BBL & BA With Dra. Yily - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello RealSelf. for some years I've been wanting...

Hello RealSelf. for some years I've been wanting to get plastic surgery but would never go through with it. I'm 29 a mother of 2 which left me with a flabby stomach and a saggy A cup with no butt. I think its time looking forward to transforming my body with Dra. Yily. I just reach out to her by email with pics, so now I'm waiting for a response.


Hi, ive just sent her an email too. im already excited lol i cant wait for her reply. im asking for exact same sx as u, bbl and implants.
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Hey good luck I'm on the decisions decisions of which Dr ....keep us posted :)
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It helps if you use and send her a message in Spanish. Most people are getting faster responses when they fill-out the form on her website and translate to spanish.
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Lady's thanks for the advice. After waiting about...

Lady's thanks for the advice. After waiting about 9 days for a reply I had my cousin rewrite my email in Spanish and then Dra. Yily replied in 3hrs. Now im going to my doctor for some blood work and will be sending my deposit at the end of this week. Im so Excited.....


Does anyone speak spanish???? To do a threeway call
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No... This is getting frustrating
i Dont understand.. i sent her an email on the 19th.. in spanish.. and still didnt get any reply.. i guess you were lucky
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I had to change my date... After finally...

I had to change my date... After finally contacting Yira I wasn't scheduled for April 9. Everything has been confirmed for April 8. This was a long process, SMH.... Finally


All the best. :).
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gd luck on ur surgery did u buddy up with anyone yet?
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Sx is around the corner. Good luck!!
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

After months of research Dra Yily results are what I want and she'll do all 3 procedures at the same time

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