Need All the Great Info I Could Get for Dra Yily De Los Santos, MD -Where to Stay-what to Bring - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi Ladies. I'm new to this website, but like many...

Hi Ladies. I'm new to this website, but like many of you been lurking for about 3 years. So I decided to finally just get the surgey, because I'm not getting any younger and I don't have any kids I have to get my dream body while I can. I've been emailing Dra. Yily for sometime now and recieved a quote for Tummy Tuck, fat grafting to buttock, BBL, liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist, and breast lift for 5000.00. I was thinking of going in November/2013. I feeling got the courage to ask work for time off and they said yes. I need all the information I could get. What to bring, where to get medications, fajas. Also what recovery home I should stay at or stay away from., Or If I should just get a hotel room. How long should I stay. Any helpful tips or experiences you ladies might have for me to save money and have a pleasent stay would be great. Hopefully all you ladies could help me through this journey. I will keep everyone posted as I'm really excited. I'm just waiting for a reply from the office in regards to scheduling. I'm hoping this journey will fulfill my dream of having a great body which hopefully will help my confidence.
I am 13 days post op and stayed at someones house for my recovery. I don't recommend a hotel. You will need 24 hour assistance. I highly recommend you get inccontact with Juan from bambinotaxi he's awesome and very humble. You can pm me for info. And just a heads up Yily may have quoted you for everything but once the time comes she may not do all...she says its too much surgery for one day.

I'm so glad you started writing here on RealSelf! Welcome to your own mini support group. :) Please keep us posted throughout this transformation.

Hi, Im scheduled with Yily in 2 days. I have info on my blog of Recovery Houses and a list of supplies if you'd like to take a look. Good luck.

Planning to have Surgery November 2, 2013 -Just waiting for confirmation

So Im planning on having surgery on 11/2/13 and leaving on 11/12 13-hopefully that is enough time (9 days). I'm just waiting for the Dra.Yily to confirm, then I will put my down payment on my new body!

So what do you ladies think. I'm bringing my best friend and was wondering if I should stay at a hotel where its private and he could help me. or should I stay at a recovery home? Or should I stay at the recovery home for about 2 days and then go to a hotel? what do you think? Does anyone know how much it is to have a freind with you at the recovery home? Any recommendations on hotels or apartments to rent? Thanks Ladies!

Hotels and other procedures

So I just received an email from Dra. Yily and planning to have surgery on November 5th, 2013...Yippppeee! I'm going to send my deposit this week to secure the date. My best friend is coming with me and we decided to stay in a hotel. Do any of you know of a good, but inexpensive hotel close to the Cipla? Recommendations would be great! Also do any of you know if she does other procedures like Botox and the cost? Might as well go all out while I'm there. Other then that I need a lsit of supplies to take while I'm there. Also is it easier to just get the medication there or here in the US? I need to start taking care of all's not to far off! 4 months will go by fast!
Hey girl we're bbl twins..I'm excited that you have joined and that I will be able to meet up with ya. .Go to the BBL Preparation List forum and the must have supplies are on there. Also chk out AIRBNB.COM for nice and affordable apartments/hotels. I think this would be the best way if your traveling with someone that can help take care of you 24hrs. You also can hire a nurse for the first few days from the Cipla as well..Good luck mama!!!
I just changed my date to October I am starting to prepare now...
:-(.. It's ok I'll see you in cyber I'm happy for you pooda no matter what the days,months, can't keep us apart! We will all have a special bond OUR FREAKIN GORGEOUS BODIESSSSS!!! Yess

Getting prepared.

So my best friend and I decided to stay at a resort and rent a vehicle...make it an adventure! It's almost 2 months away..Im so a little kid in the candy store excited! I need to get my passport next week and start purchasing my supplies/vitamins by next week. I've read through many of the posts and they've been helpful. Also glad they came up with the BBL list! I also decided to fix my teeth with Dr. Alonso in the Dominicon Republic. I know I need braces, but just been waiting, but I looked him up saw some of his work, and read good reviews. After sending a few emails to him back and forward with questions I decided to just get crowns...and avoid getting the braces and fixing my crooked teeth. This will just fix everything instantly. The more procedures I get the more excited Im getting!
lishery5, do you know if she received good results with Dr. Alonso?
Good luck w Dr. Alonso. I went with another Yily doll and he was drilling from 7pm all the way to 1:00am and when she went back she was there another good 3 or 4 hours while in pain from surgery. And hope u have a nurse to care for you cause you will not be able to get out of bed or move on your own.

Need Recovery Home friend is not coming with me.

Just found out yesterday that my friend cant come with me! I have to find a recovery home. Anyone have some good tips on a recovery home or where to stay? Thanks!
Hey Hun wen are u goin Yily is a great dr good choice
I'm going to have surgery 11/5/13. I hope I made a great choice!
When are you going to do labs?

I'm ready!

I just need to pack and go! I have all my supplies and I'm just ready to get this done and over with! I have a 10 hour flight...I just hope after surgery my butt doesn shrink!
hey hun, how did the surgery go

Best descision I ever made -I had surger on 11/5/13

I had surgery on 11/5/13 with Dra. Yily. Its the dumbest desicion, but the best desicion I ever made! I'm super happy with the results. I was also well taken care of at Yasmins recovery home. Someone else on the blogs said it best...It's like staying over at grandmas house for the week. Yasmin, her family and the nurses are the best. They really care and make sure ur well taken care of. This place is not fancy, but they give you everyting you need. Ladies..once you get this done...ur life will change forever. I get so many compliments I don't even know how to react to them anymore...I've neve had so many compliments. I'm not even insecure of being naked! I have to say..the first day after surgey I was regreting the whole thing...I have a really high tolerance for pain....but this really kicked my butt! I cried....but honestly....each day gets better...the regret goes away! As of stomach is still swollen...but I'm still happy..better then what I had before. Also my # 1 recommendation when you go to the pack me u won't need much. Two or three dresses and some flat slip on sandals will do. Anything more then that is too much. You will be in ur faja all day. Ohhh...and the will hate the darn thing at first, but that also gets will become looser and by the time u know it...u need to get a smaller size. Also bring a fanny pack to put ur drain helped me. Anyways..when I have a chance I will go in to more details. Maybe I will even post before and after pictures. Like I said...totally worth it. Be prepared for the extra attention!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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