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So im completely new to this! i am 28 (no...

so im completely new to this! i am 28 (no children, nor do i want any) 5'5 and about 133 i am pretty skinny not curvy and i have a very average looking butt! it is not flat but it is not a bbl or even close to one. i want an extremely curvy body (i also have small indents where my hips should be!!) i want to be shaped like an hour glass and i want a huge butt.

i read a review about a girl who went to yily to get her indents at her hips filled and even after 3 months she remained the same, her waist was sculpted very tiny but she wasnt content with her hips which remained the same :( i need to know if anyone else has this "hip" problem and if yily has corrected it for you? i would hate to waste money and go through so much pain if i will not get the results i want. this is my first time getting surgery, although i have dreamt about surgery for a very long time. i find myself very attractive however i know how to tweak things here and there in order to look shapely.

i just want to be completely happy at what i see when i look in the mirror. i also want to even my breasts out, yes i know we all have one larger than the other but mine are extremely noticeable!! one is an A and one is a B its disgusting to me!!! anyway ladies i have my money saved up i just havent completely decided to go to yily just yet. please give me input or suggestions :) i will post my full body pic in a couple of days, i dont want to post any where i look shapely because i know how to stand and pose to achieve this lol i want you guys to see me unfiltered lol

Check out littleboypink review. I didn't read a profile that said that a person wasn't satisfied with their hips. Check out Ensure Addicts breasts and

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Have you read through all of the reviews we have on Dr. Yily? It may help you get some perspective on her surgeries. Are you considering any other particular doctors?

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ive decided to go with yily because ive read a lot of good reviews about her and how she is the best at sculpting a tiny waist. also my cousin went to her and my cousins body is amazing, she has the smallest waist i have seen and a huge butt.

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