Bbl with Dr Yily from Toronto - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi everyone i have been researching this for a...

Hi everyone i have been researching this for a while most of my friends have had this surgery and I am looking to travel and do mine so I can have my new body before summer I recently sent in my request to yily I'm hoping to go ASAP if not in march the first week I shall update once I speak to yily.

My Operation is scheduled for April 11 with Doctor Camilo in Santo Domingo (works in the same clinic as Yily) for April 11. ***I will be staying at Jacqueline's for 6 days, email me at if you want a travel and recovery buddy *** Travelling from OTT
how did u send your request i did see on her page how to do it???
Just Saw yily Photoshop her after pictures
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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