Dying to Get BBL/breast Implants but Clueless on Where I Should Start or What to Do! - Dominican Republic, DO

I am very determined to get this procedure done by...

I am very determined to get this procedure done by mid June to early July. I have read many reviews on Dr.Yily de Los Santos and feel that she seems like she is the best at what she does so i am very excited to plan my trip and get the ball rolling. Although I have some concerns like how much will the procedures cost? Also would love to find someone to travel with who also wants to get the procedure done maybe we can get a discount! Ladies please contact me with useful information and your experiences anything would help at this point! thank you.

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Read a lot of great reviews and as well with beautiful before and after pictures and that's how I decided to choose Dr.Yily

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Yeah... I go to Yily on June 6th.. Hopefully I will see you when your there.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

I've placed a link below to all of the reviews for Dr. De Los Santos. These may be helpful for you to read, if you haven't been through all of her specifically. Also, don't be afraid to comment on the reviews, or send a PM (private message) to other community members.

Dr. De Los Santos Reviews

The cost usually varies from person to person, depending on what procedures you have done, how many areas you have Lipo on, etc.

Have you contacted the doctor yet, to get some information on costs, dates, etc?


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Hello , i have emailed but have yet to get a response. I think my best bet is to call .
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I've read a few girls say that her email responses can be a little bit slow. Maybe call and see if you can get through to someone. Let us know how it goes!

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Will do :-)
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Hi I'm new on realself, but I sent my 500 deposit today and I'm waiting on them to confirm my surgery for june. Goodluck on your journey...you should call, but it took a couple weeks for them to email me the first time, now waiting on the second email.....
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