Hiii. Im new to the site and really happy i found...

Hiii. Im new to the site and really happy i found it. im pregnant at the moment and due to give birth at the end of this year. i want to have surgery in march but dont know if i will be allowed to do it so soon after giving birth. i have seen loads of pics and may go with Yily. Anyone got any suggestions?


I am due end of November and want mine 2months after.I.deliver so I have a month off.still Dr I consulted said.shouldn't be an issue but to.send him photo 1mo after I deliver.
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Are you going to have a natural birth and be breast feeding? also are you going to try and lose the baby weight or just try to keep it to do the lipo? sorry so many questions, i just want to make sure i leave it long enough to heal
Hi Beautifulbegins if you are able to have surgery around let me know because I'll be going to Dr.Duran @ the end of March. It would be nice to have a traveling buddy.
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just emailed Yily!!!

so to find out if i can have the surgery i just emailed Yily and am waiting for a reply. ive heard she takes a while to get back to people so i used a translation so that she can read it in spanish. hopefully she gets back to me soon :)


I haven't got a quote yet I'm hoping she replies soon. I do a very nice place to stay.
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yes natural and yes breastfeeding, I know it will be hard.but my husband will take off work. I'll have to pump alot so I have supply for baby when I can't breastfeed right after. this is my 3rd.child and I know I'll be ready.after 2 months. I'll keep the weight so he has more with.

sent yily my pics gotta wait for reply

so i sent yily my pics and explained what i want. but after doing more research on BBL ive been looking at Durans work. seems more feminine to me then Yilys but im not a thick girl and Durans results seem to be mostly on thick women. what do you think??


im think to convert to Duran. i life her work but im not thick and know she has great results with bigger girls

BBL pain medication???

just a quick question. what pain relief do they give whilst doing the BBL op?


You don't have to be big in order for her to work with you. I've seen a woman that was little and she did an amazing job on her. I'm not trying to talk you out of going to Yily, but Duran is a master.

Got my quote!!!!! yaayyyyhhh!!

so Yily got back to me with a quote for $3300. she said its for aggressive lipo to the full back, abdomen, armpits, Flanks and waist. HUUHH???? well the back waist and flanks are pretty much the same place to me so i asked to change one of those areas to inner thigh because its all fat and i want a little bit of a gap. I also made sure that i said i wanted fat transfer to hips as well not just the butt. I was thinking to change to Duran because her pics look amaze! but now i don't know. huff! why is this choice so difficult? anyway i started looking for flights for next year. anyone know anywhere i can book cheap flights from UK to DR?

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duran didnt give me a quote :(((((

So after seeing Duran pics, reviews etc.. i have decided to go with her. i sent an email which she took 2 MONTHS to reply to. I sent emails every week after the first month of her not replying. I know she is a busy women but damn 2 months is a long time to reply. Anywayyyyss she told me that i have to wait till i give birth then i can wait a further SIX MONTHS until i have surgery. 6 MONTHS!!!!! IS SHE CRAZZZY?? I CANNOT GO ON WITH THIS BODY FOR THAT LONG AFTER. so i decided im going in May 2014. that should be enough time to recover. I mean some people on here getting surgery 2 months post baby. So If i go in May that means sx is 29 weeks away yaaaaaayyyyyyyhhh!!!! :D . ill keep yall posted, im going to start stocking up on stuff real soon. xxxxx

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need yily account information

Please I'm trying to send a deposit to yily. Anyone got her new account information for 2014?

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Deposit sennnnnntt!!!!!

Heeyyy everyone. so I posted a while back. I want to have bbl. I have just sent my deposit and am waiting for Yily to reply to me. its getting real now. I don't know if im updating this thing properly because every time I update I never get any responses from anyone :( please respond!. I need all your help, prayers and support. surgery is two months away. yikes! need to start preparing myself.

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Wisssssshhhhhhh picccccsss!!!

Teyanas body is amazzzinngggggg!! I think I can achieve this look because I have a small frame but I want the booty to be a proper shelf DONKY BOOTY!! (HEHE) the countdown has begun xxx


Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wishing you all the best mama I will be having mine in July with Diaz. Will be following you on your journey
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Thank you soo much. I can't wait to post pics!! I'll follow your journey also x

gathering supplies I'm getting so excited someone please pinch me

So I started to gather supplies. I got. Hibi. which is used to clean the skin before surgery. It is antibacterial! Also I have compression stocking, paracetamol (pain killer) you may call it something different in the US. Pill holder, gauze, antibacterial wipes, surgical tape and I have also ordered my pre surgical vitamins!!! I got the vitamins from make me was $99 + $40 shipment to the UK
UK. I'm still collecting supplies and now buying maxi dresses to wear after sx. Ohh I can't wait I'm gonna be Sexy lol! Oh and some good news I'm getting MARRIED!!!


