Hello BBL Dolls!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

Ay ladies I been looking at this site for months...

Ay ladies I been looking at this site for months now n have finally decided to join because I really need some feedback and opinions from ladies in the same boat! I am wanting this sx to get the results I've always dreamed and tried going to the gym for lol but am too lazy for that! Tiny waist. A cup size bigger breast. Flat tummy. Lipo In all areas needed. Round big booty. Big hips. Thick thighs! I been looking into Dominican Republic because the prices and results are amazing but I just don't know who can give me the results I want to the T!!! So if any of u ladies have some info please please please let me know!! I am 5'8 and 164 lbs I have a little pudge and thick but fat thighs and like a triangular big butt lol if that makes sense.... It's just not working for me lol
It's new?
Welcome and good luck to you! And your body right now don't look blah!
Lol thank u but I want it to look BAM!

Nothing done!

So dolls I been busy working and I haven't been able to research any sx :( I feel like I wasted two days grr!

My bro sooo killed my vibe lmao

Omgeeee I get a text from my caring brother and bout threw up!
Hey lady! Dont worry just educate your brother thai you re not getting booty shots! You're using ur own fat and uou are going to get it done from a qualified yet certified professional and do welcome him to join u on the consultations w you!! Its great that u have a caring loving and supportive family besides your RS SUSTAGIRLFTIENDS
Haha yes thank god for all of y'all

Happy Saturday dolls

Hello dolls
How is everyone today? I'm up earlier than usual had to run errands and then off to work! Been doin some bbl researching in between errands and I have a few questions maybe y'all can answer for me!!

Question lol

1. I want a cup size bigger (c cup) and I really would like go get everything at one time but who is the best?!
2. What should I email to sx?
3. How do I contact cipla? Is it a center with different surgeons? And do I contact individually?
4. Best way to contact sx.
5. I want a sx who I don't have to go back to in the next year.. I see that some women are posting second and third sx.
6. I am leaning towards sx Duran? What do y'all think?! I want majority of fat taken out most of body and like more than 1000 cc in each cheek! Muah ladies
First of all, you look very nice in that before pic with the dress!!!! And second, omg that picture of the booty is scary as hell!
Lol thank u love! Bebe bandage dress can do wonders lol I was so ready to take that dress off as soon as I got in the car at the club I changed into some spandex and loose shirt lol
lol I hear ya, spandex and loose shirts are awesome lol I see what you mean, people are telling me, see you are loosing weight and you don't look bad, you DR to do the sx. I tell them, yeah right, I hide it pretty well with clothes on lol


Ladies do y'all know what Duran what's app number is? And I'm debating on disla, Duran, or Baez? What y'all think
Member that pic your brother should you? Well dr Duran will definitely hook u up w something like that.... Think I'm lying look up ur RS sisters journal Haz_love !!!! Dr Baez is much better choice my dear! Ok so what did she say? Good luck to you!
Ok love sorry so long ok she responded within the hour and scheduled me n my bestie for April 29!!!! And she told me make sure I get my bloodwork and told me what all I need to take as far as supplements and she quoted me 4600 and thAts for lipo in tummy back thighs arms And chin N my breast augmentation! I'm so excited!!! I can't wait 6 more months and it'll come fast and feel like 3 months!!!! I'm jus scared for the pain after lol but beauty is pain
Giiirrrrlll I'm so scared! I jus prayed for her! I read her stuff n I'm so sad for her that someone could be so careless of her conditions that scares me I pray that noone will have to go thru that! All that blood and whatever the hell came out her belly button! Dammmmmmm god be with her! Thanks love for the lookout

Hello ladies long time no speak... Sorry :(

I need y'all's help I need to know if y'all know anyone I can contact that will tell me
1.what all I need to take with me to DR .
2. How much money in all to take with me I would hate to be there and run out.
3. The recovery house is Yasmin the best?
4. What do u recommend I don't take with me.
Thanks loves

need help

Ladies I need to know the best recovery house
Hey luv how are you?
Hi hun how's it going I'm staying at daisys but there's a lot out there go on other grls blogs they tlk about there stays there n wut not good reviews n sum bad by the time u kno it Aprils here lolz look at me I got 32days left jz got my ticket last night so nervous n hype at the same damn time ahhhhhhhhhhh lolz mwahz oxox good luck beautiful
hey girl, are you going by your self?
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