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Hey! I'm new to RS. Anyone have tips on how to get...

Hey! I'm new to RS. Anyone have tips on how to get in contact with Duran or Yily. I feel like I'm stalking them. I resend my email like every other day!! I want a bbl so bad!!! The thirst is REAL. Im working with a lil something but I want more! How can I get them to respond to me?! .........ready for the changes to come!

Duran doll me please!!!

So I received my quote today from Duran!!!! I'm so happy! I was about to pay 150 for a consultant but Duran saved the day. I am a little confused on how to send her the 250. This is what she sent:
If you would like to secure your date for surgery, please send a us250 deposit
Bank Account (for deposit, You can transfer money from Citibank To my bank Banreservas) not electronic transfer please (it is personaly from bank to bank in us money) .
Can someone who had surgery with Duran or know what this means explain it me?
Also, I've been trying to figure out where I should stay... I heard so many stories about the recovery homes in dr. I just want to be comfortable. I'm bringing my boyfriend too.


My mom is making me so nervous! She keeps saying that I have a nice body and I'm going to ruin it. She's making me nervous. I really want this done and I feel like I'm old enough to make my own decisions but it's nice to know that your love ones support you. I'm not going to mention it to her anymore. I just want her support.
But anyways...I love my shape... I just want a little bit more... I feel like nothing is wrong with improving yourself if you want to. I'm getting my masters and have 3 jobs. I work hard.. I deserve this.... Real self is honestly making this process easier. I'm addicted!!! I'm on here every chance I get. Everyone is so brave. I love how everyone supports one another.

Wish pic

Anyone getting surgery June5th in DR

Finally got my day scheduled. It was so simple. Now I have to find a recovery home.

Anyone that went to Duran knows if...

Anyone that went to Duran knows if the deposit goes towards your sx price? I would think so..just wondering. Also... I went to my bank today to try to send the deposit and the girl didn't know what she was doing. She asked if I could go to a different branch because she didn't understand it (the banking info that Duran sent me). Maybe this is a sign... I'm just risky. I feel like I'll be safe with Duran though. It's just the whole out the country thing... Terrifying. I need a sx buddy or post sx buddy to talk to.

All over the place .. Fisher???

Ok.. So I never sent Duran her deposit because her email is full and I'm Afraid I won't be able to get in contact with her. She told me to email her the day that I send it. Ughhhh I'm so frustrated. So I started researching other doctors. Maybe I should just stay in the U.s . I just really love Durans work :-(. I called vanity and the receptionist suggested dr.fisher. I don't see too many reviews for him. Anyone has surgery with him or knows anyone that went to him or is going to go to him.???????? I'm not seeing enough work from him.

Deposit paid!! Duran here I come

A little update.... I'm not going with fisher. I was interested in him for a couple days but my heart is set on Duran. I paid the deposit finally. I was feeling weary about going to the dr but I'm sure God will protect. I also feel like Duran cares and have a pretty good rep. I will say that it took me 3 weeks to pay the money due to my bank being lazy and acting like they aren't trained to wire money. I went to 4 banks in my area smh. I thought that was a sign that I need to stay my ass in the u.s. But I'm trying not to be superstitious.Today after work, I went to a bank 45 mins away and the manager was able to do it.yayyy!! Sooo my journey starts 4real! So excited. Duran here I come !

Check in

Hey everyone! Just checking in.... All I think and dream about is surgery. It's crazy! I'm so ready! I found a sx buddy that lives in my city and is going to Duran the same day as me! So happy! I'm thinking about staying at Real Recovery Armonia. I looked at the pics on fb and it looks soooo nice. The prices aren't bad either.

A few changes

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I got a new job opportunity that I worked really hard to get. I'm so happy ....the only issue is that I can't be absent for 2 weeks until my probation is over. Ughhhhhhhhh!! Bitter sweet feeling. So, I may need to change my day. I'm going to try to talk to my supervisor about it. I have a break in December. So if any one wants to switch with me for my June 4th day with Duran for a dec 8th day please let me know.
Dra. Augustina Hilario Duran

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hi :) I totally excited for you. I soon too hope to be on that journey. I just sent them an email I called but I was on hold and those calls are free. so I just hung up.. im hoping to hear from someone from Dr. Durans office to help me with starting my adventure.. its kwel ive never been out of the country. yeahhh. ok back to butt talk lol. so I guess ill be also getting instructions on sending a deposit and it did sound confusing .. so if you don't mind please help guide me thru something I might need .. if you have time I would really appreciate you and your time.. God Bless
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Did you decide on a recovery house?
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I'm staying at real recovery armonia as well, having Sx with dr disla on the 4th of June.
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BootyDreamzJanuary 23, 2014 Hey there! I just sent my deposit as well, and it took me 2 days, countless hours and lots of frustration! Duran gave me July 9th, but I'm trying to switch dates with a Doll for June 9th.. I'm torn between the real recovery armonia, and the silhouette recovery house. Both have great reviews and are around the same price. .
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I'm going to start researching recovery homes now. Let me know if u switch your date.
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Just spoke with Elizabeth! June 9th it is! :-)
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Hey I'm trying to get in contact with dr. Duran for a quote and I can't get a hold of her I want to go in April or May. I need a quote and information so I can set a date and get my journey going.
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Email email email! She will get to you sooner or later! She's worth the wait! And she's already booking into July.. :-(
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Oh no :-( can you send me her email that you got in contact with her with.
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It took me some days. I noticed that if u email her early in the morning then she'll reply back. Just stay consistent. I sent the same email 3 times a day. Then one day I tried early in the a.m and she responded.
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I'm going june 3 with yily I'm staying at janet rh check her out she is also on facebook
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I'm going to check it out
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Welcome!! I too am going with Duran I go 9 June. Also taking my honey so we are going to have a consultant find us a suite or condo an hire a nurse. Wishing you the best of luck an will def be following your journey
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We may see each other!best of luck to you as well!! I'm going to send you a message.
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At Nooonoo757 I'm taking my Husband too. What is a good place to stay and good advice on hiring a nurse.
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Best of luck to you :-) I love dr Duran
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Thanks! You have amazing results btw! :-)
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Welcome and congratulations on becoming a Duran doll she will have you looking stunning
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Aww thanks!!
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Welcome aboard... =)
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:-) thanks
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Congrats on your journey.
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Thanks Hun!
  • Reply Yily email
  • Reply Duran's email
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