And So the Journey Continues!

Ok Ladies! So I've had the TT, the BA and lipo and...

Ok Ladies! So I've had the TT, the BA and lipo and I'm ready to complete my transformation! Just to recap, I've lost close to 150 pounds over the course of the last two years and I was left with very loose saggy skin. In May of 2013, I had a TT and BA and absolutely loved my results. You can see my review on that journey by searching my profile. I'm currently bodybuilding with a local trainer and trying to improve upon my results. I believe that having more lipo to contour my upper body and waistline would be perfect and if I could get the day grafted to my hips and thighs then I would be more balanced. Right now, as you can tell from my pictures, I have a very athletic build. My shoulders are broad and my upper body is larger than my lower body. This leaves me with a less than feminine appearance in my opinion. My legs are very shapely but my rear is barely there and my hips are really narrow. Most of the surgeons I have consulted with don't believe I have enough fat to make a difference because my hips are so narrow and my butt is so sadly flat! Lol. But I've seen such great results from some of the overseas surgeons. Anyway. So here is where my journey begins.

I have sent pictures off to Yily, Baez, Duran, Contreras. So far, I've gotten the following quotes:

Yily: 3500

Contreras: 2500

Baez: still waiting

Duran: still waiting

I've asked for full body lipo l, aggressive contouring of the waist and grafting of the fat to the hips and rear.

So far, I haven't been told to gain or lose weight. I'm also asking what each price includes. Contreras has responded with what is extra and what is included. I'm still waiting to hear from the others.

I'd love to hear what you all think. I've been following the BBL board for awhile and know that there are positives and negatives associated with surgery out of the states. Right now, I'm struggling with balancing cost and safety against the more aggressive results I'm seeing from the overseas doctors.

As a plastic surgery vet, I know surgery is tough, but I also don't want to waste money on a physician that won't deliver the type of results I want.

Eat Right. Exercise. Repeat

Truly...just following these very simple rules can make your recovery so much easier. By no means are a clean diet and exercise a guarantee against complications but I KNOW that it's true that the better shape you are in, the easier time you will have recovering!!!

Still waiting on Duran!

Arm Lift

Just heard back from Baez. She said not to lose anymore weight but she said further lipo of my arms will make them much worse. They are not fat, they are just big from my loose saggy skin. I asked for her price for bbl, arm lift and liposculpture. She said I could definitely do all three at once. Looks like I'm in for at least one more round of 'big' surgery.

Yily Quote is in

So I asked Yily if she would add on an arm lift to my package and she said yes. 4000.00 for bbl, arm lift and lipo. What say you, Divas? Good deal or do I keep waiting on Baez? Baez hasn't given me a date or a quote still but she said she could take me around August or September 2014.

Surgery scheduled for April 4, 2014!!!

I guess I'm going with Dra. Yily!!!

BBL vets...a question

Will working out hard ruin my results?

I've seen a few posts that suggest that exercise will result in the loss of the injected fat. It makes sense. But that would be a deal breaker for me.

I'm very athletic and don't imagine that changing. Am I wasting my money going for the bbl? Are implants my only option?

So Yily says I don't have sufficient fat...

Ok. So here is what she said:

"Your doctosr was right, you don't have enough fat for a BBL, the change wouldn't be a lot, and you have some depressions on your buttocks that need to be filled out."

So I'm going to keep exploring my options. I'm not willing to gain weight for this procedure. I'm going to keep looking for a doctor who can help me...

So it's been awhile....

But I got a quote from Salama and I think I'm going to pay my deposit!!!

Shopping around

Salama quoted me 9500 and said to gain 10 pounds.

Salzhaur quoted me 8500 and said gain 5-10 pounds.

Both recognize I need extensive flank lipo and hips!!!

Salzhauer booked!

Deposit paid! I'm thinking I'll go in February!!!!

I'm ready to trade this boxy shape in for some curves!!!!

February 11, 2015!

Date secured! I turn 40 on Feb 9 and I'll fly to Miami on Feb 10!!! # excited!

About 5 months until my bbl.

I'm so excited to see so many Salzhauer patients updating with such fabulous results. 5 months seems a long way away but time flies for sure. I'm going to stay focused on getting in the best shape I can get into for this surgery.

I ran 7 miles yesterday and lifted and ran another 3 today. Meals are prepped for the week and I think I'll put my surgery date on my iPhone countdown calendar!!
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Aww :)) perfect!
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Good luck! Best Birthday Gift,i can attest to that!
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Great news!!
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Happy to see you back. Good luck with the new journey!!
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Hi there :)) great to know you will be able to get thevprocedure done!! (I know you had concerns with fat reserves)
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I'm very excited. Based on my photos he believes he can improve my waistline and hips! So I'm back on realself stalking results and playing that all too familiar waiting game!!!
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Aww :)) that's so wonderful!! What's the next step?
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I need to pay my deposit by the end of the month and then book my date. My only hesitancy is that I will have to travel out of town. That scares me. Your results are amazing and I do think I'll send an email to your doctor because NYC is much closer and a much shorter flight or even drive for me...
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Probably wise either way to get the second opinion with bbl would be a really good idea to schedule a phone consult with Dr. Schulman (NellyJelly). Dr. Salama does really good work.....only concern has been some incidents of burns
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Whoops--didn't complete my thought on NellyJelly-check out her page--she recently talked about her phone consult with Dr. Schulman (she's planning possibly for a round 2 bbl)
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......with another bbl specialist as well.....
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Ok. Will do!!!! Thank you so much. I'll definitely check her out!
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Ok awesome!! Anytime :)))
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Don't you look awesome!
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Beautiful body even at pre op!! U look incredible .. U can either gain or check other docs?
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You look great I recently lost over 100lbs so I know the hard work and determination it takes! Congrads and your pre open body is on fire
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Well, it's pretty much a consensus to gradually ease back into cardio and return to baseline pace at about 2-3 months.
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What about weights? I'm trying to compete. :(
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It appears that weights are ok-check out MissAri's page--she speaks on lower body work--she about 9 months post op and had a recent minor revision as well. She is a real sweet heart and will be timely in her response to any questions
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Addendum-now that I think of it, NYcutie recently mentioned that she is in competitions as well. Now mind you, she is over a year post op....don't know if the competitions are a newer endeavor. Nevertheless, she is a very knowledgeable vet and will also be timely in her responses
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Thank you sooooo much!!!! I will check then both out !!! You are such a wonderful resource. HUGS!
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Awwww :))welcome ((hugs))
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awwww! I'm jelly lol Congrats on having a date set! Hope I get my soon also.
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Have you heard anything regarding your date??
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Nope! I e-mailed Duran also about 2 days ago so will see. I really want Yily lol I also e-mailed Baez but Ive seen some work from her and I feel that she don't give thagt small waist, which I want.
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