your wagon , girl. Having round#2 in August with Duran. Hope she will fix whatever the first BBL wrecked . LOL. I had not got too much booty first time as well...When is your surgery and are doing TT with BBL?

September 6 2013 Duran doll

I am having me surgery sep, 6 2013. I am so excited, it's a birthday present to myself!!! Surgery/ vaction!! I am trying ga gain weight. I started at 156 and my current weight is 166. I would like to get to 170. I bought my bloodier builder yesterday, hope it get in soon. I want my blood levels to be 14.4 , I'm staying with Dominga for 8 days. I already got my ticket and I'm ready to go!
Will b at Duran.the week after you..nervous as well ..why did Cipa shut down? What test do I.ask my Dr here to run for pre surgery clearance?
good luck you will make it happen , eat more ice cream:)
Lol yeah, thanks Olena 8359

Might change my RH to Yasmine

I think I'm going to change my RH house to Yasmin, I feel like she would take better care of me. Well ladies I weight 168 !! Almost there
Breast 36
Waist 31
Hips 42

Pre op wish is
36 breast
27(26). Waist
49 hips

I feel down about my body, I really hope Duran can help me look the way I feel I should :(

Is it your 2 nd BBL?
Yeah I had the fist one with Dr Jimerson, I didn't not do a good job. He didnt do areas I paid him for :(
I feel for you my dear. I am in the same situation ,Mendieta did noy do good for me,he left my hips uneven and flat,not boity enough and bad lipo job.... Look it Robbed profile,Jimmerson took her 20K and left her the way she was like no booty,no lipo,nor TT. I wish you good luck sister!

Gained weight

Hey dolls, I'm 170 lbs now. I would have to 175 by the time I have my surgery, I feel like 170 is prefect but I wanna gain some extra cause I know I will loss after surgery! I am taking my iron and praying it's 14.4 by my
surgery date. I am going to stay at Yasmin's RH, she has lots if good reviews and great communication! I'm getting kinda nervous but I just keep praying and asking God to keep me face for my babies! Well my baby girl wants pancakes so I'm
Off to make breafast. Until next time chickas

Hey dolls

I'm 172 lbs now!! My butt is getting big but I still don't like the shape! Can't wait 15 days away!!! Please start praying for me now dolls
Good luck! Will be following your blog, ill see Duran 9-20

Chatted with Dra Duran this morning

Duran text me via facebook this morning!! Was excited to hear from her! My date is set and I'm ready to go! She also said that you need to bring cash money with you to pay, they don't accept debit and credit cards
How were you able to get in contact with Duran? She's hard to reaxh
On facebook chat, and whatsapp will post a pic of her information
Aaah so cash it is.. Ok I was waiting 4 her to respond to my question about travelers checks but u along with other Duran dolls (pre op and post op) all say ca$h..


Hey hun, My sx day is Sept 6 as well but with Yily and I'm staying at Domingas too ill probably see you there. Good luck!
How exciting!! Canit wait to meet you! What airline are you coming on and what time maybe where on the same flight
Thanks a lot. I'll keep you in prayer and follow your journey

More wish pics

Love her hips and butt really I pray I look like this or better!!!

I really pray I get the body I want ! Been waiting too long and hard to not get that I want!!
Good guys make me wish I was going too. I am still tryin to decide, I've spoken with Yilys office she is pg and will be about 7/8 months in Nov I just don't think at 8months I was willing to much. Will be following you. Thanks for sharing.
I'll b there Sept 9!!
Hey Geemy see you there doll :)

Conversation with Dr. Cabral about the recent death

Hope your surgery went well, I'm sure your going 2 look great! Prayers are with you xx
I'm soooo excited for you. Happy Healing and I've already sent up a prayer for you.
Hey girl....please i would like to know about the info of this lady Dominga or Yasmine....I'm getting my BBL too, not now tho...will be next year, but I wanna to start exploring bout RH....Can u help me with that, please? Thanks in advance , all the best in your journey, and keep in touch! :))

Didn't get sx had asthma, didnt know I had

Going back next year sometime
Sent a prayer for you Doll!

Sinuses surgery

Hey dolls, so I went to my head and neck doc, had to have a ct scan and it showed I have a extra sinuses which Is causing problems for me, on sep27 I have to have surgery! I also have a appointment my a asthma specialist next Friday! Can't wait to get better! Thinking about getting surgery in FEB2014, seems so long away. I now weigh about 174 and my butt looks really good! It get a lot bigger, after Duran!! Man I can't imagine how I'm going to look!!!! So excited !! Later dolls, gotta get ready for church!! Kisses
Thank you Hun!
I didn't have my Sx due to asthma :(
Thank you Hun!! That is very sweet of you

Yes! It's turns out that the US doc says I do have asthma

I had a asthma appointment yesterday! I do have asthma! Just mad I had to go all the way to DR to find out lol :),.... The good new is that it'd not bad asthma, just mind and with sometime and testing I should be off medication in s while. I re-scheduled my sx for early Febuary! Trying to gain and keep the weight I have. I was 175 right now, would like to be 180-185 by sx!! I am taking a blood builder pills, ooh my iron was 12.2 :( it thought since I was taking iron for over a month, my iron would be better, now I have 5 more months to work on it!! Anyways ladies, thank for your prays!!! I won't be back until sx date is closer!!!
What is Dominga's info? I would like to stay at Dominga's
I'm sure ur blood will be just fine! Glad ur working on it n glad u don't have bad asthma ! ;)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I am having surgery with dra Duran

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