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I have been stalking this site since 2008. Before...

I have been stalking this site since 2008. Before then I hadn't realised how inpoportionate my figure was but after working with women from African countries who were well endowed I became very aware and felt that I had to do something. But I HATE PAIN so I opted for but pads (I loved the ones I got from but I had to do so much to make them look good under my clothes. You can't just wear them like an ordinary panty if you have a tight dress on, well the ones I got anyway.

But coming into this new year. The year of the pig...yes I want what I have always dreamed about. Voluminous curves and a huge butt...

I am seriously thinking about having the procedure done with Dr. Lily. Based on the reviews I've read and pics of her work, and the obvious the cost, she seems like the way to go.

Hi ladies I also nd a travel buddy or a room mate for april around the secknd wk..
Please someone inbox me a number so I can text or talk to you. I am suspicious of the reviews on here because I have heard of DR. making fake profiles to promote their business. ugh so much unknown.....
Ugh I'm overweight too. I haven't gotten a quote either. Kind of avoiding taking pictures lol. I want to get lipo to the arms back stomach and bbl and considering chin too. I'm going to start my own post too so I will keep you posted. Just wanted to do everything together. A girl I've been look following on here got the same done and was charged 3000. Do you know how long it takes to go back to work after getting that done?

I received my quotation from Dr. Yily. I am so...

I received my quotation from Dr. Yily. I am so excited. Here it is gals, and guys (I am not going to discriminate bcause men want a nice butt

1. BBL and liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist $3200USD
Includes 1 compression garment, pre-operatory tests( TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA, GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) , cardiologist (EKG), anesthesiologist (epidural block), clinic fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).

2. The lymphatic massages cost 31$USD each session (10 sessions) $310USD

3. For all medication $250USD

4. Spa Jacqueline Marrero "Recovery House"- $90USD per day $1260USD
includes: round-trip transportation to the airport, room with 2 beds, 3 meals, nurse 24 hours, security, access to internet WIFI, Transportation to surgery. Hopefully staying 14 days. May move to a cheaper hotel when I am feeling better since I plan to stay in DR for a while to fully recover. Going to make it my trip for the


I have been combing the internet and this website...

I have been combing the internet and this website to get information on the possible complications, if any, of doing a BBL when you have fibroids. I have pretty large fibroids and I have two fears. One that somehow, even though it seems silly, that during the BBL and because of my unusually large uterus something with go wrong and that when I lipo my tummy that the fibroids would be more visible. My tummy is already bigger, not extremely so, because of this.

Does anyone have any information about this? Or knows any profiler that has my same conditions.
Thanks in advance guys.

I am putting things in perspective. For those who...

I am putting things in perspective. For those who are reading my posts for the first time I have the unique condition of having fibroids and wanting to do a BBL. I recently came across a post on this site that addressed my issue by SamCurves98 and based on two doctors responses it is best to have them removed (Myomectomy), recover and then have the BBL.

"You're right! If you have very large fibroids, they make your abdomen look fuller. By removing them, your waist may look even smaller (depending on how large your fibroids are). Thereby, making your results that much better. If fibroid surgery is performed by an open approach, you may have to wait a few months before BBL, find out how your GYN will perform this and then talk to your plastic surgeon." Dr. Dennis Dass a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon.

So I am taking my time and getting the best medical opinion I can on my situation. I will have the BBL done but not just yet.
You should really talk to Yily about this. She would be in the best position to answer that question. Hopefully you can still have it done Keep us posted hun!
I am definitely going to do just that. I have already sent her an email and will wait to hear what she has to say. I have come across a post on this site about my same issue and based on what two doctors said it is better to have the fibroids removed, recover and then do the BBL. I will keep you guys updated. Thanks so much for the support.


My 35 birthday is approaching in March 2014 and if nothing else I am sure that I will be doing this procedure around that time. It is my birthday gift to myself. I am sending off for a quote from Dr. Duran as I feel she would give me the silhouette and projection that I want. The removal of my fibroids would occur after I have completely healed/recovered from my BBL. Keep me in your prayers.
Did you get your quote from Duran?
I am yet to hear back from Dr. Duran. I emailed, sent facebook messages and still NOTHING. I am thinking about going with Dr. Walkiris Robles.
Did you send her photos and translate your message in Spanish? She quoted me on Tuesday and I called her cell today. She answered! Wow.....I was ranting on and on telling her What my expectations are she started laughing I thought cuz I said round booty with a shelf she said she don't understand good English but she check it on weekends but I heard only ones with photo she responds too but I told her to look out for mines and I was going to convert it so she understands.


I have not heard back from Dr. Duran as yet. I am thinking about Dr. Robles. She seems to be a great doctor (based on most reviews, only ready one negative so far). I am concerned about women waking up during surgery with Dr. Duran. I am hoping to make a decision soon as to which doctor to go with.

Wish pics.

Just adding some wish pics...

Spoke to Dr. Duran via Email today

I finally heard from Dr. Duran today and I must say her level of professionalism really is leading me towards going with her. As you guys know I have fibroids and straight away from my pictures she said that it appeared that "I was suffering from high pressure in my stomach"...WOW! She recommended that I take care of the fibroids first and contact her when that's done. She said not to worry that she would remember me. LOL...Gracias Doctor Duran.