Hey doll can't wait to read about your journey! If you have a FB you should let me know there are some good secret sx groups that has vets that will answer questions give advice and encouragement!
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So I get my confirmation from yily but it says hemo should be 12.9 did she make a mistake?? I'm only getting bbl not tummy tuck. If anyone recently been to yily can you telly me what your level had to be


Congrats. When I received a quote, in the email it mentioned that the hemo has to be 12.9.
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Thanks. Yes mine said that as well. I'm confused because usually it's 12. This might be the new rules. When you scheduled for?
I didn't select her once I heard she books four sx a day that's too much. I want my Dr to focus on me & my well being. Her work is fantastic, but I decline. To get ur iron up, u can eat leafty greens & lentil beans.

more suppliess

My make me heal pre surgery vitamins have come. I have done ekg and blood work, need to work on getting my hemo up got oly just over a month left s*it lol. Please god bless me with a beautiful body. Make yily work her magic on me. I praaay.

So far I have :

Pre/ post surgery
Stool softener
Pain killers
Pill box
Muscle relaxer
Antiseptic wipes
Wound cleansing wipes
Wound cleansing spray
Antibacterial body wash
Compression socks
Iron tablets
Kelo cote scar gel

Still a few things I need to get

Maxi dresses
Episode foam
Portable urine pot
Bobby pillow
Mattress cover
Food supplies

That's all I can remember for now lol keep you guys updated


Best of luck hun, hope to see you in DR, I wanted to have surgery with Dra. Yily love her quote and the fact that she answered my email right away, but once i booked my surgery date i lost her, i send numerous emails but no answer!!! i am going with Cabral!!!
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Yeah I had the same problem so I called up her assistant. Then a few days later she confirmed. When you going to have your surgery?

which recovery house to stay at please help??????

So I was going to stay at real recovery armonia BUTT they bloody moved building and I ain't feeling the new one like I did the last. They beds look basic from the pics I'm seeing and it just doesn't look comfy like the last place they were at. So Im now looking into other places to stay. Can someone help me or suggest a place that is nice to stay and they are going to properly look after me during my stay?

As for my surgery it's just over a month away so I need to get the ball rolling. Yikes!! :D


Your getting so close! Good luck hun!
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I was told by email from Yily assistant I should stay at luxury.I am so torn between Yily and Cortes
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ck out angelas recovery we could buddy up
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Hey ladies. I'm now at cipla. It's beautiful. I'm waiting in yily office and there are 6 other girls here already. Most of them already had surgery. I think they are here to get massaged because they are talking about drains. Anyways here some photos of cipla for you to enjoy. Will update again later


Hey Doll hope all is going well with you can't wait to see the new transformed you! Happy Healings!
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Praying for your speedy recovery... keep us posted
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Hello hun.. congratulations on your journey happy healing
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hey sorry I haven't updated. my after surgery was so bad. ive had a terrible time recovering. swelling, developed a fever it has just been bad bad bad. I haven't been able to do anything. I barely go out and my fiancé has had to take time off work since Ive been back and look after me and the children, I don't know what I would do without him. thank you Jesus! apart from that we are waiting for him to start his new job In NY which means we are still packing. well he has done most of everything while I just sit on my ass all day. my results basically look exactly the same as my pre op. I only got yily to fill my dents I already had booty but the dents are back. I think my behind looked crazy big after surgery because of swelling but that's gone down now and now thinking I need a tummy tuck after two lil ones I think its needed.


Hey Hun, how did you get in touch with Dr Duran? I have tried to email her with what I believe is her email but no response :(
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I spoke to Duran via whatsaping never email
Hello, thank you for sharing your results... I am sorry you had a tough recovery... I have been talking to my sister about bbl results and how I realized even the best of the best plastic surgeons for some reason don't seem to resolve issues with dimpled areas in the buttocks... I mean the butt can be nice, fat and round but those dimpled areas remain... I hope after swelling goes completely away that your waist makes a difference in your overall results... Good luck with your move and keep your head up... and as far as the tummy tuck.. if you decide to do it maybe you can add a revision to bbl which will save you money... I didn't want to get the tummy tuck but decided to because the Lipo in DR is aggressive, even the smallest will most likely see some loose skin...again good luck and please.share photos when you are able
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