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I've decided to give myself plastic surgery for my...

I've decided to give myself plastic surgery for my 40th birthday. I think the hubby is more excited than I am. I've decided on Dra Australia Fragoso Baez in the Domincan Republic. As much as I love Yily and Duran's work, I need someone who's not as busy and have a more personal touch. My surgery date is set, my flights are booked and my scheduled leave at work has been approved. I now need to decide if I'm going to stay at a recovery house or stay at a hotel and hire a private nurse for 3 - 4 days. I welcome all advice especially since I may be traveling alone. I am also looking for a travel buddy. I will be leaving Washington, DC on September 2, 2013.
It's good to see another DC girl on here :-) I wish could go in Sept. If I can make it happen I'll let you know. The best flights I found were with Delta for $349
That would be great!! My flight tickets were around $380. Which PS are you going to and when are you planning to go?
Still deciding but I'm thinking Baez now she made me feel very comfortable and out of all the doctors I contacted gave me a personal evaluation based on my body and not just what I wanted. I'm going Dec. 2 but I'm gonna see if I can go earlier. It sucks that there are no direct flights.Do you

Recovery houses recommended by Dra Baez

Hello ladies!!

Here is a portion of an email sent to me from Dra Baez with recovery houses she recommends:

Hola Regina!
I hope you are doing fine; you can stay at a recovery house or a hotel. I recommend you the recovery house, I work with one of this two houses (Nilky’s or Ana Maria’s), it cost US75 per day it includes your room (you can choose with another patient or alone), 3 meals and snack, Wi-Fi, Air conditioner, other services and care. The day you arrived my assistant can pick you up or the driver of my clinic. You must send me your flight and the time you are going to arrive. The driver of the clinic can be used as a taxi or you can pay one of the taxis that work with the recovery houses is about 20 dollars for round trip. You should take iron, folic acid, vitamin C and B. you don’t have to bring jewelry or expensive things, you can carry your vitamins, easy to put cloths like dresses and pajamas and cloths that can be easy to put on or put off (for the first after surgery), baby wipes, nutritional supplements (ex: ensure, this is optional), and some money for things you may need to buy and for transport.
Did anyone manage to get jasmine's details?
Hey I'm from Baltimore, and I'm considering Baez for the same reasons, plus she's safe. I see your surgery was supposed to be in September? Any updates?
Hi im also from Baltimore...I just started getting quotes and looking to get a tummy tuck w lipo n possible bbl.....lets keep each other far I have a quote from dr roble and my friend had jer perform her same procedures...she is actually considering going back with me I plan for September or so....but I want to be a safe as possible so hopefully we can help each other.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far she's very responsive and answers all of my questions in great detail. She answers my emails ( even on weekends).

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