Received a quote from Dr. Yily

So Dr. Yily sent me a quotation and I must say I am soooooooooooooo torn between which doctor in the DR to go to. Any advice guys?

Going to loose some weight with Nina Detox

I have been telling my friends that I do not want to loose any weight because I want every ounce of fat to go into my butt and hips but three (3) doctors in Dr has instructed me to loose at least 25lbs. So that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to be trying Nina Detox after the positive reviews I've read about that system...starting November....

Contreras for BBL, BA with Implants, Vaginoplasty and Possible Rhinoplasty????????????

I have been researching Dr. Contreras. Kinda thinking about him as a possiblity because he is like a one-stop-shop and I am considering rhinoplasty and vaginoplasty. He already sent me a quote. I really need some guidance from anyone who would have gone to him. I need to join the facebook groups I've been hearing about...
HIII!!! Im going to Contreras on March 27th for a BBL and BL/BA! Whether you decide to go with him on not we can be sx buddies :) I'm still trying to get someone to add me to that mysterious facebook group but from what i've seen he does great work. I heard*** he did jessicamericee, drbeauty25 and gissydoll on instagram. I have confirmed that he did _candyflow, checa0812 luz_angelica and lainsuperable69
Sorry sweetie I am going to the DR in August. I would have loved things to come together for me to have my surgery done in March but that is not possible. I hope you find a buddy and that your results are fabulous!!!
Ooo thats okay :) i hope it works out for u too!

Call me sponge bob square sad!!!

Today I did my measurements. I realized I haven't done them yet. Here they are:
Bust: 36 (D cup-Left Breast/ Ccup-Right) thank God for padded bras
Waist: 42"
Hip+Butt: 41"
Can you imagine the horror? (In my dramatic voice) I am so happy that this surgery is a possibility. I really want dramatic results. Is it possible to go to 49" post-op for my Hips+Butt? The widest hip and most projection I've seen is 44"...

I will not be doing my BA in the DR because I realize they mainly insert implants via the Periareolar incision and since I want to breast feed and decrease my chances of nipple insensitivity I want to opt for a doctor who has more experience with other incision techniques. Also I want to go porn star large not Guiness Book of World Records' large though. I think Dr. Pousti in San Diego is my guy for my breast augmentation...

Decision Made Dr. Cynthia Disla it is...

I have been in communication and I believe the best choice of doctors for me is Dr. Cynthia Disla (point blank As with a lot of you ladies I have been going back and forth. I first started looking at Dr. Yily, then Dr. Almonte, Dr. Baez and my last two serious contenders were Dr. Duran and Dr. Cabral. I even considered Dr. Contreras but that was short lived after reading a recent review. I came across Dr. Disla and although I was not initially sold when I did more research, read reviews, saw more of her work and spoke to her I felt that this was it. I will be having a Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair, Liposculpture and BBL and Breast Lift with Implants. I want an exaggerated (look at me and she has assured me that she can achieve that for me and I believe her. So my girlfriend and I are hoping to go to her in October and I will be updating you as I go along.

My Myomectomy

I was been diagnosed with fibroids back in 2004 they were not huge nor bothersome so I left them alone. Well that has changed...overtime they have become increasingly large and affected not only my physical shape but menstrual cycle and pregnancies. I am a scardicat so I have been running away from surgically removing them but now I am going to 'man-up' and do what is necessary. So in June I am scheduled to have my mantra is "what one woman can do I can do". So for all you fearless women who endure this procedure I will be following in your footsteps and with God's help all will be well.
Hi I had a fibroid tumor the size of a small pumpkin last year. It was causing abnormal bleeding and a lot of other issues.I had a hysterectomy to remove it and now I'm getting a TT and waist lipo in less than 30 days!!
Thank you for sharing your story. A hysterectomy is not an option for me. I am hoping that after my myomectomy my stomach shrinks normally and that I wouldn't need a tummy tuck with muscle repair. How was your body post-hysterectomy? Was a TT necessary?
Before my hysterectomy my stomach was flat and I was 100% happy with my body.. But afterwards I was left with a lot of extra skin because of how they closed me up.. I have stretch marks from 3 pregnancies but that was never a big deal.. But since a TT will eliminate both I'm all in!!

My myomectomy

I had my myomectomy last Thursday and I am recovering well. I am in minimal discomfort. Today I was telling my sister that honestly I do not feel like I had major surgery 1 week ago but God has been so good and it is through prayer, a positive attitude and the "Make me Heal" Pre and Post Op. Program that I feel somewhat normal. I am taking it extremely easy but I have been walking and am somewhat back to my old schedule. Thanks be to God from whom all blessings flow. I am focused on my recovery then toning my body with diet and exercise and ultimately my BBL.
Love your story, I have fibroids too and I'm trying too take care of that before surgery as well.
Did you have surgery yet?
With a proper diet and supplements help shrink my fibroids. I had large fibroids but after eliminate meats such as chicken and red meats and taking chastenberry a supplement. No bloating, bulky stomach. Went down to a size 9/10.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I am honestly not 100% sure as to which P.S. to go to. I am 90% decided on Dr. Cabral.

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